Roy Cunningham

Roy Cunningham

 Beaverton, Oregon, USA
BandRockClassic Rock

The best of classic rock, high energy, fast paced music, popular lyric content... set to the beat of today's world. Styles include heavy metal, blues, electronic, dance, house and spoken word. All influenced by progressive and fusion rock. Typical lineup includes drums, bass, guitar, keys, vocalist


I'm from New Orleans.
FIrst musical experience was parents' classical music careers...father violinist, mother pianist and opera singer.
Main education... on the streets of the French Quarter on the curb outside Preservation Hall just off Bourbon Street.

First live performance age 13... worked the clubs and private gigs of mid 60's New Orleans until I attended military school in segregationist Alabam where I studied Hendrix' style for 3 years.

Hell, yeah.

1967 - Afro sportin - half Lebanese, quarter Cherokee, all coon ass...deep in the heart of George Wallace's empire of hate. I learned the key ingredients of rebellion and earned the voice of the struggle.

Emerged from that experience and strated on the path of combining hendrix' wild abandon with elemnts of every contemporary style of music one can hear...

Went to Los Angeles, worked and recorded with classic all stars... made the decision to stay unaffiliated with labels, unions, etc... somehow I knew the electronic age would occur in my lifetime.

Now, with lots of undocumented recordings, anonymous appearances of various artists' works... I'm an anomaly.

Should be retired, instead I've been inspired to make music that people wnat to hear more of every time they hear more of it.

My works are online under a nom de plume and selling well.
That's the commercial side... the one that fuels the other commercial side that's inlfuenced by the mystique of the streets of New Orleans and the mindset of the British invasion.
All dancing to the beat of "Now".


1983 - Juciy Peeple - Germany - 4 song EP

Now - individual tracks under nom de plume, information TBA late 2011, after sales sanction PR