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Richard burton better known under the alias Rozwell (Roz)
Migrated to the united states at aproximately the age of 13
With not much knowlege of rap and the american fixation
Roz sticked to the things he loved most art dancing and Science
His first days on US soil was spent in the Burogh of Brooklyn
where he stayed with his farther:- a book smart former police officer
shortly after Roz moved to with his mother in Maryland
where his NY aquired grafitti skillz and srong accent didnt fare well
Becoming friends with you newyorkers who had also moved to maryland
Roz found himself loosing focus and changing school
stuck on reggae and soca Roz who knew nothing about rap
began reciting his own versions of reggae lyrics in hallway freestyles
and school bus cyphers which quickly became popular amoung peers
Rozwell who had no alias other than Shank (his graffiti tag)
began adapting his style to a more rap like overtone
which at the time he didnt take very serious (meanwhile)
Richard began gaining intrest in girls which sparked his poetry compositions
these love poems which ranged from the subtle to the political
never really escalate till his first 5 page sex story ( which was praised)
around this same time the Rozwell;s NY friends happend to transfer
and brought more up north flavor to the suburban MD hichschool
in this time most new york individual were not the most respected
and the flames of competition raised between the two regions
which sparked the creation of 46thlane (four to six artist form LA to NE)
and ultimately


Brooklyn Anthem verses

Written By: Rozwell ( the Poet turn lyricist)

Speak the street code so that the boroughs listen
say they push weight but weights not what they lifting
why suppose the call my flows lyricism
cause I’m more cold than Emily rose exorcism
oh no these lyrics have no realism
but I keep it real so reality is what I’m spitting
take a walk down Flatbush and see the living
damu's and shoplifting fake shoes and drug addiction
more addicting than cocaine when fiends use it
that’s why we nickname our raps now the crack music
from outta town and come round get smacked toothless
you ghetto F A B but still they act clueless
you see this dudes kicks B?
he bout to be shoeless
wear it you will loose it four fives they will use it
no stupid, us niggas get the block in order
we fly with street sweepers
but not Harry potter

verse 2

you succas cant crush us we aint bustas
you try to bring the ruckus to rucker we will buss ya
eating niggas food like supper we will snuff ya
you cant touch us you wanna touch it call busta

you do the hustler dance
you no hustler
your mickeyD evisu pants
is by rustler
BK you get one chance
and they bussin ya
when they clap you hand dance
without touchin ya
they host operas
scream they put some shots in ya
your head will rock 50 caps
when they done with ya

you all customers copin the uncopable
we fast foward we don’t play we unstoppable
rewind these rhymes are called chronicles
like comic view commercial rap but not comical
rozwell son my name is astronomical
just NY can call me son cause I’m prodigal

So if you niggas aint reppin
then get the steppin
they pack guns like agent smith
but in a western
so don’t trip cause if you slip you learn a lesson
cause in you section you throwing crip get C section
there is no heaven no hell and no reverend
New York is Purgatory the story of life sentence
rep all the people before me in one sentence
Big pub Big L Big poppa the resurrection
I put the best in
Drum loops they put the best in not jus for BK
but for every borough you rest in
Rap is in my veins its like a lethal injection
the trains are the veins that keep the city progressing
that’s why I'm blessing
microphone with my perception
need more than some gortex boots to make impressions
that’s why I'm progressing
hip hop is where I'm Destin
I breath and I eat hip hop
its like ingestion