Lvkah Lvciano (Royal'T)

Lvkah Lvciano (Royal'T)

 Memphis, Tennessee, USA
BandHip Hop

I am Lvkah Lvciano (Royal'T), an artist of HipHop. My Music is raw but real. It is energetic and bold. But it will always be indicative of me. The blood that flows through me is the color of music.



“But the most promising sleeper artist on the scene might be Tim "[Lvkah Lvciano]" Love…” – Chris Herrington, Memphis Flyer, 2012

Lvkah Lvciano, born Tim L. Love, Jr., is quickly emerging as one of the brightest lyricists in the underground Memphis scene. Hometown born and bred, Lvkah compounds his eclectic rhyming schemes and tommy gun-lyrical delivery to create an innovative brand of hip hop unique to the Memphis underground.

The name Lvkah Lvciano is a cipher that pays homage to both Luca Brasi (character in the novel and film The Godfather) and to New York crime boss Charlie 'Lucky' Luciano, both feared and influential figures of the mob underworld. But the name Lvkah also serves as a reminder to other emcees of Lvkah’s physical and parenthetical powers as a creator & destroyer on the microphone.
Born and raised in the mean streets of Memphis, Lvkah first began honing his skills as a way to stay above the power and influence of the streets around him, developing a passion and a message that he delivers in his songs. Lvkah is first and foremost a story teller with his rhymes, focusing on subjects prevalent to his generation.

He and his work (both as Lvkah Lvciano and formerly as Royal’T) – whether individually or as part of collaborations with friends Cities Aviv, PreauXX, A-Quest, RPLDGHSTS and other key figures in the Memphis Rap Underground – has been the subject of features on high-profile music websites and blogs including NME, Earmilk, Loudersoft, multiple features in The Commercial Appeal, Memphis Flyer, and an artist spotlight performance on Live from Memphis “60 Seconds.” In addition to memorable performances with his peers, Lvkah has shared stages as a featured performer with notable artists including Raekwon of the Wu-Tang Clan, Playa Fly and Kinfolk Thugs.

Tireless in the studio, Lvkah’s evolving discography -- from his debut album My Turn to his last released project, 4 All Seasonz – demonstrates Lvkah’s ability to exude the most desirable skills an MC can possess: being a man with an ear for quality beats, effortless talent, a charisma that charms all the honeys and an unleashed flow that strikes a chord with audiences and critics alike.

In his latest project, Dreamz.Schemez.Green (released November 2012), Lvkah uses his words to resolve the consequences of situations that hit close to home -- family, education, street life, and trying to maintain balance within it all.

Lvkah is a direct reflection of this new genre of emcees that are not about just blazing a new path, but changing the way the path is made.

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My Turn (Album)-Summer 2007
Throw Back Novel (Album)-Summer 2008
Raw Gospel Muzik (Album)-Winter 2010
IDK(Album)Summer 2011
4 All Seasonz (Album)-Fall 2011
Dreamz.Shemez.Green (Album)-Summer/Fall 2012