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"Girls Write Now Benefit"

Here's an action shot of rockin' band Royal Pink, featuring Emily Rems from BUST magazine on drums -- they're awesome! All the ladies in the house got up and danced; there was even one of those impromptu dance...corridor...things, where everyone takes a turn doing their thing down a runway flanked by clapping, cheering people. Even I got off my ancient ass and rocked out, as is evidenced by this next, extremely embarrassing photo.

Yeah, that's me, far right, waving my arms in the air as though I just don't care, when I do care, I do. Good thing Bill didn't take the shot while I was doing my Molly Ringwald dance during the Royal Pinks' cover of "Girls Just Want to Have Fun." Waaaaay spastic. - Janice Erlbaum,

"We Hear It Live: Royal Pink"

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

When Royal Pink took the stage Saturday night at New York's Alphabet Lounge, I wasn't really sure what to expect. As they slung on their guitars and took their spots behind the drum set, I imagined each one of them as one of the edgy chicks I would have wanted to befriend in high school. But when the drummer (and an actual friend of mine) laid down the beat, the whole vibe changed. The small crowd levitated to the stage and started dancing to the indie girl punk rock.

Though they are a relatively new band, you would never know it by their music. Cohesive and put together, their sound is punk-based with a hint of pop thrown in, just to keep you on your toes. They started their set with their high energy track, "Dirty," and the audience couldn't get enough. Other songs like "Judith Kranz" and "Pro-Choice" revealed that these girls are more than just a group of pretty faces. (But they are totally girly: Each band member wears a pink article of clothing, and has a stage name that includes the word "pink." ) Their live show is definitely worth checking out— they play New York's Lit Lounge on the 22nd, and you can bet I'll be rocking out in the front row.

-Alan Parker - GenArt Pulse

"Royal Pink: A Chick Band for All Seasons"

"One of my fav chick bands in NYC, they are so nice and so naughty." - Voodoo Jive Blog


Eat My Heart Out, EP



Forged in the fires of Brooklyn’s Willie Mae Ladies Rock Camp, Royal Pink are the illegitimate, out-of-control, gum-snapping love children of the Ramones and the Shangri-Las. Their songs range dramatically in style—from tricked-out blues to sweet ballads to badass punk—but their vibe remains the same throughout their energetic set: bouncy, sexy and fun. Light-hearted in nature, Royal Pink weaves innuendo into such wide-ranging themes as politics, literature, personal hygiene and part-time jobs. At their raucously dynamic live shows, you are as likely to see singers The Duchess of Pink and Baroness von Pink spanking each other as you are to see audience members disrobing and throwing their clothes on stage. Their performance style, however, isn’t as much about tawdry sex as it is about embracing different forms of sexuality. Comprised of and catering to various sexual orientations, Royal Pink’s lyrics go far beyond the typical “boy meets girl” or “girl meets girl” clichés.

Royal Pink has been enthusiastically embraced by the New York rock scene, playing an impressive roster of both the city’s best and most delightfully divey venues, including: Crash Mansion, Lit Lounge, Cake Shop, Don Hill’s, Otto’s Shrunken Head, Niagara Bar, Alphabet Lounge, Parkside Lounge, The Spiegeltent at South Street Seaport, and the dearly departed trash pit known the world over as Siberia. In 2007 they produced their first EP, Eat My Heart Out, and are planning to begin working on their first album later this year.