Royal Space Merics

Royal Space Merics


The Royal Space Merics blend catchy hooks and vocal melodies with furious riffs and chunky rhythms. We fuse a love of old Sci-fi, horror, and western movies with a devotion to 80's and 90's metal and alternative rock to make a giant robot of a sound.


Having served in other bands in the local Denver music scene, the Short brothers wanted to start up a project that was true to what they loved: pop culture and good rock and roll songs. Having both grown up with a wide variety of music, the Short brothers wanted the project to be diverse, but also focused. Lead singer Roxy Heart entered the picture and the trio went hard to work on generating some great toons with fun hooks, big grooves, and nasty riffs.


Set List

We currently have a set list that ranges from 20-40 minutes. We have 8-9 songs currently written that we can choose from . Our usual set list is as follows:

Good Morning
Lonely Hollow
Beast in the Mirror
Dancing in the Love