Rozario feat. L'Ango

Rozario feat. L'Ango


Exciting performance with singer l'Ango and guestmusicians. Worldmusic, breakbeats,soulfull grooving, dramatic songs,improvising, dance-able or layback listening. Thrilling songs with ethnic influences, urban soul and a touch of French romance. Charismatic singer.


L'Ango shows her singing and improvisation talent together with this exciting projekt.You will be taken on a journey thru different worlds of ethnic sounds,breakbeats,elektronica ,urban soul, dramatic songs with a touch of French romance,acoustic instruments,flamenco and improvising.

A part of the repertoire is developed from improvised studiosessions,compositions and tracks layed down by producer Rozario.Putting together the rock,soul,jazz and theatre roots from singer L'Ango and the composition and arranger skills from producer,musician and guitarist Rozario gives a unique and thrilling new sound.

With her great band L'Ango sings songs from her soon to be released album "Gipsy", which emphasises her exuberant, Southern European temperament and reminds you of her pop and rock background.
Her style of music can be regarded as pop, urban soul/ jazz with a touch of musical influences rooted in Spain, Portugal, France and the Middle East .
With her unlimited musical interest, Angelique is an original and innovative singer and performer.
Her voice expresses,what the people from the south would call, "Saudade":
the emotion that L'Ango shows with her genuine and untamed passion.Angelique comes originally from the south of the Netherlands,a region called Limburg.

As a solo singer Angelique Beauvence recently won the German Pop & Rock Prize for best Singer,Performer and Song.


Let There Be Love-Angelique Beauvence
Still Love You... -Angelique Beauvence
Time to Fly - Rozario feat. Angel Be
Upa Upa - Rozario
upcoming album "Gipsy"

Set List

This projekt with guestmusicians is suitable for loungeclub,danceparty or concert.
Video/beamer show included.