SINGLE OF THE WEEK - STEVE LAMACQ ALBUM OF THE WEEK - HUW STEPHENS DEBUT ALBUM OF THE YEAR NOMINEE - XFM "FILTHY / REGAL" - 8/10 NME ALBUM REVIEW “Like getting a slap in the face from the hottest girl in school then going back for more because you like her that much" – THE FLY


RTP’s enigmatic girl-in-chief PP is a front-woman with an incredible story to tell. Raised in the jungles of Papua New Guinea by a fanatical preacher father (No, really - We couldn’t make this stuff up), PP has ridden an unconventional path to rock enlightenment. Up to the age of 18 she had still not heard her first pop or rock record (her strict religious upbringing forbade it). But determined to escape a stifling church, she fled to London, taught herself the guitar and made her first band recruit at a bus stop in West London. With nods of approval from peers like The Automatic and a burgeoning wave of critical acclaim from the UK’s most discerning press, RTP have been winning fans in recent months with their blistering live performances and leading lady’s inescapable presence and song-writing ability. As big fans of Metric and the Pixies (amongst others), this is a band that deliver intense and charged live sets.


Get Played (single): April 08: XFM, Tom Robinson, etc
Hope Is Not Enough (album): July 08: XFM Debut album of the year nominee, Huw Stephens Album Of The Week BBC Radio 1
Undercurrent (single): Aug 08: XFM, NME RADIO, Single of the Week (Lamacq), etc
Half As Much (single): Feb 09: XFM, 6 Music, Radio 1, NME, etc April 09 'Hope Is Not Enoughy' released by Universal Music Australia, front cover of The Age, Melbourne, Upcoming bands in Rolling Stone, radio play on Triple J and ZZZ.

Set List

Half As Much
What a Shame
Too Late
Black Feather
All the Same
Do it
Hope Is Not Enough
Killer Heels
Carry Me
All That's Left