Rockets To Ruin

Rockets To Ruin


Imagine Guns N' Roses, Motley Crue, Ratt, Hardcore Superstar, Skid Row and Monster Magnet all in a head on car collision, at the same time... No fear, bad boy Rock N' Roll w/ the stage presence/performance, balls and attitude to go with it.


"If you want to give your listeners corporate rock, give them another band. If you are looking for something that is fresh, give them Rockets To Ruin." - Will Matson, DJ, WRFR Rockland, ME

Straight out of Atlanta, GA, RTR burst onto the U.S Rock scene with impact, quickly acquiring fans (we admit, mainly of the female variety!) from all over.

Shortly after the birth of the band, RTR got picked up by none other than Skid Row bass player Rachel Bolan. He worked closely with them, saw potential in the band and produced Rockets' first record 'Love Drugs Rebellion'.

RTR would go on to open for Skid Row at many shows and also see them open for acts such as Paul Stanley, Broken Teeth, Dangerous Toys, Josh Todd (Buckcherry) and many more.

By 2008, with many gigs under their belt, exposure in Hollywood, LA and more, RTR had built up a great resume and were selected to play at the Rock the Bayou Festival, Houston, TX. This was a great achievement.

In late 2008, Original 'Lead Guitarist' Mike Grimmett left and was replaced by former Gypsy Pistolero's Bass player Angel III.

Thr band are now in the studio recording the follow up to their 2006 release 'Love Drugs Rebellion'.

Influences :
AC/DC, Motley Crue, Hardcore Superstar, Turbonegro, Sex Pistols, Marilyn Manson, Skid Row, Monster Magnet

What sets us apart from other bands is the fact that we are what we are and our sound is what it is. We are Rockets To Ruin, and that's something that no other band will, or can ever be.


Rockets To Ruin (2005)
Love Drugs Rebellion (2006)
Untitled (Set for release in 2009)

Set List

Our usual set will last around 35-50 minutes. We like to mix it up, some rock, some roll, some fast-paced punky songs and some heavier ones that get the crowd going too.

Devil Girl
Get It On
Screamin' At Me
Take A Ride With Me
Gotta Go Gotta Roll
Another Hero
We Are The Drugs

Covers, we don't necessarilly stay away from but we do prefer to play our original material because we like to show a crowd how well we can play that as opposed to playing covers but we have been known to cover Crue songs such as "10 Seconds to Love".

We got out in full Rock N' Roll style and put on a great show.