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R-tistic delivers a unique blend of lyrical compositions and melodic harmonies that exhibits a collage of personal experience with economic struggles that the rap game no longer showcases.


For booking: contact R-tistic’s manager @ 765-969-7834

It was obvious from elementary school that R-tistic had an extraordinary talent for writing when he began writing poems at age 7. As he matured, so did his talents as a writer, producer, singer, and musician.

Highlights of R-tistic’s career are local talent shows in his hometown of Richmond, IN, concerts at Richmond High School, Ball State University, and the Black Music Festival in Cincinnati, OH, and auditions for Star Search and Conferences and Festivals in Chicago and Philadelphia.

What sets R-tistic apart from the majority of artists is that he is open to all types of music and likes to add other forms of music into his own music. His lyrical ability is what catches the ear of most listeners, but even the more in depth listener gets a taste of music that reminds many people of a Kanye West with even more versatility. R-tistic's main goal is to always be creative and to change the music industry one step at a time.

Currently, R-tistic's debut cd "Diamond in the Ruff" can be purchased on the nationwide distribution site, www.cdbaby.com. R-tistic is also touring the Midwest promoting his genius while building a foundation for his street team. As his name emerges from the underground rap scene to the attic of the industry, R-tistic will also collaborate with artists of other genres to complete a full circle of versatility.

R-tistic will be coming to a city near you. In the meantime, stay connected to R-tistic.com for updates and details about hip-hop’s new trailblazing phenomenon.


Leave Me Alone

Written By: R-tistic

1st: Now I don’t know how to show in a flow/ when a nigga come on/ how he gonna take da street/ I do these tracks all the time/ it should be a crime/ for how I rape da beat/ don’t like me son/ take a seat/ better yet nigga take a number/ you won’t ever take me under/ been through some shit/ but I used a plumber’s plunger/ listen closely/ you can hear my hunger/ got hits from the street by the number/ like sticks in da bundle won’t break/ battling me was you’re 1st mistake/ the other day/ when you decided to hate/ now look at me nigga cause I’m getting played

Chorus: Been hatin on a hustler cause hatin is what they do/ 2x: (leave me alone) nigga/ but they can hate all they want/ won’t stop me from making moves/ 2x (leave me alone) Just keep it in mind R-tistic has not yet been heard (2x: leave me alone)/ Cause once he starts to shine they’ll play his every word they won’t (2x:leave me alone) nigga

2nd: I’m just tryin to blow like whistling/ look at em now got em listenin/ he explodes like nitroglycerin/ got more hooks than them fisherman/ fisherman? Everytime he gets his sharpener and puts his pencil in/ people go from hatin and yellin/ to hatin and whispering/ watch as them windows just roll down/ I’ma do this like Bobby V and slow down/ so you can hear every word that I say now/ this is def. something to survey now/ let’s speed it up get it back to the tempo that he had/ even niggas in Nevada/ say that he’s bad/ I ain’t gotta brag/ but you mad/ how many niggas from the IND/ got something that you neva find in me/ this is what my life was designed to be


Bridge: I don’t know why I gotta switch/ but since he keep on showering you with these hits/ I figured that I might give ya sumtin new/ so this is what I I I am gonna do

3rd: Spit it real fast when I spit it with adrenaline/ like Twista/ just to get some benjamins/ gotta reach out to the many women/ and the (4x:many) men/ if ya don’t know dat he got the kill again/ yall niggas know how hard it is/ so this right here gonna conceal you in/ when I get it how I do it/ cause I gotta keep it fluent/ niggas knew it/ so they bought it/ listened to it/ get excited/ cause ya like/ gotta mic it to the track blow off like a rocket/ put some paper in ur pocket/ if you really wanna knock it/ how can u talk about it/ doesn’t matter/ when I’m climbing up the ladder/ now they flatter/ when they chatter/ cause they know that he got it/ now they really wanna ride it


Stay Hood

Written By: R-tistic

1st: This is for the new generation and them little tykes/ I grab this mic to fight this nation like its civil rights/ and everybody in the world knows poverty/ I ain’t never seen a ghetto child win the lottery/ it’s gotta be/ some sorta luck issue/ no more bloody tears cryin on a tissue/ sometimes I feel like a peasant/ waiting on a settlement/ the settlement comes/ when there’s a black president/ who can change the whole community/ this is my opportunity knockin/ we aint got no options people/ cause we livin three-fourths of the way/ but it’s not equal/ so we smoking all this canibus/ welfare helps to manage us/ eating on these maple syrup sandwiches/ cause we got no meat/ no lights no heat/ the world can’t hear us they deaf/ but we still speak

Chorus: 2x: I don’t wanna stay hood/ even though the hood’s been good to me/ had to settle for livin in the ghetto/ but no one should live this way/

2nd: It’s like society/ gives us a written agreement/ everyone starts off soft/ and gets harder like cement/ just livin through a misery/ inhabits your brain waves/ your brain replays/ what it’s seen visually/ now you mentally/ getting scarred up/ you get harder/ but it’s not the way that you was even brought up/ mother used to tell u go to school fool/ get good grades/ but the hood stays/ remains/ and pumps in ya veins/ and the pain of the blood/ of what it paints/ dealers get adrenaline to kill a man/ with no restraints/ every son every boy needs a father/ when he’s missing him it burns inside like hot lava/ now this is the world on a axis as a cycle/ it towers over us kinda like the Eiffel/ niggas resort to the rifle blasting/ it’s time for change this is where I pick my passion and I say

Bridge: 2x: I don’t wanna stay hood/ even though the hood’s been good to me/ had to settle/ for livin in da ghetto/ but no one should live this way/

3rd: Some people tell me that you grew up so good/ you lying in your records/ when you talk about the hood/ I just want you to hear me clearly/ I ain’t talking bout my life/ but beg of you you still feel me/just because I didn’t live it/ don’t mean to disregard it/ cause I feel we’re all connected in my heart is where it started/ just to spark some inspiration/ it’s my chance to initiate this nation/ so

Switch-up: What does this mean/ what have we seen/ being oppressed/ a human-being/ all of dis stress/ smoking this weed/ we got babies dying everyday on the street/ listen it’s sad/ missing his dad/ pain in our hearts/ makes us so mad/ anger so deep/ a crying shame/ now it’s time to change this game

Get Me Stoned

Written By: R-tistic and Dave Shaw

1st: Make sure you get the picture/ I’m headed to the BP/ cause I got some green with me/ just to cop a swisher/ can’t find my bowl tho/ hold onto that dro/ cause I know/ when you start to smoke/ all these bitches coming wit cha/ just to roll and tag along/ like they Siamese/ twins who become friends/ when they sniff them pine trees/ get a wiff of my breeze (don’t leave) hoe please/ I leave when there’s no leaves/ unless you getting on your knees

Chorus: 2x: I get high I get blowed/ Smoking when I’m hazing get me blazing/ Get me stoned/ nigga I stay high/ I get blowed

Bridge: 2x: Now I know/ that you know/ aint nobody trippin gotta chip in if you do blow/ cause we getting high/we getting blowed

2nd: I’ve been puffing and weezing/ I smoke without a reason/ it don’t have to be the weekend/ angel dust will get you tweaking/ like Smokey and Craig/ if you pass on da black/ getta tap/ cause it’s Friday if you high then buy a keg/ I know that it’s unhealthy/ but I’m still gonna smoke on/ my lungs are so black it looks like a burnt sirloin/ well done/ my brains will be so well done/ that when this cash is turned right into ash/ I’ll be in jail sitting as a felon


Break: 2x: So homie if you gotta problem/ I’ll solve it/ they call me the weed man/ sticky sticky chocolate/ Thai stick/ rollin down the boulevard/gotta pound in da trunk/ the funk’s in the car

3rd: I stay dazed/ I stay blazed/ on dat purple haze/ dat vertigo/ something that u neva heard before/smoking that yama I’ve been to L.A. and New York/ but I neva knew that there could smog in Indiana/ my contribution/ to da pollution/ somke like a smokestack/ I’m bout to put weed 89 on my own throwback/ I’m huffin on the blueberry yum/ I keep on puffing til I got gums/ that are as black/ as Bernie Mac


Set List

Majority of R-tistic's sets are at least a half-hour. All sets are negotiable, however, R-tistic does not typically do any cover songs(still negotiable).