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RPG Magnet has released a limited edition EP "Lost Traxx" as well as a full 15 track album "Infidel". The entire Infidel album has found a home on streaming internet radio stations worldwide.
The second full album "Dance in Darkness", is the first album to be fully recorded and produced in Antarctica! A close listen will even reveal the surreal sounds of the worlds most powerful blizzards with snow being whipped around by 150+ winds in the background of some songs as ambient noise.



RPG magnet started as a way for creator Kevin Kossow to vent the frustrations of returning to the US after spending years in the war zones of Afganistan and Iraq. With the addition of an Iraqi war veteran Elliot and synth builder Greg, RPG Magnet has found great success in the electronic rock and industrial communities. Many songs are first person narratives of events and emotions that many will never have to know; holding a dying child, struggling as a homeless teen, struggling with posst war trauma, and much much more. With a constant evolution of sounds, RPG Magnet is always making something fresh and new! The live shows are not to be missed, with the main electronic beats being spun through digital turntables, and live parts "mixed" in real time, the sound and sights create an electricity in the air that is hard to forget!
With extreame experiences from around the globe to draw lyrics from, there is no shortage of new material from RPG Magnet.
Our online marketing has seen some great results in the last few months, and has gotten our music to the ears of thousends of people world-wide. On March 31st 2008 we launched our own website (designed, coded and maintained by us) and to this point (aug 2008) we have had 61,307 multipage hits developing into decent sales of the Infidel album.
This was followed by the release of a self-produced video for our version of Fortunate Son on youtube and as of Aug 2008 this one video has had 144010 views. On 25MAY2008 we built our myspace page and started networking with it, yealding a total of 29,085 views, 8,477 freinds, and 16,553 total plays as of AUG2008. Our main fanbase resides in the United States, with numbers closely following in Germany, Brazil, the UK, and Australia. We have strong numbers in Japan as well, but not as strong as North and South America and the EU.
Our demographics are very close however there is a light lead in numbers for females in the 21-30 age group, possibly due to Elliott's mysterious good looks.
RPG Magnet is curently producing a new album tenativly named Dance in Darkness that is heavily influenced by the emerging dark electronic scene from Mexico. With a much faster tempo the dark beats bring about a forbding feeling of impending doom. There is a great deal of turntablism intigrated into the songs, adding a touch of "underground" sound to the recordings.
We are also experimnting with some very interesting slowed and mellow songs, filled with deep reflections of sorrow and loss.
As Walt Whitman said "Do I contradict myself, very well I contradict myself; I am large, I contain multitudes." The year 2009 has been one of very major events for the world, and RPG Magnet as well. Kevin A Kossow spent the first 9 months working and recording in Antarctica at McMurdo Station during the winter season there. On the way home, he booked in a large number of DJ gigs in New Zealand and Australia spinning selections from RPG Magnet's album Dance in Darkness, the fist album to ever be recorded and produced in Antarctica! Having spun and performed on every continent on the planet (yes all 7), what could possibly be next?