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ROZBUB "s'esch ziit" LP



Psychedelic Blues-Rock Trio


Musical revolutions have become rare nowadays. Manuel
Bissig’s is working on his project ROZBUB, which will create a stir in the German-speaking Swizerland. The 24 years old guitarist, singer and songwriter connects dirty Jimi Hendrix-
Style Riffs with dialect lyrics and is about to wake the swiss
dialect lyrics scene from its hibernation.
Bissig was already on stage with his Hendrix-coverband «Vodoo Brothers» at the age of 17. His experiences of being on stage became the foundation stone of his future in music business. At the age of 21 in 2008, Bissig already exposed himself and his songs to the audiences judgement. Bissig released his debut album «Wait A Second» under his pseudonym «Manao» which proved to be very popular: He got airplay on different radio stations in Switzerland (e.g. Radio Swiss pop, DRS Virus)/
TV-appearences (SF2 Musiclab) and was able to play at
a few concerts (e.g. Honky Tonk Festival, Schuur, Huis-Festival).
Manuel Bissig’s dream, however, wasn’t fulfilled with his
success as Manao. While many Swiss bands keep producing CDs and then start off thinking about how to exploit it, Manuel Bissig alias ROZBUB tests his new songs at live concerts on stage.
ROZBUB didn’t take long to find his first fans and among them is the renowned musician Reto Burell.
«The first time I heard ROZBUB I immediately knew that dialect lyrics would take music to the next level. This band rocks the blues as if there was no tomorrow» said Burell about the musical potential of ROZBUB.
Bissig and Burell found each other pretty fast and Bissig has
no doubts as he says that Reto Burell is the perfect person to be the mentor and producer of ROZBUB.
«I wanna play the music I love and sing the way I want to»

after extended touring all over europe the trio ROZBUB is now ready for the next step: 2014 will bring them to America to play a tour across the country and record the new record in Tucson AZ.

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