Roy Pritchard

Roy Pritchard



Roy Pritchard is a song writer and Lecturer in Further Education living in Bangor, Northern Ireland.

Having been active in local semi-professional music with original and cover bands such as Otis and the Elevators, The Tearjerkers etc. He took some time out to build a career in Further Education and raise a family.

Over the last two years though, song writing has become more frequent and he has written a single for a local charity, which received considerable airplay, a four track EP with 'The Bridge' as well as just completing a ten track CD and theme and incidental music for BBC NI TV's "Bits of Belfast" programme on the 'Falls Road', aired on 4/10/04.

With influences ranging from The Byrds to Bacharach he can songwrite to order, playing acoustic/electric guitar, bass, mandolin and keyboards.

Combining elements of Irish and American music He is writing across the Adult Contempory/Acoustic/CCM/New Country fields.

He can be contacted at 20 Ashford Park
Bangor BT19 6DD
Tel 02891 460384
Mob 07949 882143


Driving Round

Written By: Roy Pritchard

Do you remember when
Tears were falling down like rain
They rolled on frozen ground
Hearts were turning into stone
Losing what we found

Our eyes were blinded in this storm
tearing at our lives
but storms they come and stay then leave
But look we've still survived

But through the tears, seasons began to change
Maybe this year, this light could lead us home


I need your love to come driving round (Repeat)

So why dont you give yourself before you go
without pretence or show
Lets enter in another year
the taste of fears might go
the only love we have is now
the only love we'll know
so say the words and touch this heart
that's aching just to know

That through the tears
seasons could really change
maybe this year
this light could lead us home


I need your love to come driving round
I need your love to come calling round (Repeat)


A Time like this (single) 2002
Scenes from The Bridge (EP) 2003
Saturday night/Sunday morning (10 Track CD)
Forthcoming Autumn 04