Refuse The Fall

Refuse The Fall


The music varies from dark melodic guitar lines to bright and powerful harmonies. The lyrics deliver a positive message carried by a strong musical backbone. With a plethra of musical backgrounds, each member brings forth a unique flavor to the overall sound of the band.


Formed in late autumn (November 2005), RTF came together from each member jamming in previous bands together at some point or another. With their small town roots, the band is ready to embrace this long road of success. In ones life there are two important choices to be made. You either choose to fall or refuse the fall. If you choose to fall, you are giving up everything you have ever dreamed of. If you refuse the fall, you overcome all the obstacles that stand between you and you dreams. This why we Refuse The Fall.


Refuse The Fall Debut Album Barriers to Bridges is in the final stages of production and will be avalaible soon.

Set List

Sets usually consist of 90% originals and 10% covers. We do an hour to hour and a half sets (10 to 15 songs).