Tony Grace saves the eloquence and tranquility of acoustic rock for the endless supply of modern day singer/songwriters saturating the airwaves. Injecting his songs with visceral punk and blues elements, Tony Grace represents the dark side of the lone balladeer.


Tony Grace is a devout follower of the K.I.S.S. philosophy of music: Keep It Simple, Stupid. After years of training as a lead guitar virtuoso, culminating in graduation from the Musician's Institute of Los Angeles, Grace decided to settle back east in New York City.
"L.A. is just too sunny. I thrive much more in dismal weather."
While his musical proficiency has earned him spots on regional tours as a sideman, Grace has always considered his forte to be crafting simple, yet poignant songs. Drawing upon influences from Bruce Springsteen, the Rolling Stones, Johnny Thunders and the Ramones, Tony Grace has twisted the image of a singer/songwriter into a dark, pained figure.
By stripping his act down to that of a lone musician with a guitar, Grace provides his audience with a simple and organic listening experience.
"By going up there alone, I'm forcing the song to stand up by itself. It's the most revealing thing I've ever done."
Ultimately, Tony Grace's goal is to settle into a musical career that will always afford him the opportunity to perform solo acoustic work for intimate audiences.
"When someone says to me 'wow, you totally were able to say what I was feeling in a way I've never thought of before' then I've done my job."



Written By: Tony Grace

Spirit of the radio flies over the airwaves and roars into symphonic crash
Humble voices wail like Irish banshees singing a hymn of a love that's past
Strophic lines dig up tired old pictures that should have been thrown away long ago
They attach themselves just like permanent fixtures you 'd deny them but they're all that you know

Outside the downtown dreamers are calling out old flames,
A eulogy in the rain

*The love that we had
Went from so good to bad
I'm letting go, Funeral

And these pictures of you,
Have outlived their use,
There's nowhere to go, Funeral

And the radio's been saying I've been holding on, I've been holding on for way too long*

Turmoil keeps the rhythm turning and turning to the point where straight can't find the line
Through days and nights there's a heartache concerning the inner cravings of your mind
There's no one out there that's denying the heart knows just where to choke
Just because something is bright and shinning doesn't mean it ain't broke

Outside the downtown dreamers are calling for old flames
A eulogy in the rain

*These pictures of you
Have lost their use
I'm letting go, Funeral

And the fire that burned
Now just ashes in an urn
There's nothing to know, Funeral

And the radio's been saying I've been holding on
I've been holding on for way too long*

There's nowhere left for us to go
I buried your love in a funeral

10,000 Light Years

Written By: Tony Grace

My love, what a cold, cold place
Like a beach in the rain
A terrible waste
Cry out, I shiver and shake
I spin further away
through outer space

I'm traveling at the speed of fear
I'm terrified, I need you near

*10,000 lights years away from me
10,000 light years away*

Somebody reach, reach for my hand
Pull me back in
I'll make my stand
Trust in me, you got nothing to lose
We're only fools
If we don't do all we can

As long as you'll still be mine
I'll go further than the stars can shine

*10,000 lights years away from me
10,000 lights years away*

It's hard when the lights go out, can't you see me when I stumble about, can't you hear me when I sing, you're the reason I do anything

Traveling at the speed of fear,
I'm terrified and need you near

*10,000 light years away from me,
10,000 light years away*


"Hollywood", "Funeral", & "10,000 Light Years" are available for download.

Set List

Set is approximately 45 minutes in length.

1.) Hollywood
2.) Steal Disease
3.) Voluptuous
4.) Black Leather
5.) Killing You In This Song
6.) Love Without Protest
7.) Tried To Kill Myself Today
8.) Wait Until Dark
9.) Funeral
10.) 10,000 Light Years