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"Event Recap of #Rhythm and Rhymes"

While the women fanned themselves as T-Dash exited the stage the very cool Roy O stepped up and politely asked the dj to hold on playing his first song and instead took to the mic beat-less. After teaching the chant soon enough the audience was screaming along. “Can I kick it? Yes you can!” Roy O has an original hip-hop style and the performance was entertaining from A-Z. -


5 Hopes & 2 Wishes Mixtape - 2011
The RoyOlty Mixtape - 2012
Bridge Over Troubled Waters Mixtape - 2013

They Say ft. Fly Union
Work It Out ft. Bj the Chicago Kid



A talent unmatched, Roy O, Nigerian native has a story ready for the world to hear. Spending his early childhood in Port Harcourt City, Nigeria. At the age of ten his family moved to Madisonville, Texas and later settled in Houston. Growing up in Nigeria and having the opportunity to travel at a young age opened him up to experiences ahead of his youth and an array of influences that not only shapes his music, but the man he would become.

The beginning of Roy’s music career was just for fun with occasional freestyles among friends to pass time. With the clever, wit, and natural ability to tell stories Roy became serious with music and released his first mixtape in 2010 entitled “5 Hopes & 2 Wishes.”

Roy O.’s ambition and desire for continual growth wouldn’t allow him to be satisfied with one mixtape. Roy spent the following year working on his next project, “The RoyOlty” that was released in early 2012. Naturally, his second project demonstrated much of Roy’s growth and truly showcases new depths to his skill; “I make music for self-expression and self-reflection, but most importantly, as a means to communicate my message. There is almost always a point to his songs that most people can relate. We are all different, but we all deal with similar things in life: love, fear, pride, and jealousy… I just try to find creative ways to address these situations through my music.”

In between projects, Roy remained active performing at a variety of shows in front of all types of audiences. Never afraid to rock the crowd Roy has been seen at popular Houston events such as his alma mater Sam Houston State University Homecoming Cypher, The Lockout Concert, and the Indie Spring Jam 2K12.

Continuing with the momentum, Roy released “Bridge Over Troubled Waters” late 2012. B.O.T.W. is Roy’s best work up to date with hot songs such as “Other MC’s,” “Queen Latifah,” and ‘Plenty of Love.” Roy’s style encompasses a natural melodic feel of natural hip-hop fit for every moment. “Bridge Over Troubled Waters” is available as a free download on