Roi and the Secret People
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Roi and the Secret People

Easton, Pennsylvania, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2006 | SELF

Easton, Pennsylvania, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2006
Band Alternative Rock




"CD Phoenix review"

“Roi and the Secret People’s new album Phoenix is a musical and lyrical journey that fills your imagination like a flock of birds filling the sky. There are so many layers and details that emerge, grow and change that each song is deep and complex, but you never lose the overall feeling of energy and fun. This is a get-up-and-rock band with super tight performances and really, really great songwriting.”
- Rust Magazine - Rust Magazine

"CD-PHOENIX review"

“Phoenix: Where the hell have I been? I regret not knowing this guy sooner - he is a treasure, Easton, and you better drink him up because with a sound like this he may not be yours for long. This Phoenix is my new favorite Phoenix - jumping ahead of the band Phoenix, The Dark Phoenix Saga. and the University of Phoenix Online (Let's Get to Work!). This polished album sounds like a Nick Lowe produced Elvis Costello LP but with more joy and less anger. He has teamed up with four amazing local musicians including Dan DeChellis on piano, Randy Melick on guitar, Dave Baun on bass, and Craig Martyn on drums to reform his NYC band Roi and the Secret People. His voice is magnetic, like the only best parts of Tom Petty's DNA mixed with an angel's. He deftly glides through soulful lyrics; I would rank him amongst the best lyricists in the Indie scene today. Highlights include "Sweet Maria," "Drive," and "Burnout." Mark my words: Mike Roi is destined for great things.”
- Ryan Woodring, The Elucidator - The Elucidator


Review by Michael “Jacobs' McKenna
Steel Notes Magazine

They have a unique way of describing their music. “One part Elvis Costello, one Part Tom Petty, one part Nick Lowe - poured in highball glass over ice, add garnish. Shaken not stirred”. This does sound tasteful to the ear! Their music crosses the genres of classic rock, with a bit of alternative, topped with a bit of a pop sound, it sort of peaks ones interest.
Here's a wee bit about the gents who make up the band. Up front on vocals and lead guitar is Mike Roi who has credentials that include opening for the likes of The Black Crowes, Midnight Oil, and Marilyn Manson. On drums is Kevin McAdams and Mishal Zeera gives it up on bass and mans the keys. 
Their CD, “Phoenix”, recorded at MoD Studios in NJ, Galiminium Foil Studios and 6th Street Studios in Brooklyn, NY, is a departure from their classic-rock roots and is filled with 10 tracks that will satisfy any discerning individual who is influenced by this multi-genre band. “A Little Pain” is an upbeat pop/rock oriented tune that is so 90's in it's makeup. “Little Bit Closer” is one of those numbers that you just want to crank it up and party. The flow is seamless and energetic! A KILLER CUT! The title track, “Phoenix”, is in the MOR mold that sees Mishal's piano work in prominence which nicely accentuates this track. 
“Drive” features pumping, pulsating percussion in a intelligent flow that compliments this composition. Infectious hook! “Brotherhood of Man” is a lyrical masterpiece, '...face the master plan, promises like grains of sand, like water in your hand...', the harmonies rock. “Burnout” features some nice retro sounding string work and a rustic sounding melody. 
“O'Love” has a nice Tom Petty feel to it. “Sweet Maria” explodes from the door with a bit of a rock-a-billy type string riff, tight harmonies that sustain and a pulsing snare. “Throwing Stones” should make programmers fall over each other to get that first play! WAY COOL! “Always and Forever” is one of those touching tracks that women would fall over and tug at their heartstrings.
The diverse influences are very evident throughout this effort. The seamless compositions are tied together perfectly by intelligent accompaniment by these talented musicians. They will be a force to be reckoned with in the future. This CD is a MUST LISTEN! I give this a hearty 2 THUMBS UP!! - Steel Notes Magazine

"Make Music NY-"

"Mike Roi and his group of talented 'Secret People' perform his
material with a classic rock sensibility and a southern soul that
reminds us all what is great about rock and roll in America."

April Erin Farrell
Office of the Director
Museum of Arts & Design NYC - April Erin Farrell

"Good Times Magazine"

Good Times-review
Good Times Magazine




I'm loving "Dog St.",the new CD from Roi And The Secret People;it's truly classic sounding, drawing on all the best elements of lates 60s ,70s,and 80s rock,while sounding totally current in a Gavin DeGraw sort way.Musicianship and production are flawless, the songs are instantly catchy (I'm loving "Starshine") and they deserve a home on radio and in your CD player; great stuff. - Jimi La Lumia

"Roi and the Secret People"

Roi and the

Secret People

4.25 out of 5.00

Review By: sarah griffiths

Initially, I did not think I would like Roi and the Secret People . Headed by Mike Roi of Brooklyn, New York, this southern rock band grew on me as I listened. Not a huge fan of southern rock, I was impressed with the way they adapted their full, rich rock sound to appeal to modern rock fans like myself.

With catchy rhythms and an obviously experienced vocalist, the music was easy to listen to, cheerful and upbeat. The songwriting and arrangement were very professional and overall, the music was well-written, well-executed and very marketable. I thought there was a strong Red Hot Chili Peppers sound, especially in the vocals, and in my opinion, this band was definitely on the same level.

Overall, Roi and the Secret People had a great southern rock sound that would most likely appeal to the average rock listener as well. They have a great unique sound, a lot of talent and excellent production quality. - shinbone magazine

"added to WRSU at Rutgers University"

WRSU at Rutgers University

Yes! we are finally added to the playlist at WRSU at Rutgers University.

as we are sending out our feelers to radio across the U.S.A we love when certain Radio stations feel our vibe from the "Dog St." CD.

Rutgers-YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fill us in on any stations you think might get the "sound" on Dog St.!!!!!!!!!!!!

we had the help of our champion publisist Gina on this one so - WE LOVE GINA!!!!!!!!!!!

- roibomusic

"summer reviews"


Based out of Brooklyn, Roi and The Secret People stand up for what rock should be. This is truly a band that lightens your heart when you listen to them. From the southern blend of electric rock to their acoustic jams, this is music that any crowd could enjoy. Their new release, entitled "Dog St.", is a great mix of true rock from the first song to the last. Beautiful vocals, accompanied by soothing music in the background is always a good thing. Roi and The Secret People are already making a name for themselves in New York, and it's only a matter of time before they break out in the States.
-Metal Mark of
- Target Audience Magazine

"Rock N Roll Experience Magazine"

Rock N Roll Experience Magazine

http://www. angelfire. com/rock/e4/january2009. html


Dog St.
Track Listing: Dog St., Arizona, Nancy, Starshine, Modern Day Samurai, Mississippi Sun, Keep It Real, Monday, Firefly, Lead Me Down

Rating: 5 stars (out of 6)

Based out of New York, Roi & The Secret People is an interesting rock band that's got a very jam oriented vibe/feel to what they do...they remind me of The Black Crowes alot, on a musical level, I can hear a little bit o' The Allman Brothers, Mountain, & what they do is very reminiscent of the 70's era of rock n roll where guitar solo's, groove & "vibe" are all that matters...there's no slick production here, no extreme pro-tool cut & paste, it's all about the sound, the vibe & the essence....this is good music that you could totally crank up in headphones while passing the proverbial "peace pipe" if you know what I's good, old school rock n roll, & some of the bands members are famous in their own right...Mike Roi was in a band called Brother Grimm & opened for Marilyn Manson & The Black Crowes to name a few, while Noel Rockwood was in The Snapdragons who were signed to Atlantic Records, & David Leatherwood has toured with Sting, Duran Duran & Aerosmith to name a few, so you've got some seasoned veterans here that make the music on this cd oh so pleasing to the ear! Check out the band at www. myspace. com/mikeroi


"summer reviews"

“Based out of Brooklyn, Roi and The Secret People stand up for what rock should be. This is truly a band that lightens your heart when you listen to them. From the southern blend of electric rock to their acoustic jams, this is music that any crowd could enjoy. Their new release, entitled "Dog St.", is a great mix of true rock from the first song to the last. Beautiful vocals, accompanied by soothing music in the background is always a good thing. Roi and The Secret People are already making a name for themselves in New York, and it's only a matter of time before they break out in the States.” —Metal Mark of - Metal Mark of

"Review of Roi and Secret People –"

southern fried magazine-
Originally from Florida, Roi and the Secret People count the Allman Bros., Neil Young , MTB, etc. as their influences. I hear that and maybe some Guns and Roses, too. Power rock with some of that twanginess of the South. This is apparent in “Mississippi Sun”. “Modern Day Samurai” has a modern rock/radio-friendly sound. “Dog St.” has a harder metal sound.

Roi and the Secret People have six members on board. This is Mike Roi’s newest band collaboration, so they are just getting off the ground.

For more info, check out

- Col. Tamar Alexia Fleishman


1992-TALES by Brother Grimm-get tracks on
1998-PinkSwirl E.P. by Roi-no longer available
2000-INTERGALACTIC RODEO by Roi-get tracks from -or iTunes
2003-SONGS from the Loo-by Mike Roi-unreleased commercially
2004-Songs from the Loo by M.Roi
2005-BROWNSTONE ANCHOR-by Mike Roi-unreleased commercially
2006-Brownstone Anchor by M.Roi
2008-Roi and the Secret People- Dog St.

2013-Roi and the Secret People-Phoenix

2016- Roi and the Secret People-Hungry (single)



Renowned for their exciting live shows, Roi and the Secret People (RSP) features the mesmerizing voice of Mike Roi and the musical talents of Craig Martyn on drums, Jason Hedrington on Moog/Keys, Glen Radomski on bass, and Ed Golden on Guitar. Roi, who hails from South Florida, set out to assemble a group of talented, experienced, and like-minded musicians to create the version of rock music he was raised with. Armed with all original music, RSP has played such renowned clubs as Rockwood Music Hall, Mercury Lounge, and Arlene’s Grocery in New York City and The World Live Cafe,The Northstar Bar, The Tin Angel, and The Legendary Dobbs in Philadelphia.
 In 2015 RSP played to a packed out crowd at Musikfest in Bethlehem, PA and was nominated in several categories for the 2015 and 2016 LVMA's. RSP has placed songs in the CreaTV award winning film" Love in Absentia," the NYC indie film "CERESIA," and the upcoming 2016 Horror Flick, "Dead and Deadish."  RSP's first album, Dog St., includes a variety of tunes from the stunning, haunting song, “Firefly,” to the balls-to-the-wall sound of the title track, “Dog St.” Their newly released 2nd album, Phoenix, blends Roi’s pop sensibilities with an alternative rock twist mired in sounds from the likes of artists such as Nick Lowe and Tom Petty. Roi has been known to say that all he needs is a good bottle of bourbon, a good cigar, and a guitar to create the kind of true-blue, sexy, and salt-of-the earth music that has captivated audiences up and down the Eastern seaboard. Eclectic, diverse, and thoroughly original, RSP is a band that combines a classic rock vibe with a lyrical and wholly unique sound. RSP is currenly writing and recording their newest release called "Truck Stop Sushi" which is due out sometime in the summer of 2017.