Royce The Choice

Royce The Choice

 Seattle, Washington, USA
BandHip Hop

A gifted writer, Royce The Choice gives a very energetic live performance to go along with a vast variety of original songs painting a vivid picture of life's ups and downs. Witty word play mixed with imaginative story telling are sure to have Royce mentioned among the best acts in hip hop in the near future.


Royce The Choice (government name: Royce Thomas) chooses to go by his real name in order to tell his story, to engage his listeners in their choice of listening to him. Born and raised in Seattle, he found himself briefly living and working in Los Angeles last year (2010) when he released his first mixtape “Choosin Season Volume 1.” He describes “Choosin Season Volume 1” as a choice mixture of remixes and covers that allowed him to put his own spin on, as well as original material.
With simple attempts to be heard, he did just that more and more. Royce’s music traveled from Hawaii to France to Australia, with DJ’s discovering his mixtape thanks to the internet. He also caught the attention of the Australian Sensation, one DJ Rush, and has been featured on his new radio show Rush Hour on RawFM with an exclusive titled "Radio Snap". Royce the Choice independently shot a video for his cover of Erykah Badu's "Window Seat". The video put a face to the voice, and was received well. Royce also managed to received the attention of the staff of 50 cent with the appearance of his in-studio peformance video "Stoopid" on 50's site He was busy this past year, recording over 100 songs, some of which will appear on the aptly titled “Choosin Season Volume 2.” Unlike its predecessor, however, Volume 2 will feature all original material. With his eyes to the sky, Royce’s following project is “The Razor Ramone” EP, which he will be working with producer GMK.


Choosin Season 1

Choosin Season 2