Stavanger, Rogaland, NOR

Rub A Dubs is an absolutely brilliant reggae band from Norway. Strangely enough they have managed to create a stunning reggae sound despite living closer to the north pole than Jamaica. Rub A Dubs have the audience skanking, grooving, smiling & enjoying themselves every time they get on stage.


Rub A Dubs is Norways premiere Reggae band. They´ve been through many personell changes, loads of gigs and four albums since vocalist and dedicated reggae fan William Helvik gathered some friends to form Norways first reggae band almost 15 years ago.

Rub A Dubs is an absolutely brilliant live band, their current line-up has proven to be pure magic, and they´ll have the crowd skanking, grooving, dancing and enjoying their set of pure, warm and beautiful Rub A Dubs originals.

A word from the chief (William):
Jamaica and Norway. Warmth and freezing cold. Joy and resignation. Our native city is Stavanger, and we are connected to Jamaice by the Atlantic Ocean. Standing by the harbour on a hushed, wintery night you feel the deep bass vibrating. Reggae, soul music, jazz, deep rock, high mountains. Human Crossroads. Caravans from afar, setting up camp. Bringing myrrh, incent. Holy weeds. Whiteness and black. Strength and sorrow. Vitality and old age. Prophets and streetfighters. Rub A Dubs.
What to make of this? To cold to rest. To stiff to move. Arctic minds and closed landscapes. Nowhere else to go but into the open fire.


We started up in the autumn. Practised our licks. Got ready for sharing. Held our first concert in the deep snow of December. Each new arrival brought with them a little snow into the auditorium. That’s a good start if there ever was one.
Played to keep warm. Played to keep alive.
Got to be a habit. Then in 99, out of Rubadubs came the “Dreamtime”. First album was a fact. Some nice reviews came our way. Some angels came to visit too. tracks to be proud of include “Fujiyama”, “ Peacemaker”, “Spooky” and “ Blow it my way”. Wind blew our way on a modest level.

As in love, so in bands. Some members left. New friends arrived. Fresh in love with our music we made second album, and we felt we were “Rockin’ on top”. Really!
Check out what we have to say about the Holy Spirit on “Bright burning fire”. Still sends some sparkles down our own well scrubbed necks to play this one in concert. Title track just goes to show how modest we are in selfpromotion. Honest, good and clean, indeed. More niceties showed up in feedback.

Third time up album “SUGAR IN SPACE” is what it says. Even Americans appreciated this one. They say FBI notified the CIA. They’re on to us, and we’ve been living underground for the last year. Cable tv though. The things we’ve been watching down here. Roots all around.
We still think you should do yourself a favour and collect this one immediately. “Are you ready”. Next track “Real love”. How it should be, as I’N I would say. Great reviews too. Still room for greater sales figures. Ain’t too proud to beg, sweet baby.
What’s more. We stay together. Not to be terrorised off track. Take that as an example. Let us provide the soundtrack to bravery and emotions in true motion.

New decade, new album, slightly new direction. Hints of jazz, soul and trip hop. Despite the arctic coolness and the frozen light, the warmness of the roots shine through


Are You Ready

Written By: William Helvik


Don’t drift into sleep, don’t resign,
open your eyes, don’t pretend to be blind.
The passage to love, the secret red gate,
has opened for you, so don’t be late.

Cause there is a new world outside, once you’re inside.
Chasms, chambers and halls, the moon and the tide.
It’s you that they call for, they’re calling your name.
Don’t stay outside, in a barren shame.

Time is the vessel, that brings us through space,
Free to move, you don’t need to race.
Always another room, another shore,
Going in is getting out, there’s always more.

Are you ready for love? Are you ready for?

Autonomy, what you’re meant to be.
Lifting your mother’s pillow, stealing back the key.
Take good care, talking to me.
Side by side, alive and free.

Fools - From Frozen Light

Written By: William Helvik


What is this thing, what is this thing,

Humming all around?

What is this thing, what is this thing,

That chains me with a golden crown?

Making me weak, making me strong,

It ties me down and sweeps me along.


fools ask, what is love.

So..lift me higher, lift me higher, lift me higher

Oh, lift me high

Sirens, from the distant spaces of my mind

calling from dark and hidden places down my spine.

Keeps my heart howling, and my soul listening in.

Don’t be a fool no more, those who are brave are those who win.

God´s Sadistic Crime - From Frozen Light

Written By: William Helvik


I wear my warrior outfit, I’m thinking of you.

My dark dyed tuareg headcloth, my skin turning blue.

Million hazy miles ahead, wading through sand.

Red rocks, withered bones, once a fertile land.

In a faroff marble tower, a little girl is kept within.

Crying in the desert, weeping on the wind.

In my path stands the angel with the flaming sword,

As the twilight whispers in awe of the Lord.

World turned upside down, an hourglass counting time.

Sand slowly trickling through, it’s God’s sadistic crime.

As the last grain hangs suspended, everything turns still,

and still will be forever, according to his will.

Safely back in comfort, forgetting where I’ve been.

Fighting obstructing angels, wrestling hostile Djinns.

Now I’m sleeping by the starfilled well.

No dreams of heaven, no fear of hell.

Forever On An Island - From Frozen Light

Written By: William Helvik


Starting off, on our journey through space.

Starting off, every creed and every race.

Mothership Earth is in flight, heading for the stars tonight.

Everyone’s aboard, no alien in sight.

We’ll be forever on an island, forever in the sun.

Forever on an island, forever as one.

Pushing on, into seas of dark.

Pushing on, onto eternity’s sparks.

Danger and wonder all around, cosmic rays and light.

It’s a one way ticket to more, let’s get higher than kites.


Hale Bop - 7" (Kippers Records) 1997
Dream Time - LP/CD (Kippers Records) 1999
Rockin Pon Top - CD ( Northpole Records) 2002
Sugar In Space - CD (CCAP)2004
Frozen Light - CD/vinyl (CCAP) 2009

Set List

Rub A Dubs enjoy playing a long set to let the crowd get in to the groove. A ypical set would be anything between 90 - 120 minutes, but they can also play shorter or longer sets if needed. The set consists mainly of original Rub A Dubs tunes, with a few selected classic covers dropped in where and when it feels right

Ska, rocksteady, lovers rock, roots, reggae. Rub A Dubs have a diverse catalogue and will tailor the set to the occasion