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Providence, Rhode Island, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015

Providence, Rhode Island, United States
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Pop Rock




"Buzzworthy Band of the Week: Royal Street"

n this brand new installment of Buzzworthy Band Of The Week, we’d like to introduce you to Royal Street! They are an alternative pop rock band from Providence, Rhode Island, and currently competing in Van Warped Tour Battle of the Bands powered by Ernie Ball!

Get to know the band a little better in our exclusive interview, as well as all the details on how to vote for them to play this year’s Warped Tour, after the jump!

Infectious Magazine: What would it mean to you to perform at Warped Tour 2015?
Royal Street: We’ve been going to Warped Tour since we were little kids, so it would be a dream come true!

IM: What is one thing you do that no other band does that makes you a unique choice for Warped?
RS: We hope to stand out among the other bands by BRINGIN THE DANCE.

IM: Looking back on any Warped Tours you’ve attended the past, what’s a memory that stands out?
RS: Probably seeing Andrew WK or getting caught up in a massive figure-8 circle pit during Less Than Jake’s set, among other many fun times.

IM: If you could do a headlining tour with two of the other bands you are competing against right now, which bands would you tour with?
RS: Southpier and Sic Vita for sure!

IM: Do you find it a different experience when playing an indoor venue to an outdoor? How do you think playing the festival will be different?
RS: We try and take any opportunity we get to play outdoors, because we love to get our vitamin C while we get funky.

IM: Warped Tour often runs Bandhappy, which allows fans to learn from their favorite musicians. Who is one musician, currently living, that you would love to take a lesson from?
RS: Prince.

IM: Kevin Lyman presents an awesome online resource called The Entertainment Institute that hosts workshops during Warped Tour, along with other music festivals. What kind of class do you think you could teach, if given the opportunity?
RS: It’d be really fun to do a baking class. Cookies and cupcakes have a way of bringing people together, and we’re all about that in this band.

IM: Warped Tour is known for constantly changing, and adapting. What genres/trends do you think will infiltrate the next few Warped Tours?
RS: No matter what trends are happening at the time, Warped Tour has always given opportunities to new and unsigned bands more than any other festival. So whatever it changes into over time, we know it’ll be great for the music scene.

IM: At Infectious Magazine we have a feature called the Growing Up Playlist. What are 2-5 artists that were important to you growing up?
RS: Weezer, Blink 182 and Daft Punk.

IM: What else can your fans look forward to over the next few months?
RS: New music, new videos, and a show in a town near you this summer!

IM: Do you have any final comments or important information you would like our readers to know about you?
You only live once, folks. Come to Warped Tour and dance with us.

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"2015 Rock Hunt Semifinal Night 2 RECAP"

Last night, fans of Royal Street, Space Pony, Most Dangerous Men Alive, and WBRU filled Dusk, a bar in the West Side of Providence, to the brim. The sold out show began at about 9:00 as our very own DJ Stuth took the stage to introduce the first band. “Stuth! I love him!” exclaims a young woman in the audience.
This is the debut show for Royal Street (formerly Sienna), a four piece band from just across the river. Before the show, drummer Brian Cauti tries to sum up his emotions in one word: “Thrilled? Excited?” Both seem like accurate depictions, and the band reflects that excitement in their performance. The audience starts dancing immediately as Viana Newton, the lead singer, entreats, “Come on guys, dance a little.” On “Treasure,” the band’s lead single, she cries, “Sing along!” and launches into the chorus. The band — especially in “Treasure” — is anthemic, aggressive, and plucky. The segues are smooth, and Viana owns the stage. “We don’t remember the goodbyes… back together, back forever,” she sings. It’s true: Royal Street is back.

Next up is Space Pony, a punk/alternative band from Providence… or Russia… or wherever (the drummer, Konstantine Kabanov is from Russia; vocalist/guitarist Alec Fornaciari and bassist Mike Landry are from various places around the US). They start off their set with headbanging and grunge and the audience immediately responds. Later, on “The Color Blue,” Alec opens with a riff almost reminiscent of “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds,” revealing the band’s diverse influences. Their set is filled with great solos. At one point, the mic stand falls over, but a helpful audience member saves it. They finish by thanking the excellent audience.
Finally, Most Dangerous Men Alive, a six-piece band who came into thestation for a Homebru’d Session back in December, is up. Before they begin though, our MC Stuth asks them an all important question: what would they take with them to a desert island? “Beer!” is the first response. On second thought, someone in the band says, “Maybe a boat…” Both would be nice.

The venue is packed with MDMA fans– we see lots of shirts and beer koozies branded with the band’s logo. Lead singer Ben Carter’s mom (who is really quite lovely) dances in the front row. Their first song, “Tell My Family,” sets the mood. The second, “Til My Heart’s Content,” features a reggae-like syncopation. By the fourth and fifth songs, new member Nolan Driscoll (also of Dionysus Park Ranger) is tearing it up on the violin, which builds on the sound of the three guitars, bass, and drums. The final song — a punk number — sees two of the band members dancing in the audience. With that, Rock Hunt Semifinal Night 2 concluded.
Just before midnight, Most Dangerous Men Alive were announced as the Finalists of Night 2, an all-around great night of music. Royal Street summed it up well when they explained, post-set, “Rock Hunt always bumps us up. It was a great show.” Congratulations to all the bands, and especially to Most Dangerous Men Alive!
Stay tuned for more Rock Hunt updates and get excited for the Rock Hunt finals, which will feature Most Dangerous Men Alive, We Were Astronauts (winners of last week’s show),
and the winner of tonight’s show at The Parlour, Providence.

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"Royal Street Announce Mini Tour In December, Premiering New Video For “Cranston Crank” November 20th"

I am in a constant pursuit of bands who are off the beaten path, doing something out of the norm. A band who’s energetic and gets stuck in my head is always going to grab my attention. As the year is winding down, I’ve received some incredible submissions from under the radar bands, but Royal Street might just be my favorite so far, at least as far as singles go. I can’t even begin to describe them, but I can imagine the band forming something like this – great female vocalist with amazing pitch and range finds a group of musicians who are really talented as well, they have a bunch of jam sessions, and BAM, Royal Street is born. That’s probably not how it happened, but one listen to the band and that’s exactly what you’ll find – an ear for melody and catchiness, while never sacrificing pure musical talent. My first listen made me think of a cross between Paramore, Bad Rabbits, and oft-forgotten but still awesome former Victory Records pop-rockers 1997.

We’re premiering a new music video for the single “Cranston Crank” on November 20th, but in the meantime, you can check out a studio video for their song “Memory” below, along with some upcoming tour dates this December. You should probably make it out to the tour if you live in the Northeast, as Jillian Jensen, Marina City, and This Is All Now will also be playing.

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"Video Premiere: Royal Street Debut Wild New Video For “Cranston Crank”"

We’re so incredibly stoked to bring you the exclusive world premiere of Royal Street’s new video for the song “Cranston Crank”. If you remember, we hyped it up earlier this week – it’s a powerfully evocative, yet catchy song that seamlessly blends funk, hip-hop, rock, pop, and a number of other genres into something completely fresh. Comparisons might fall under bands like Paramore or Bad Rabbits, but let’s be real here – Royal Street makes eclectic music with seemingly disparate influences into captivating music. This is the song you need for fall. - See more at: - The New Fury Media

"Jam of the Week 11/27"

A day late for Thanksgiving (hope you all had a great day), but this week's jam is the brand new video from Royal Street.

And check out their mini December tour dates HERE - My Radio 92.9 Boston

"The New England Music Scene You're Missing Out On"


This Rhode Island Pop-rock band always has people breaking it down on the dance floor. The catchy guitar licks and bass lines mixed with some killer drum fills and an outstanding set of female vocals will be stuck in your head for weeks. Go to their Facebook page to find out how to get their music! It's not expensive; I think you can decide how much money you want to give them for their music."

-The Odyssey Online - The Odyssey Online

"12 Female Fronted Bands You Need To Check Out"

#3. Royal Street

Royal Street is a Rock band from Providence, RI. Royal Street is made up of four members. Vocals: Viana Newton, Bass: Zach Brock, Guitar: Alex Beattie, Drums: Brian Cauti. Royal Street will be playing three shows in May with VISTA. They will be in Pittsburgh, PA on May 13th, Amityville, NY on May 14th, and Clifton, NJ May 15th! Be sure to check them out if you're in the area. - The Odyssey Online

"15 Underground Bands That Are Bringing Back Early 2000's Pop"

Royal Street

This four piece funky pop/rock band is from Providence, Rhode Island. I had the pleasure of seeing them in December for the first time and they had everyone dancing. Viana's vocals are incredible. Royal Street's songs are about growing up, moving on, overcoming, loving, leaving, and just being a person. Royal Street has the kind of music that will make someone get out of a wheel chair and start dancing too. Seriously, it's rare to find a band like this with a female vocalist. Check them out! - The Odyssey Online

"RI Band Up For New England Pop Music Award"

R.I. band Royal Street up for New England pop music award

They've been on multiple tours, including Vans Warped; recorded three singles; and released a music video;

PROVIDENCE, R.I. -- Although Royal Street has been together only a year, the Providence-based four-piece band — playing Friday in Boston, and next week in Pawtucket — is getting recognition on the New England music scene.
They've been on multiple tours, including Vans Warped; recorded three singles; have been nominated for a New England Music Award; released a music video; and are currently at Bridge East Studios in West Bridgewater, Massachusetts, recording their debut full-length album.
They've played countless times across the Midwest and along the East Coast, and their goal for 2016 is to play 100 shows. They hope that the number will just keep growing.

The band is Viana Newton, 22, who grew up in the western part of Coventry and graduated from Coventry High School, on lead vocals; Alexander Beattie, 28, who grew up in Cranston and graduated from Cranston High School West, on guitar; Zack Brock, 24, of Plainville, Massachusetts, on bass; and Brian Cauti, 26, who grew up in Franklin, Massachusetts, on drums.
We spoke with Newton via telephone while she was having her morning coffee and watering her plants.
"Brock and Cauti have the highest-volume voices, the best accents, and tell the best stories," Newton said — the accents being heavy Massachusetts ones. "Cauti is also pretty obsessed with his drums."
Three-quarters of the band live together on Providence's East Side, Newton said, among a bunch of best friends who are a great support system.
"We are a DIY band, or do-it-yourself," she said. "It's a balancing act for all bands, trying to make sure every end of our product is being taken care.
"Young bands like ours do their own marketing, booking, advertising, handle band relationships and merchandise. The list keeps growing, and it becomes a lot to juggle."
The band's three singles are "Memory," "Like We're Wild" and, more recently, "Cranston Crank," for which they've also made a video.
"Cranston Crank" is about getting over something — whether it's a relationship or losing a job — it's that moment you realize you are completely done with it. The video can be interpreted as a relationship ending. But most of the band's songs are poppy, fun and energetic, with meaning.
Royal Street is a nominee for Best Pop Act of the Year 2016 by the New England Music Awards, and on Friday, the category's five nominees will play a showcase at the Hard Rock Cafe in Boston. Joining Royal Street are New Hampshire finalist Pat & the Hats, and Boston's Venus Mars Project, Arms and Ears, and Dirty Dottys. (Royal Street will also play a March 10 show at The Met in Pawtucket, a benefit for the March of Dimes.)
"It feels really awesome to be nominated for a New England Music Award in our first year of being a band," Newton said. "Especially in the Pop category. Being a full band, we always get grouped in with heavier acts, and in the end we really are making pop music. It feels good to be given an accurate title."
How do they create their funky pop rock? The writing process starts with Beattie and a guitar part, or with Newton and a vocal harmony. Then they come together to form a fully structured song, Brock coming up with the bass line and Cauti on drums.
"We also can make up songs on the spot about any topic you can think of," said Newton, who added that topics have included deli meat, candle wax, plant obsessions, and having too many coffee mugs. "By 'on the spot' I mean in general conversation, not on stage — that's too much pressure.
"No, but really, we are just a fun-loving group of people who constantly are working on our craft. We've been doing this for a long time, and won't stop until we get somewhere. Music is our life; it's what we love to do more than anything."
The New England Music Awards Nominee Showcase at Boston's Hard Rock Cafe, 22-24 Clinton St., begins at 7:30 p.m. Friday. Tickets are $10 in advance, $14 at the door. Go to or call (617) 424-7625.
The Bands for Babies benefit for the March of Dimes, which also includes Wild Sun and A Day at the Zoo, begins at 7 p.m. March 10. Tickets are $10; go to or call (401) 729-1005.
The New England Music Awards will be held at the Blue Ocean Music Hall in Salisbury, Massachusetts, on April 9. Besides Royal Street, Rhode Island acts nominated are Blue Light Bandits, New Act of the Year; Duke Robillard, Blues Act of the Year; Trophy Wives, Rock Act of the Year; and Blindside Thunder, Metal Act of the Year. In the Best in State category are Little Compton, Roz and the Rice Cakes, The Red Pennys, Platform One, The Complaints. Tickets are $25 at
The music video for "Cranston Crank" can be found on Royal Street's Facebook page — — or on YouTube. All three songs can be downloaded at and are available on iTunes and Spotify as a "pay what you want" or "name your price." - Providence Journal

"Royal Street- Artist Spotlight"

New England is a place steeped in tradition and history. From Aerosmith and New Edition to Donna Summer; New England has solidified its place in history. Hidden in Rhode Island is a band looking to leave their own contribution, Royal Street. Originating on Royal Street in Providence, RI; the funky pop-rock four-piece band is comprised of Viana Newton (lead vocals), Alexander Beattie (guitar), Zack Brock (bass), and Brian Cauti (drums).

Their desire to “try something new musically” brought them together. They’ve been together for a year, but they’re already being honored for their involvement on the New England music landscape. Royal Street was recently nominated for Best Pop Act of the Year 2016 by the New England Music Awards. Though they didn’t ultimately didn’t win the award, they were feature with renowned acts that have been together for considerably longer than a year. Royal Street’s achievements haven’t gone to their heads as they’re maneuvering the course of being a DIY-band.

Royal Street declared, “One of the biggest challenges is the fight to be true to yourself throughout the process of writing and recording songs, and then traveling around the country to play those songs in front of anyone who will listen.” With the feedback they receive, at times it’s hard for them to remember what they set out to do in the first place. Luckily people around the band keep them focused. In their time together, Royal Street has accomplished a lot from playing Vans Warped tour to learning valuable life lessons. The Band stated, “We’ve experienced all of these amazing opportunities that we didn’t think we’d have under our belt by now.”

With their experiences have come important teachings. Royal Street has learned much about themselves and the music industry. The most important of them all is, “ This shit is hard.” Hours of hard work are spent thinking about every aspect of their business from the band’s appearance, musicality, booking, interviews, artwork, merchandise, their equipment, van, trailer, and the list goes on and on. Realizing, chasing any dream isn’t easy, Royal Street stated, “ We just plan to keep fighting until we’re given the chance to be somebody.”

Aside from playing 100 shows this year, Royal Street has only one goal in mind which is to leave behind a worthy legacy. They mentioned, “We are so passionate about this group and we want to meet everyone, see everything, and make memories while playing music to anyone who wants to hear. We hope to gain fans every tour we do and one day be headlining tours and just having a blast doing what we love.” Only time will tell the impact that Royal Street leaves on music. They are off to a great start. - Colosseum Media


Still working on that hot first release.



Royal Street is a pop rock act from Providence, Rhode Island specializing in infectious, funky tunes that can take listeners anywhere - from the modern pop hooks of Maroon 5 or Bruno Mars to the alt-rock sounds of Taking Back Sunday or Paramore.  The Royal Street sound appeals to a wide variety of listeners, combining the attitude and energy of hard rock with funky guitar lines and soulful melodies.

Within only a few short months of becoming active, Royal Street was selected to play the 2015 Warped Tour (Mansfield, MA), opened up for national funk-rock act Bad Rabbits in Providence, and was chosen as finalists in the annual 95.5 WBRU Rock Hunt. They were also nominated for a Motif Magazine Best Music Poll award as well as a New England Music Award for Best Pop Act. Royal Street were also part of their first tour, the "Get Loud, Get Lost" Tour with Marina City in the summer of 2015 which covered 12 states in 12 days and used that rhythm to continue to play shows and grow their fan base, touring throughout the North East and Mid West. 

In 2016, the band spent time writing and recording their first album, and playing one off shows as well as a two week tour throughout the Midwest. While being in the studio and off the road, the band used social media to stay in touch with the fans gained through networking at shows.

The 10 song album, "Flavors" is set to release early June 2017, and the band plans to take their high energy album on the road throughout the rest of the year. 

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