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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"cd review"

RubberMiilk Orchestra - When In Rome (Revolution) - Chocolate Stain Records 2005
9 Songs
Running Time: 33:18

Equal parts Primus and Parliament, Michigan's RubberMiilk Orchestra are a case study for what shouldn't work in music. Why does it then? Who can say, but with music as energetic and vital as that which appears on RMO's debut full-length, who really cares? The point is that it does. Blindingly fast proto-thrash basswork collides with angular guitars, and all kept somehow afloat by the spot-on rhythm method of drummer Rogan. Factor in the faux-Brit pontifications of vocalist/bass-sexualizer Manny Mizzo, and what you've got is a nicely-packaged mindfuck (contraceptive device not included). From the hurtling funk of 'On The Fly' to the rollicking 'Fuck 'Em', the absurd is glorified and the typical given the finger in the world of RMO. The jazz stylings of 'Sloppy Tall' would send purists running, but the openminded would do well to stay and take note of the good times abounding within.

Consider this fair warning, then. If you're looking for the metal/hardcore normally covered here, this is nothing like what you've probably ever heard. Donnald, Rogan, and Manny pack a musical punch of Rocky Balboa (the original, if you please) proportions, but heavy metal this is not. RMO skewer convention in lieu of doing "wot the fokk they wanna.", as Manny would likely say. Ending with 'Clone Train', a freakout on par with a Bootsy Collins / Dysrhythmia jam session - RMO spark more interest before the forty-minute-mark than most bands do with twice the time. Got 'Miilk?
- Rebel Extravaganza

"Album review"

What can you expect from a band who are friiends with the crazy band Downtown Brown?! - even more craziiness so to speak coz Rubber Miilk Orchestra feels liike the soundtrack to all Mental hospiitals iin the entiire world.
RMO sounds liike a total iinsane miix of whiite corridors where the doctor iis none other than David Byrne of Talkiing Heads and the janiitor dressed iin a fiisherman´s hat the bassviirtuoso Les Claypool of Priimus.
Ofcourse they´re not a part of RMO but iit sounds liike they could be,the musiic iis the natural follow up to Green Jelly´s hiit "3 liittle piigs"
Thiis iis an album that wiill eiither ruiin your whole day or make you laugh tiil you choke,no doubt thiis triio can play but I guess they wanna be the double dose of prozac you need before you wiill scriiiiiiiiiiiiiiim!
-Kaj -

"Mentality of One"

Yes kids, once again we've arrived at that ever-so-special moment when we examine some of the most underrated and ignored local acts rumbling around town. First up are Rubbermiilk Orchestra. When I caught these guys back at Save the Vegtables IV, my jaw dropped. Rubbermiilk are one of the most original acts I've seen come out of Michigan. For starters, their quasi-Droogie image coupled with British accents throws everyone off guard. The music kicks in, and you get slammed with an extremely technical psychedelic bass treatment in Les Claypool form. The guitars have a jagged and distorted Syd Barrett quality to them - the kind of style that wouldn't work anywhere else but in the confines of this particular vibe. The drummer is intense as well, jamming out some highly contagious jazz patterns and driving beats. And in true metal-brother form, they have a ton of five-song EPs for sale for a modest $1. Find them, dig them, give them your soul. You'll be a better person for it. Visit for more info.
-Ryan Bartek - Real Detroit Magazine

"Music Review: Top 5 Albums of 2003"

Best Local Release:2003

Rubbermiilk Orchestra, Beans and Franks E.P.

Weird? Yes. But these guys may just be a bit brilliant too with the quirky, funky sounds captured on the lastest E.P.
-Nick Brandon - The Heritage

"Album Review"

Rated 3 stars out of 5

RubberMiik Orchesta
When in Rome(Revolution)
Chocolate Stain Records 2005

Despite a muddy mix, Rome come closest to capturing RMO's live sound. It has the raw quality of Chrome and crunch abandon of Black Flag, but half the songs have the "Curse of John Carpenter" - excellent ideas, although ultimately underdeveloped. Still, a step in the right direction.
-RBT - Real Detroit Magazine

"Mentality of One"

Finally, after all the blood, sweat, tears and heavy drinking, local prototrash pioneers RubberMiilk Orchestra have an official debut. When in Rome's CD release party is 3/18 at the Magic Stick with Downtown Brown, Gil Mantera's Party Dream, Screaming Monkey Boner and Super 8 Bits Bros (members of Tub Ring). RMO play a style that seems the bastard offspring of Chrome, Primus, and Jesus Lizard. Add in a heap of noise and the rawest Black Flag and you'll have and idea of the damage these maniacs do live. RMO have been one of the most ignored and underrated bands in town. Only musicians get them cause these guys are scary good. Like getting trampled by a stampede of frightened cattle I tell you. Therefore, you should lose your mind at this show. Seizure on the floor, speak in tongues, levitate like David Blain and all that good shit. Be there, just trust me. - Real Detroit Magazine


RubberMiilk Orchestra
beans and franks e.p(best local release 2002)
includes beans and franks single
When in Rome Revolution
(chocolate stain records)full length 2005
includes freaked out freaks and sloppy tall
singles with heavy local radio support by
88.7 fm 97.1 fm and 101.1 fm
state of the revulution address DVD 2005


Feeling a bit camera shy


Just when you thought music was losing its purpose,and style,along comes RUBBERMIILK ORCHESTRA.this pioneering trio have managed to start a one band revolution in the midst of todays formula driven music scene.this
revolution is best illustrated in the bands first full
when in rome is an in your face record where big
plastic budgets and TRL productions are pissed on
in order to capture the band being real with thier
music and just a few years,
RUBBERMIILK have developed a cult following and is
poised to threaten the safety of mainstream music
as we know it.....