Reckless Saints featuring Roy Schneider

Reckless Saints featuring Roy Schneider

 Fort Myers, Florida, USA

" [Reckless Saints founder,] Roy Schneider is a singer-songwriter in the grandest tradition of Steve Earle, Lucinda Williams, Guy Clark, and Lyle Lovett, but his voice, songwriting skill, stagecraft, and instrumental talent are all his own. His gift for blending Southern-influenced folk, blues, country, and rock into a seamless genre with his own signature sound is like a vibrant jubilee singing out on the banks of the Mississippi."


 Roy Schneider & Kim Mayfield, AKA The Reckless Saints, are a nationally touring Americana duo playing primarily original, (and in many cases award winning) songs. They are multi-instrumentalists and occasionally swap guitars and mandolins for lap steel, banjo, uke, or electric during a performance.  The music is self described as "blue twangled folk & roll," and is delightfully diverse from bluesy to ballads, jazzy to folk, bluegrass to rock, while still comfortably fitting under the Americana umbrella. In a listening room setting the focus is on original music and the stories behind the songs, as well as personal stories that touch on the bittersweet to the sublimely silly.
For non ticketed events they add favorite cover songs, engaging the audience with music and humor.

Schneider’s songs have earned praise in the Grassy Hill Kerrville New Folk Competition (TX), Telluride Blues & Brews Acoustic Blues competition (CO), and Falcon Ridge Folk Festival Emerging Artist showcase (NY). The duo has performed official showcases at Folk Alliance conferences in New York, Austin, Iowa City, and Asheville NC. Other notable venues include Nashville’s Bluebird Cafe, Yorkshire, England’s MAD Fest, and Roy’s appearance on season 5 of NBC’s 'The Voice.'   Fan funding helped produce and successfully promote 2012’s “Walls That Talk” and 2015’s “Ten From the Pen.”  The former debuted at #3 on the Folk DJ charts, and the latter reached #1 on Roots Music Reports Americana chart.

The duo are currently working on a new CD of songs to be released under their new name "Reckless Saints."


The Signs

Written By: Roy Schneider


Did you ever wonder where the signs all went
When you woke up and stepped out of the dream?
Did you ever notice something hangin’ onto your hand
Through your day, and now and then give a little squeeze?
Do you make those connections that point in directions
You just can’t help but wonder where they lead
Though you may not know really, if you feel it sincerely
Down deep in your heart, well, sometimes I guess you've got to believe

Did you ever try to explain to a fanatic that you held a different kind of belief?
Did you fall back in surprise at their wide bulging eyes as they told you just exactly what to see?
Did they shame you, condemn you and try hard to bend you
And pound you right over the head
It’s all the fear and derision that’s causing all the division
If I want religion I’ll turn to the woodlands instead

(repeat first verse)

Fill the Well

Written By: Roy Schneider


Ain’t no shufflin’ round this Texas town
No, we’re all just tryin’ to keep the dust clouds down
Ain’t seen no rain ‘round here since I don’t know when
Ain’t seen no green since way back then

Ladybug, ladybug, fly away - ain’t no rain comin’ today
Better go on home, teach your children well
Honey, put out that twinkle in your eye
Don’t wanna set the house on fire
Can’t get no lovin’ in a livin’ hell
Lord, please fill the well - cause it’s dry, dry, dry
Come fill my cup, I don’t feel too well (ooh, ooh, ooh)
I don’t feel to well

See the sun beatin’ down on the witherin’ corn (dry, dry, dry)
Like to make you wish you never was born (ooh, ooh, ooh)
Walkin’ on kindling all day long (dry, dry, dry)
One lazy match and we could all be gone (ooh, ooh, ooh)


See the farmer in the wheat field lookin’ up high (dry, dry, dry)
Got his arms opened up wide to the sky
(ooh, ooh, ooh)
Cryin’ “Lord, why have you forsaken me?
(dry, dry, dry)
I just need a little rain so I can feed my family (ooh, ooh, ooh)
‘Rain, rain, why’d you go away? (dry, dry, dry)
You can come on back any time, any day (ooh, ooh, ooh)
It’s floodin’ in Dakota while I’m cryin’ (dry, dry, dry)
I’m thirsty, Lord, and my crops are dyin’” (ooh, ooh, ooh)


One for the Rabbits

Written By: Roy Schneider


Think I’ll play a little dinner music for the rabbits in the backyard
But why’s it got to be so hard?
Damn mosquitoes...

But you know I’m gonna stay out anyway
Watch the sun as it goes down
Feel it wash away my frown - spreadin’ them colors around
Not lettin’ me down - no, it never lets me down
Mmm hmm (etc)
Well I’m just watchin’ the fireflies glowin’ in the dark now
You know, I never understood how
And I don’t need to know right now
I just wanna be here now - Just be right
Mmm hmm (etc)
This old house has a soul of its own
Many times it’s taken me far from home
Welcomed me back with open arms
Never letting me wander too close to harm

I got money woes and future woes too
Worry ‘bout all the things I guess I’m supposed to
But I know everything’s already all right
Every time I make it through one more night

I only hope some part of that spirit will stay
Even when the keeper is far, far, far away
But I guess I know it’s really up to me
To keep a living memory
Of people and places that came before
And leave that book just inside the door
When I go

Got money woes and future woes too
Worry ‘bout all the things I guess I’m supposed to
But I know everything is already all right
Every time I make it through one more night

Think I’ll play a little
morning music
for the rabbits
in the


"Ten from the Pen"

Shiny Gnu Records


Released June 201

Nine originals and one Darrell Scott cover make up this collection of songs which features production guidance from Gurf Morlix, and special guest artists Freebo (Bonnie Raitt,) Michael Ronstadt (Ronstadt Generations,) and Pat Wictor (Brother Sun.) 

'Ten from the Pen' reached #6 on Roots Music Reports Americana chart, with airplay on Americana format stations such as WMNF and KPIG.

"Walls that Talk"
Shiny Gnu Records
SG 102
Released Sept 1, 2012

The CD and its first track, "The Signs", debuted at #3 on the American Folk DJ charts in September 2012.

Roy is joined by returning musical genii Charlie McCoy (harmonica), Keven Aland (violin), Kim Mayfield (piano, vocals) and Linda Kallinger (fiddle) with the added talents of Erik Alvar on upright bass, Hans York providing sweet guitar embellishments and Chicago Dan Fidanze guesting on rollicking piano on a couple of numbers.

Shiny Gnu Records
SG 101
Released May 1, 2010

Remained in the top 50 on Roots Music Reports roots radio charts for over 7 months. Selected as one of the top 10 of 2010 by Folk Alley's DJ poll. Guests include the legendary Charlie McCoy (Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson), bass master David C. Johnson (Aaron Neville) and fiddle guru Keven Aland (Gypsy Wind, The Kind, Leftover Salmon).

"Roy Schneider and The Roadside Turtle Rescue"
Released May 2008

A collection of songs about humanity, peace, war, joy, sorrow, love, anger, life, death, family, friends, rivers and dreams.


"The Humble Sessions"
Released January 2007

A collection of songs and instrumentals inspired by Roy's formerly nationally-syndicated comic strip, "The Humble Stumble." Music for all ages with depth, warmth, silliness and quality instrumentation.

Set List

Duo originals

Some favorite covers include:
Ain't no Easy Way- Darrell Scott
Fingers to the Bone- Brown Bird
Damn Shame - Jolie Holland
Stealin'- Traditional
Shakin' All Over - Johnny Kidd
Ripple - Grateful Dead
Worry B Gone, Soldier's Joy - Guy Clark
select John Prine
select Neil Young