R. T. Moore

R. T. Moore


I'd say I don't describe music. I just listen to it...Like it...or listen to another. Same in my writing...I write it, listen to it and go on to another!


Just a song writer now. For the most part performances are over...! Am I in the right place? I love vocal harmonies and hear them in most all songs I write. Beatles, Beach Boys, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Loggins& Messina & on &on &on all have influenced me in my music career. I'm looking for an opportunity to put my 80+ songs I've written in front of people who can get them to the right people that are looking for recordable material.

...Hello?!!!!!!!!!? ;-}


I Can't Help It If It Rains

Written By: R. T. Moore

Can't Help It If It Rains
Can't stop the sun from shinin' down
Can't take away the pain, no matter what you say
but Life is still OK

Can't take it anymore
Can't see me if you run & hide
Can't knock on every door or sleep on every floor
but Honey that's Ok

Why, Why, Why, Why
did you think that I was that naive
Now you know you can't deny the tears that you cry
just simply melt away

If I had known
If I had wondered why
Oh, you were meant for me, my Darlin' now I see
Oh yes you are so OK

Mmmm I'm with you there is no other
Everything that you do just drives me out of my mind
(repeat 3 & 4)


Written By: R. T. Moore

Head over heels for Cat Mandu say SHE headin' downa Timbuctu
wonder how SHE feel about me, SHE make me feel I'm in Timbucthree
and so I stop I just hold my breath say SHE need no help gonna do it myself
but I know SHE ain't the only one gonna do it till I get the job done

I told some tales I tell no lies, my head spin when I look in her eyes
Just look at the way SHE move damn SHE so smooth
I think I know what I'm talkin' about well see her twist hear me shout
But if it don't hurt I'd do it again clap your hands when I say when, WHEN!

I think about, think about shakin' my leg
cuz the twitch in my lip won't do
C'mon Elvis, C'mon Elvis look down on me
Ya see SHE still in love with you
but if I can't have her no one can
(hey tough guy)

On a cold and Rainy day I don't get mine SHE gets her way
Guess that's alright by me that's just the way that it should be
Now I lay me down to sleep it's a job to make hyenas weep
S'pose I'll have to do it myself then I'm headin' downa Timbuctwelve

SHE took my money drove my car didn't make it very far
See SHE's as blind as SHE could be now SHE know how much SHE misses me
So now I'm gone can't tell you why guess I just don't want you to see me cry
So wait right there I'll be right back when Silver's Gold and White is Black
(repeat chrus)


Written By: R. T. Moore

She said
Charlie, I just closed my eyes I was wonderin' Can you hear me?
Charlie, I hold out my arms I was wishin' I could hold you
Charlie, I'm holdin' my breath so maybe I could hear you even if you're just cryin'
Charlie, I don't know how to start to tell you I'll never forget you

You're in my heart you're in my soul
You're a part of everything that makes me whole
Oh sometimes I feel so empty
You're but a memory instead of here with me

He Said
Mommy, I'm doin' alright don't worry tonight & don't be lonely
Mommy, give Andrew a hug give Alex a kiss shut your eyes & hold me tight in your dreams
Mommy, but above all you must smile, smile when you think of me
Mommy, close your eyes & picture me and know I couldn't stand to be the reason you're unhappy

You're in my heart you're in my soul
You're a part of everything that made me whole
Oh sometimes I feel so Happy cause I'm your memory
I'm in Gods arms now...Dont' Worry

...hi Daddy


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