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The best kept secret in music


"RRINE- Eaciv Album Review"

When I start to count how much my beloved IDM which was very popular couple of years ago I heard recently I become disappointed – five fingers are enough to count – Lackluster, Sleepy Town Manufacture, Boards of Canada, Bronnt Industrines Kapital and Cactus Island Production. Although lately our hearts and minds are ruled by rock/indie electronica it does not really mean that I am not lacking good old experimental and melodic electronic music – something like Phonem, Arovane, Autechre – all this stuff is already lost in the past and does not find much response in nowadays.

Discovery of the new name is the musical map is less than credible. And if to speak about this kind of music there is almost no chance to find something beautiful but unknown. That’s is why I remember the moment when I heard extracts from Rrine’s new album was amazing – I was astonished that such professional artist is still unknown to the world and that his Eaciv album is limited to only 100 copies. This music is amazing after all! It is decorated with clear rain drops of Sense’s music, delicate Arovane type rhythms and sentimental moods. Beautiful melodies VS strict and switch rhythms – just like in the golden age of IDM back in 1998-2001.

Those who keep carrying love to such kinf of music, those who understand that they grew up together with these airy and mellow sounds, that it made them love different beauty of sounds will understand that it is hard to speak about such kind of albums without fear of favour. Eaciv is feelings that were expressed through physical CD format. This music will strike you directly into the heart just when it reaches your ears - it will tear you apart with the each note of the album. If after 71 minutes long sessions of Eaciv you haven’t become a slave of it you can put this album aside into the dusty CD shelf and forget about it.

My heart was waiting for this music. I hope yours did too…

Rating: 10

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review URL:http://sutemos.net/en/reviews;gid,423 - Sutemos


'Eaciv' - self released Jan 2005.
status: SOLD OUT

Complilation on Clickpop Records/Memex due to be released mid-September.


Feeling a bit camera shy


RRINE // is ryan mendes of portland OR. He started experimenting with electronic music in 1997 using moldy drum machines, treated tapes and broken keyboards. RRINE’s sound combines thick ambient layers mixed with processed rhythms alongside ethereal melodies and intricate textures.

RRINE’s debut album ‘eaciv’, was released January 29th 2005.