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RPG's raw-edged charm is led by former Londoner Darren Reston’s vocal delivery. Harsh London spoken word gives way to melodic chorus sections that provoke thought & the odd wry smile. Think Arctic Monkeys/Pink Floyd/Tom Waits. Lyrical content via character based story telling and social commentary.


RPG Radio
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“Gonna rant and rave, misbehave if I want to.
All of our excuses could be put to better uses.”

“Our Excuses put to better Uses” is an independent release by Melbourne based band RPG Radio. The EP displays the bands hallmarks of passionate songwriting and storytelling. This combined with an inspired contemporary approach to Rock ‘n’ Roll generates a compelling experience. The EP is filled with a rich, contagious energy that is both captivating and musically definitive of the present time.

This debut EP is a complete RPG Radio production with all songs written, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by the band. “We wanted to self produce this first EP to present an undiluted depiction of our ideas, and develop and define our style”. The recording exemplifies the breadth of creative musical talent within the band, which lays clear foundation for further major studio releases.

A major ingredient of the band’s raw-edged charm comes from front man, former Londoner Darren Reston’s vocal delivery. His harsh London spoken word gives way to melodic chorus sections that provoke thought and the odd wry smile. Think Arctic Monkeys meet Pink Floyd jamming with Tom Waits. RPG also draws influence from classic bands such as Led Zeppelin and Radiohead, with elements of The Dirty Three and Jamie T. This lyrical style of story telling and character based songs is very popular in the UK with artists such as Just Jack and Lilly Allen.

The band has the innate ability to translate this lyrical styling into a musical adaptation. Darren’s lyrical content draws from character based story telling and social commentary, and you don’t have to look too far to discover that there is meaning beyond the literal.

The band has performed in many of Melbourne’s foremost music venues, such as:

• The Evelyn Hotel
• Cornish Arms Hotel
• The Empress
• Brunswick Hotel
• 303
• PBS FM Radio
• Bay FM (Byron Bay)
• The Rails (Byron Bay)

“They have a great vintage rock sound mixed with hip-hop and blues grooves, If I had to sum them up in two words…. Geezer Rock!”
(Jim Walter PBS Fm production manager.)

Further Background Information

Lead singer/guitarist Darren Reston moved from London to Portishead and became part of the emerging Bristol scene that included Portishead, Massive Attack and Tricky. “Some great music came from that area and period and I was lucky enough to jam with some of them along the way”.

Reston holds the position of head engineer at PBS FM Radio and is well known for audio production, live and studio mixing. He has worked with many national, international and local artists such as Plutonic Labs, The Audrey’s, Billy Bragg, Clare Bowditch, Supersuckers, Tex Perkins and Arrested Development to name a few.

The members of the band hail from ethnically diverse backgrounds including British, Italian, Jewish and Australian, and have been performing individually for over 10yrs. This influence and diversity, along with the experience gained from travel can be heard in their music and lyrics.

Kein Jenkin (Kit), Frank Pearce (Bass), Gidon Symons (Guitars) and Darren have all completed Formal music training across many institutions and disciplines at: Monash University, Box Hill Institute and NMIT. The band is a result of these musical networks. Frank says, “When we were looking for a drummer for RPG I knew who would be perfect. I had filled in for a double bass player in a jazz band and Kein was also filling in on the kit”.

The band is track laying for a full-length album in late 2009. They have also recorded a live Acoustic set of material including a Bay Fm Live Radio set in Byron Bay. RPG acoustic features brushes on a cut down kit, double bass and slide.

A live show concept for larger venues and theatres is currently being developed with Tourmeister and Powa that includes visuals effects, real time interaction of lighting and set to further the experience of the songs. If you’re looking for music with substance, and content to get your teeth into, then look no further.



Written By: D.Reston


I’ve met some fortunate people
With designer houses and shiny blouses and Brazilian waxes
And their conviction of delivery can mask interpretation
That there’s lot of words they’re saying
But the meaning stays away again
And I start to walk away and then
I’m surprised I haven’t said a thing

I had to walk for a day
Grind away
Change my state, give up some grace
Retrace what I did yesterday to make sense
In my defense, I’m only in this mess because of circumstances
Beyond my control, see the house got rolled
But now I’m here

I’d like to say that I believe
But I’d be lying through my teeth but that’s alright
I hope you don’t mind that I say this straight
It could be worse
Our ability to try when we are falling…
Is both our blessing and our curse

Normally I would be cup of tea sympathy brotherly
But this aint normally
Some alley crawling gutter thief
Steals from the not wealthy
Better not bump into me
Shit kicking gutless prick
I’m insane
Gana rant and rave, misbehave if I want to
All of our excuses
Could be put to better uses


Written By: D.Reston

Don’t Let It Kill Ya!

If we could take it back to the basics
If we erase this
What would we really miss?
TV psychology quips and two minute get fit tips
Make sure your kids get their fix of this

It’s a strange kind of rhythm
Consumerism driven
Selling wealth and religion
And other painted pots to piss in

Way before your opinions formed
Somebody bought the rights
And we blissfully conform to stereotypes

In shifting sands where something feels familiar
It can only make you stronger
If first it doesn’t kill ya
Don’t let it kill ya
Look around you’ll see there’s something missing
We’ve got a nervous disposition
We might reset the factory default

It’s easy to lose touch with what makes us different
The value of experience says
A breeding frenzy or a face lift won’t replace it

At such a fast paced life it cant be too long
Before something or someone
Is going to break down…


Written By: D.Reston

Rambling Tech Specs

Information overload, need to forget something to make way for the code
To unlock my phone

Manuals and pdf’s and digital desks and rambling tech specs

He cannot always access the thoughts on demand
Never discard hooks or land even on waste land
Remove stains from collars and cuffs and
Changes colour from winter inta spring
Spring, leave at least three winds on the D string
Always tune from flat of the target
On desk faders down, pad pressed to ensure that
Stretching will prevent build up of lactic
Battle zones stretching as far as the eye could
Tragic scenes of natures destruction
Sometimes reluctant heroes in times of hardship
Brick buildings once represented successful
Areas of high pressure represent eventful
Cooking times vary dependant on the size of the turtle

This may contain traces of nuts
Which are tightened using torque wrench
Subsequent contracts awarded with common sense
More rats than humans could explain the stench
Of random lines of random rambling lines of rambling tech specs
You cant expect to understand all of it

Cause its all in the melody
And the random thoughts of the memory
And the meaning can be easily missed
Or maybe doesn’t really even exist

Approach with caution any border crossing
Pay attention to behind ears when washing
Do not throw cigarette butts out of the window
Keep shoulder back and in line with the elbow
Throw can be achieved using minimal effort (repeat)
Left foot right foot then right foot best foot forward
When cornered should be avoided (repeat)


Written By: D.Reston


You see my family tree begins with me
And all the people that I meet
And I consider them to be a friend worthy
To rest there for a little while

For years and years I worked and worked
Became a jerk suit tie and shirt
And hurt my worth, for long enough

Make a dash, run through the street
Make it easy just put it to a beat
Move fast, move quiet, move fleet of feet and then
Rest for a little while

Rode in a powerful knight
To rescue the damsels plight
For forty days and for forty nights I rode
Climbed her hair, scaled the tower
Quenched her in a champagne shower
Slay the dragon, found his lair
And rested there, for a little while

Retreat where no-one can see, inside of me
‘Cause my heart won’t beat
And I feel no heat from my complexion

Bloods old, bloods new, blood cold
See you soon se how life unfolds
But you know that I hold you close
And you can rest there, yeah for a little while

Who am I and all I’ve learnt
Comes from my tree and all my dirt
And from the seed and hand that feeds
The needs and greed’s of all my deeds
‘Cause I’m only around for a little while
Keep moving, moving on and on and on
For as fucking long as I want
And when I get there, Rest

You see my family tree begins with he
Who plants the seed and cares and feeds
To help tree, to grow and be
A shade for you and me
And we can rest there, yeah for a little while

He’s been banging on for ages
Dunno what he’s saying
Something about a tree


Written By: D.Reston


Good evening ladies and gentlemen
Tonight’s two and a half hour relaxation contest
Is bought to you courtesy of RPG Radio

Take advantage of the smoky pub culture
The beautiful game tailored to an eleven thirty eruption
Everything is for sale but I can decide for myself
This smoke screen hides no sinister intent
Roam, groan, take the beer scooter home
Public transport curfew orders you home to bed
I am a member of a multicultural community
Noel is the purveyor of the finest post game refreshments bar fucking none
He doesn’t drink but I listen as he sings the praises of Arsenal and his Subaru
And we smoke for peace

Yeah, terror walks amongst us
But I don’t think Slim’s behind it, do you?
I believe, he walks amongst us
You can't catch him ‘cause he rides the bus

Extra time is always hard on the legs
But I know I can rely on Mr. Singh
He’s a Doctor but drives a cab
We have enough Doctors
He predicts terror for English batsmen
I offer him a coffee from the Nags Head and wave him goodbye
Carmello talks about Italian football
While he attacks me with Italian pop music
We don’t agree on everything but I remain calm and un-terrified

It seems we live in dangerous times
Of our own designs terror finds that negligent minds
Can produce nuke keys from fools’ sleeves
It grinds down hard on your average man
And like a wise man once said…


Written By: D.Reston


First stop check the Small Block
Look for the Sideshow Bob locks
Should have locked him away
This pay day game, is gana make me grey
No barefoot monkey there but
I know he’s been there, ‘cause his cheque’s been squared up
No footprints left, agile and deft when put to the test
But the money can slip through his fingers
Never lingers, tomorrow hasn’t yet existed
He’s got a pocket full of mischief
All on a deadline day
Have you seen him?

He’s from my hood
He’s a friend of mine
You’re ganna like him he’s good vibe
Talks in tongues but
Won’t leave you behind
Round here that kind of thing happens all the time

Got a right mess, can't breathe, tight chest
Need files for five, two hours left
Gotta find him, before the wine, dine minefield
Is ganna leave him useless
Running round like a greyhound, Timmy Random
Feet pound, nose to the ground
Blood hound ganna track that monkey down

You’ll never catch him if you’re always where he’s been
Why don’t you think ahead and lie in wait for him
I said lie in wait for him, lie in wait for him
Lie in wait for him, lie in wait for him

Qualities can be quantified, in different ways at different times
I need him and he needs me
We’re the odd couple co-dependency
You see an urban jungle can be a hard place to find
Primate on the loose, mischief on the mind

You’ll never ever catch me
I can swing through the city
I will come down when I am done
I may talk in tongues but
I won’t leave you behind
Round here when the servers down
You can search but you can't find


Written By: D.Reston


Oh man what a strange week
Quantum physics prove that atoms move
And oils peaked
Where there was a mountain
Now it’s flat
Can't put the coal back
Something’s wrong
I can feel it coming on

It must be time to look a little deeper
Or sit back on your arse and be a weeper
Or sink into a stupor
Or read the books that have been leant to ya

The fourteenth Dalai Lama and China disagreed
They wanted what he had
But it doesn’t come through greed
So they couldn’t steal his peace
Because he wasn’t packing (if you know what I mean)

So he had to leave quick
Some tall order
Pack up his scripts and shit and
Head for the border to
Dharamasala, somewhere in India

Will leave you exiled paying rent
Lose your home in Tibet
Restrain, do nothing you’ll regret
Or that weighs heavy

Oh man what a strange week
Quantum physics prove that atoms move
And oils peaked
Things I thought were solid
Are now not
No one knows
How many
Or where they go

What the bleep do we know?
Is all about your mind
Seems matters always shifting
In more than one place at a time
Handy for doing crime
It’s the perfect alibi

What the fuck do we know?
Fair question indeed
If the desert didn’t float on oil
You’d see a hasty retreat
And nobody need get beat
And we could all concentrate
On stealing stones from Africa

One dollar fifty
Can be the cost of life
We arm both sides to the teeth
Sit back and watch them fight
As long as they’re not white
That just wouldn’t be cricket

The question still stands
What are we ganna do?
We elect a government
To represent our views
Just sit back and watch the news
It’s a strange week
And it’s tainted blue

Oh man what a strange week
Quantum physics prove that atoms move
And oils peaked
Where there was a mountain
Now it’s flat
Can't put the coal back
Something’s wrong
I can feel it coming on

Oh man what a strange week
Quantum physics prove that atoms move
And oils peaked
Things I thought were solid
Are now not, no one knows
How many
Or where they go


Our Excuses Put To Better Uses 2009.

Set List

2 x 40min sets all original.

walks amongst us
when i find my teeth
introduction to control
da hood
dont let it kill ya
high price
get there on time
will i last the day
blessing and curse
strange week
something about a tree
rambling tech specs
a little bit of me in you

(occasional rendition of Short Memory-Midnight Oil or When the Levee Breaks-Led Zep.)