Ryan Swanzey

Ryan Swanzey


I'm something a little different, an acoustic musician turned one-man band building dynamic songs with the help of a drum machine, loop pedal, etc. I like all genres of music and explore them ruthlessly. I can deliver an entertaining and fun performance without abandoning the approach of an artist.


Ryan Swanzey is among many characteristics and aspirations a nomadic musician and writer most recently hailing from Burlington, NC. He plays guitar and bass respectively in Triptonic and Wake Leviathan when in the area, as the bands continue to perform live with various lineups. Heavily inspired by the DIY punk ethic and folk troubadours long since passed, he began traveling the country to lose himself within it in spring 2012. Following countless adventures across nearly 50,000 miles throughout 40 states, he decided to again explore live music, booking shows to coincide with a spring 2013 trip eastward.

Swanzey covers substantial ground in between his assorted originals and diverse tastes. Above all, however, he strives to help foster a personal and enjoyable sonic connection with the audience. His fourth CD, Falling Rock, was finished in October 2012 and made available to download online at a price to be determined by the listener. It contains 18 songs and nearly 80 minutes of original music, consisting of acoustic guitar and hand drum percussion recorded in the wilderness on an 8-track recorder.

Ryan is currently making plans for an extended run of shows across the country in spring/summer 2013. Contact him to schedule an event today!


At A Loss (2007)
Wake Up EP (2011)
Plains of Anomalous Fiction (2011)
Falling Rock (2012) - http://rswanzey.bandcamp.com