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Royal Wood

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | INDIE | AFM

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | INDIE | AFM
Band Pop Singer/Songwriter


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"Toronto Life"

"Royal Wood is no throwback. Despite his suede-smooth voice and fondness for Steinways and three-piece suits, he prefers to leave Rat Pack revivalism to the Michael Bublés of the world. The thoroughly contemporary multi-instrumentalist has a gift for layered, prismatic arrangements that evoke the work of Beach Boys collaborator Van Dyke Parks. As a lyricist, he wears his heart on his bespoke sleeve, offering up wistful tales of love lost and found. Wood's sensitive poet routine has uncommon roots: after studying business at McGill, he moved to Toronto, where he began working as a foreign exchange trader on Bay Street. Then he released several well-received recordings—most notably A Good Enough Day in 2007, which got air play on Grey's Anatomy and earned him an international following and enough security to bid a triumphant farewell to the trading floor. (Finance, Wood insists, was merely "the best and only option" to fund his recordings.) His latest album, The Waiting, was produced with Pierre Marchand, who has refined the ornate sounds of Sarah McLachlan and Rufus Wainwright. Marchand's influence has helped Wood distill his whimsy into smart, sparkling art-pop nuggets: the tunes on The Waiting are crisp, clever and commanding. (Think Wainwright with more chivalry and fewer histrionics.) Wood's fall show at Exhibition Place's 1,250-seat Queen Elizabeth Theatre is his biggest headlining gig yet: the refurbished room has marvelous acoustics and a level of ceremony and elegance worthy of his dapper performance persona. At last, a venue that fits him as well as his finery." - Toronto Life

"Ottawa Sun"

"Like a sober and spiffily cleaned-up Tom Wait's, Toronto singer songwriter Royal Wood writes lovely, memorable romantic songs that grab the heart like a gospel singer praising the Lord. "Tonight, I Will Be Your Guide", "Paradise", "Lady In White". Beautiful, spare songs. I received his new album "The Waiting" today at noon and by 5 p.m., had listened to the whole album compulsively four more times. It's been ages since that happened." - Ottawa Sun

"Exclaim - Rachel Sanders"

"With grander arrangements and more conviction in his chocolate-rich vocals, Royal Wood steps up on his third album, confirming his position amongst the cream of Canada's songwriting crop. The Waiting opens with the almost unbearably slick "You Can't Go Back," but immediately moves into rougher terrain with the breathtaking "Do You Recall"; Wood's urgently thudding piano line reels you in and leaves you helpless in its crashing surf of drums and electric pop. The Toronto, ON songwriter pushes his melodies to their limits throughout the first half of the album, hitting another high note with the clatter and rumble of "On Top Of Your Love." The intensity ebbs midway through and he returns to subtler acoustic arrangements that recall his earlier work, placing his affecting lyrics centre stage. It all winds down with the beautifully weary "When Nothing's Left," in which the wrung-out tenor of Wood's crooning demonstrates the emotional depths he's plumbed for the sake of musical magic. " - Exclaim - Rachel Sanders

"Now Magazine"


It's telling that Royal Wood was a child musical prodigy. His instincts for maneuvering around a song are expert. For someone so young, that could only come from having been around music at a very early age. He simply makes it sound too easy. The album drifts from sad pastoral laments to capering piano pop jubilance with an effortlessness that is truly staggering. Vocally and lyrically, Wood comes surprisingly close to Aimee Mann's stomping grounds, with glancing blows at Ron Sexsmith's tenebrous pipes and brand of song craft. But Wood is his own man, his own voice, and the sincerity of his words can't be blamed on anyone but him.

"Eye Magazine"

Local piano-man Royal Wood crafts songs as sturdy and ragged as a freshly cut chunks of oak, but his smooth voice adds a shellac sheen to make them shine like diamonds. Years of slogging it out on the singer/songwriter circuit have paid off handsomely for Wood, in the form of his impressive new debut disc, Tall Tales, evoking storied tunesmiths such as Steely Dan, Jeff Buckley to Hawksley Workman and burgeoning Brit Ed Harcourt, Royal Wood isn't afraid to ruffle his solemn sentiments and fragile melodies with cabaret-jazz flourishes and a piano-bar looseness. Before the summer sun creeps in, Tall Tales gives us good reason to keep the drapes drawn for a few more moments. - Eye Magazine

"Toronto Sun"

Tall Tales is worth a listen. ON HIS lovely debut album, Tall Tales, local singer/songwriter Royal Wood conjures up the sensitive lyrics and fragile vocals of Ron Sexsmith as well as the swing of Randy Newman in just under a dozen heartfelt, cleverly constructed songs. Wood's a multi-instrumentalist who relies heavily on his beautiful piano playing for much of Tall Tales' emotional impact, with tasteful string and horn parts adding to the sound but never overpowering the vocals or lyrics. - Toronto Sun

"Chart Magazine"

With a sultry voice in the vein of Rufus Wainwright, Ron Sexsmith et al, Mr. Wood is definitely on par with his Canadian counterparts, if not better. - Chart Magazine

"Exclaim Magazine"

On his first full-length album, Toronto’s Royal Wood sets his sights on making a grand pop album and just plain goes for it. The ambitious Tall Tales finds the multi-talented instrumentalist marking the same territory as Ron Sexsmith in his vocal style and phrasing, while beefing up his sound with a reckless inventiveness that recalls the Beatles. Indeed, there are many ear-catching sounds snaking their way through Wood’s lush pastiches of music that only bolster his infectious lyricism. Take heed now; if you let poppy numbers like “The Spirits And I” and “Once” get into your head, they will not leave. Ditto for an easy ballad like “Sway” or the rollicking ode “Suzanne.” It goes on and on really, so that every song is a charmer in its own right. Armed with a killer band of innovative musicians, Wood makes releasing a great first album look effortless. Those on the watch for the “next big thing” may be wise to keep their eyes on Royal Wood. - Exclaim Magazine

"Exclaim Magazine - Halifax Pop Explision"

Backed with airtight precision by In-Flight Safety (who apparently had practiced only briefly that day in less than accommodating conditions), each song, such as the heavy "Weigh Me Down," the bouncy "Once" and the enlightening "The Spirits and I," came to life, anchored by either his piano prowess or guitar playing. Wood is on his way to establishing himself alongside the Canadian royalty of artists such as Slean, Sexsmith and Wainwright. - IKM - EXCLAIM!


The Waiting 2010 - MapleRecordings/Universal Music Canada

Lost and Found EP 2009 - Dead Daisy/Outside

A Good Enough Day 2007 - Dead Daisy/Outside

Tall Tales 2004 -Sherpa/MapleNationwide/Universal

The Milkweed EP 2003 - Sherpa Records




Singer-songwriter Royal Wood has spent years perfecting his craft of balladry and pop music. His new album, The Waiting, appropriately begins with a song entitled "You Can't Go Back." And why would he, when with each new release Royal Wood delivers another collection of heartrending and honest tales of love, loss and life more impressive than the last. It now seems more than ever that Wood has found his voice. "This record is about the duality of life and how at times, I seemingly waited for the mirrored experience to return," says Wood. "I went through so many severe shifts personally and all of that turbulence led to serious thought and reflection. That is why these songs were born and why they are my most personal and introspective to date."

"Wood is on his way to establishing himself alongside the Canadian royalty of artists such as Sexsmith and Wainwright." – EXCLAIM MAGAZINE
Royal Wood's voice, songwriting and musical prowess caught the ear of Pierre Marchand and led to Wood's decision to let others into his creative universe. On previous albums (A Good Enough Day, Tall Tales, and The Milkweed EP), Wood self-produced, arranged and played the vast majority of the instruments. Pierre Marchand, a heavy hitter best known for his work with Sarah McLachlan and Rufus Wainwright, produced three of The Waiting's tracks. "I wanted someone who was going to push me artistically, get me out of my comfort zone and who I could inevitably learn something from," says Wood. "That was Pierre."

Royal Wood's career trajectory is building one fan at a time through word of mouth, critical acclaim and impressive musical achievements. He was named iTunes' Songwriter of the Year, supported national tours with David Gray, Serena Ryder and Sarah Slean and landed song placements in TV shows like Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice. With the release of The Waiting, his most inspired record to date, a successful national theatre tour under his belt with many sold out nights, and more in the works, now more than ever Royal Wood is an artist on the rise.