Royal Playboy Cartel

Royal Playboy Cartel


Melody meets mayhem. Evocative and raw rock-n-roll. Layer upon layer of dissonance, build ups and harmonies. Hard Rock for the new millenium. History in the Making. **Just back from sold-out Euro tour with Judas Priest and Robert Plant***


Rock ‘n roll domination - Haunting and evocative vocals fused with part “I-wanna-kick-down-doors”, part “let’s fuck” attitude: a.k.a. “RPC” - Band members Giovanni, and brothers Walter and Eric grew up together in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. They started playing together in High School. They just opened for Judas Priest and Robert Plant on their european tour. and 2 years ago played Ozzfest for 50,000 people. all still while independent!


Royal Playboy Cartel - the Prisoner EP

Set List

30 to 90 min set. includes amazing original music and two covers... one from the Beatles and one from Depeche Mode ?