Royal Parks

Royal Parks


Royal Parks (the alias for Diederik Nomden), is a Dutch singer-songwriter. Royal Parks' music is, by a rapidly increasing number of fans, regarded highly for its richness in melody, harmony and tasteful arrangements.

His well-received eponymous debut album was released in November 2012 and the single 'She' got extensive airplay on national Dutch radio stations Radio 1 and Radio 2.

He is currently working on his second album, which will be released in the spring of 2015.


Royal Parks is Diederik Nomden’s solo venture. After having been the keyboard and guitar player for legendary Dutch bands Johan and Daryll-Ann, he decided in the spring of 2010 it was about time to get working on his own material. Actually, it was former Johan band mate Jacob de Greeuw who finally threw him in at the deep end.

Late 2012, Royal Parks released his eponymous debut album. The album was praized by Dutch press for its melodical diversity and harmonic richness. The melancholically waltzing single 'She' got extensive airplay on national radio. 

April 2015 will see the release of Royal Parks' second album. On this album, Beatlesque melodies combined with the typical melancholy of mourned seventies-songwriters like Tim Hardin, Nick Drake and Lowell George create an awkward realm of gloomy comfort and luminous distress.


Doing Overtime

Written By: Royal Parks

Come on in and take a chair
I can see you've been doing overtime
I don't mind you sitting there
but wouldn't you rather be alone

Don't know what you're looking for
Still you're better of than before

Fear no demons in my mind
I think you'd better help yourself instead
It pays off to take 'em on
As I did many years ago

Don't know what I'm looking for
Still I'm better of than before

And as candlelights are fading
into the darkness of the night
I believe we're growing stronger
Now we talk instead of fight

And as morning brings the sunrise
And the scores are equalled out
We keep balancing the tightrope
We can't seem to live without

Come on in and take a chair
I've been busy doing overtime

Don't know what we're looking for
Still we're better of than before

Little Bird

Written By: Royal Parks

Little bird fly
after a while you'll be alright
no reason to cry
just wait until you see the reasons why

no time to lose you gotta choose
how to go on with your own life
give it some time and you'll be fine
there is no need to live in strife

little bird fly
after a while you'll be alright
gotta roll with the tide
the sun will even rise after a dark night

I know it's hard to play your part
in the condition that you're in
I wonder why you should comply
when there's no way you'll ever win?

you seem so far away baby
but waiting to come near
how did it feel to belong to each other
it's easy to forget
and I can't find a way to get it back


'Royal Parks' (2012)