Royalty Crew

Royalty Crew


Royalty Crew are a dynamic and enthusiastic dance crew from Australia that love to use the art of dance to make a difference in not only their world but also the world around them. Through dance Royalty crew change lives bringing joy and happiness to many. Watch out for them on Every Body Dance Now


Royalty Crew is the phenomenon dance crew that has allowed both national and international audiences to experience a new level of dance and entertainment. Performing in environments ranging from dance competitions, high school performances, sporting events to major national and international music events, including Exo day, Parachute music festival, Groundswell,and Australian tours of artists such as B.o.B and Lloyd. They are also one of the dance team on TeamKelly for Chanel 10's Everybody Dance Now.

Over the past 2 years Royalty has taken their dance spectacular to Brisbane, Melbourne and New Zealand performing for 100,000+ people per year. They have also featured as one of the main attractions within the Australian Basketball League being the official dancers for the Sydney Kings for the 2010-2011 & 2011-2012 seasons.

None of this would be possible without the brain trusts of the Royalty members which consists of 5 dedicated and versatile members Aron Koroheke (21), Joey Patterson (21), Mark Turner (22), Jordan Paranihi (19) and Keanan Walker (13) whose philosophy is one of team work, co-operation, dedication and commitment which is evident in every performance displayed. The crew also carry the cultural diversity with backgrounds consisting of Thai, Maori and Samoan, bringing together a mix of specialty dancers to create this amazing Sydney-based dance crew.
Currently Royalty over see 2 dance crews, The Royal Knights and Empress. In which they teach that hard work and commitment is the key to reach your goals. They have been assigned to assist in the development of new talent in numerous areas including skills, performance, presentation, professionalism and mentorship.


Royalty Crew are a dance crew