Royal Kush Band

Royal Kush Band

 Sydney, Nova Scotia, CAN
BandHip HopReggae

The Royal Kush Band is a Hip Hop/Reggae band with ska, funk and blues twists. It features singer/songwriter Jim Melvin, MC/DJ Matt Nokes, who co write to build a Sublime meets House of Pain feel. The group loves to cross genres to keep things hot, in blazing 420 fashion. Feel free and roll up to our next show!


Royal Kush Band comes from Sydney Nova Scotia in a hail of smoke and fire. If you were to put reggae, rock, funk and hip hop into your pipe, then light it and inhale, the result would be the Royal Kush Band. Since their first musical encounter, they have been playing at various venues and events in Nova Scotia, including invitations and appearances at the recent Swollen Members, Classified, Royce 5'9 and Snoop Dog events in Sydney.

Matt Nokes specialty lies within his gritty lyrics as an MC for Royal Kush. In the past, Nokes was one of the driving forces with the Sick Kookies, a hip hop group that swept through the Sydney music scene like a tsunami in 2009. His deep raspy voice cuts through a mix like a young Everlast with a Beastie Boys agenda. Nokes accolades in the hip hop realm speak for themselves. He’s opened for a variety of international acts like Snoop Dogg, Sean Kingston and Classified just to name a few.

Coming out of the fog, and holding down the low end of the sound spectrum is Justin Mitchell(Ricochet). He hands out bass grooves like Bible thumpers hand out religious newsletters (at your door and in your face).

Carlin Macvicar is the drumming agent in RKB.  His funky beats keep the band running, and he may or may not have been DoubleYou of the Cashby Fam in a past life.

Jim Melvin's blues roots and love for reggae and ska provide a colourful backdrop for the band. His larger than life vocals and rock steady reggae guitar style added to the occasional melting face command attention.

If you’re one of those folks that loves blazing up, hip hop, reggae or rock, then we bet Royal Kush Band plays your theme music.


How We Roll (2010)

How We Roll 2 (2011)

Royal Kush Band [self titled album] (2012)

Royal Kush Band Indica (2017)

Set List

When it All Comes Around
Kush Right Now
Bud Buddy
1314 (Pirate of Love)
Summertime's Back
Not my Day
Get Up
Mary Wanna
16 Bars
Rooster (AIC cover)
Mouth of Madness

We have over an hour worth of songs ready to go at any time. We usually feature at least one talented local rapper on every set.