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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Kick[s] the Hell out of No Doubt..."

“…attitude and outspoken opinions….[RPM] reminds …of No Doubt´s Gwen Stefanie but I think RPM has a stronger voice with more power..."Don´t Be You" would kick the hell out of No Doubt. .. forget Avril and the others because RPM is better … This girl delivers some outstanding rock/pop music and I suggest you check out "Irrational Anthem" right away…” - www.melodic.net


“Brilliant! And the fact that [RPM] spits out her convictions in a voice as raggedly beautiful as Patti Smith or Paul Westerberg is icing on the cake… the woman can play her axe off...RPM is no flavor of the week pop-star…Irrational Anthem marks a healthy return to rock that thinks while it rocks and heralds the debut of an artist with a lot worthwhile on her mind, the courage to speak it and the chops to make you play air guitar and jump around the room. Buy this CD and support art with heart, game with brain and politics you can dance to…” - www.antimusic.com

"...doesn't give a damn..."

"I get the feeling that RPM doesn't give a damn about what people may think - or what feathers she may ruffle along the way. This new voice of rebellion takes a balls-out approach to her lyrics and music, layering a passion over her performance like a steel cage. Raw and addictive, the collections of songs on her CD "Irrational Anthem" play like a rebel-girl's diary. Her sweet-girl voice and f*ck 'em lyrics are a refreshing slap in the face!" - www.girlposse.com

"RPM Declares War on Mediocrity"

“RPM Declares War on Mediocrity…RPM, has the rare gift of being able to think and rock at the same time …Irrational Anthem …is a bold move by a bright, uncompromising woman who seems to realize that the future is bearing down on us like a freight train…. [RPM] takes it upon herself to use her music to convey her message of personal responsibility. More direct lyrically than, say, Marilyn Manson, RPM [urges] the listener to think for themselves. This record rocks hard and in your face and holds us all accountable, which could start conversations that could lead to real change if we let it. Please, let it.” - www.punkrockblues.motime.com

"In short, she's damn near perfect..."

“Iron fist in a velvet glove, hell. RPM, who has with one CD ascended to my Personal Pantheon Of Coolness, is more like a titanium fist in a sandpaper glove with little spiky bits all over it…In short, she's damn near perfect…A[v]ril Lavigne only WISHES she was half -- no, hell, a sixteenth -- as much a riotgrrl as RPM… you can't fault her passion, her fire, or the depth of her feeling….If you're tired of media hype and fake rebels, do yourself a favor and check out the real thing.” - www.dailyvault.com

"Hell Yeah!"

“Hell yeah!!.........Ya gotta love a girl who just doesn't give a fuck about saying what she feels..." - Tommy Lee


Debut release "IRRATIONAL ANTHEM" available online at www.rpm.tv, amazon.com, ITunes, Yahoo Launch etc. EP A YOUNG PERSON'S GUIDE TO BEING AN AMERICAN cdbaby.com, coming to Itunes etc. this fall


Feeling a bit camera shy


Melodic, guitar driven, highly literate and lyrically driven rock describes LA based indie artist RPM. Following up her critically acclaimed debut album IRRATIONAL ANTHEM with the EP A YOUNG PERSON’S GUIDE TO BEING AN AMERICAN, she is once again tearing up the charts at college radio. While helming her own record label, RPM’s headlining major shows throughout LA and gaining fans across the country. Check out RPM on MTVU and FYE’s IN THE WASH Compilation & watch for her video on MTV Japan next spring (filming this winter). If you're in LA, tune in to hear RPM on the influential Indie 103.1.