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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Worth Checking Out"

5 Stars

This CD is full of amazing beats and lyrics straight from R-tistic's heart. Must listen to Outta IND, Get Stoned, Let's Go, and Thru Da Eyes of a Slave. This CD is worth every penny!!!!!!! Thru Da Eyes of a Slave is a song that I've never heard before. It covers the story of a man about to go into slavery, from his perspective. This song really makes the mind think about those times that somebody was living. - Josh Dye

"Indiana's Finest"

4 stars*

There is no doubt that R-Tistic has certainly matured from his previous albums. R-Tistic seems to have put everything into making this album great. R-Tistic provides versatility in his songs. He brings both a sense of club music and songs that express truism. R-Tistic provides his passion in his lyrics as well as uniqueness. He has a great sense of timing in his rhymes. The rhythm and the beats were well composed and go well with the idea of the songs. My final thought on the CD is like most CDs you'll have the songs that you love and the ones you'll dislike, but with R-Tistic, it is evident that R-Tistic put his heart and soul in his music. The songs that I feel you need to check out is Thru the Eyez of a Slave, Baby Let Me Love You, and Let's Go. Thru da Eyez of a Slave I feel is his most personal song. The whole CD is worth checking out. Keep representing the IND.
- Andrew Davis

"Bringing Rap up from the Bottom"

5 star rating

This cd is great. It's got the club hits you need to hear, but also has the slow songs you wanna hear sometimes as well. R-tistic has his own melodic influence which makes his lyrics/raps so great. It's a fresh and new twist to what is expected, but he has a style all of his own. R-tistic's vocal pitches and beats are exclusive to him. I haven't heard anyone like him and i recommend this cd to EVERYONE! - Darcee Coffman

"Interestingly R-tistic"

The CD brings some different aspects from R-Tistic. He's showin ability to give it to you in different ways that all sound good. The beats could bring a little bit more as far as quality, but overall they do their job. His delivery however is very unique and versatile and can carry his words very efficiently over the beat without problem. If he had some top notch production his sound could really work well.
- Brandon Scott

"Hooks to Remember"

This cd is definately worth checking out. The songs i would recommend would be outta IND, meet me in my fantasy and stay hood. If you were to listen to any of those 3 I could guarantee that you would be going around all day and singing the hook to anyone of those songs! just give this album a shot, you wont be disapointed.
- Garrett Morris


Still working on that hot first release.



For booking: contact R-tistic’s manager @ 765-969-7834

It was obvious from elementary school that R-tistic had an extraordinary talent for writing when he began writing poems at age 7. As he matured, so did his talents as a writer, producer, singer, and musician.

Highlights of R-tistic’s career are local talent shows in his hometown of Richmond, IN, concerts at Richmond High School, Ball State University, and the Black Music Festival in Cincinnati, OH, and auditions for Star Search and Conferences and Festivals in Chicago and Philadelphia.

What sets R-tistic apart from the majority of artists is that he is open to all types of music and likes to add other forms of music into his own music. His lyrical ability is what catches the ear of most listeners, but even the more in depth listener gets a taste of music that reminds many people of a Kanye West with even more versatility. R-tistic's main goal is to always be creative and to change the music industry one step at a time.

Currently, R-tistic's debut cd "Diamond in the Ruff" can be purchased on the nationwide distribution site, www.cdbaby.com. R-tistic is also touring the Midwest promoting his genius while building a foundation for his street team. As his name emerges from the underground rap scene to the attic of the industry, R-tistic will also collaborate with artists of other genres to complete a full circle of versatility.

R-tistic will be coming to a city near you. In the meantime, stay connected to R-tistic.com for updates and details about hip-hop’s new trailblazing phenomenon.