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Contributing Writer
If you haven’t heard of him
yet, it won’t be long before he
becomes a household name. He
currently has two singles circulating
the airwaves, “Here We Go
Again” and “Refocus.” His as of
now untitled CD is scheduled to
hit stores this spring, and will be
distributed through Big House
Records. I had the opportunity to
have a one-on-one with Ruben
while hanging out at Tower City in
Downtown Cleveland.
Ruben is a Cleveland Native,
and began his career at the age of
six when he became interested in
playing musical instruments, following
in his father’s footsteps,
who was in the singing group Love
for Dollars and Cents. He learned
how to play various guitars, the
trumpet and the drums; although
he admits that he loves the drums
the most. “I’m a percussionist”, he
states. “Drums go with the heart
As Ruben’s interest in the
world of entertainment grew, he
branched out into acting at the age
of 10 when he performed in a
school play, and then to rapping at
the age of 12 when he performed a
solo rap of KRS-One’s “My
Philosophy” at a school talent
show. “[Hip-hop] kind of found
me,” begins Ruben. “I got a radio
when I was a kid, dual cassette and
a record button. Listening to mix
shows on the radio, break dancing
in the driveway on the cardboard
and stuff like that as a kid, it grew
on me,” he adds. “It (hip-hop) was
the most popular at the time, and I
found my own niche in it. I found
my comfort zone, and it’s been
with me ever since,” he continues.
“I love the sound and I love the
energy behind [hip-hop]. I sat
back and I watched what everybody
was doing. I watched what
was good, what wasn’t good. I
watched what I liked, what I didn’t
like. From that point, based on
what was happening at the time in
my life, music was my therapy, it
was [an] outlet being an only kid,”
says Ruben. “Instead of having a
lot of people to talk to the only
thing I had around me was school,
and school consisted of a lot of
pens and paper so I used a lot of it.
So writing was my outlet,” he continues.
“One day I said let me try
to write my own rap music, let me
try to write my own song. Once I
did it and saw how I felt afterwards,
and I saw that I was capable
of doing it just as well if not
better than those who were already
doing it even though they were
older than me, I said maybe this is
what I’m supposed to be doing,”
states Ruben. “I tried to run from
it several times, but it’s the only
thing that makes me feel whole.
It’s the only thing that makes me
feel complete,” he reveals.
At the age of 15, Ruben began
pursuing dancing as he became
more involved in the world of hiphop.
At the same time he completed
the lyrics to his first song
“Drugs, Death, and Poverty,” even
though he no longer has the lyrics.
“I actually lost it. Living in so
many places and moving a lot, it
was hard to keep track of a lot of
the stuff that I did,” he states. “I
don’t think that that is something
that a 15-year-old should be writing
about, but based on the way
that I was living and what I was
going through, that’s were my
mind was,” he continues. “I just
let my mind guide the pen, and
that’s what came out,” he concludes.
Even though Ruben pursued
dancing from the age of 15 to the
age of 20, which allowed him to
perform in places such as
Washington, DC and Toronto,
Canada, he got his big break while
at a modeling competition in New
Jersey which is when he met
Anthony “Tony” Arrington of Big
House Records. “Dancing was
another form of release. It introduced
me to other opportunities, it
allowed me to meet other people,”
he states. However, it was modeling
that led Ruben to East
Brunswick, NJ and Big House
Records. When Ruben got into
weight lifting and taking his body
seriously, modeling became an
option which he pursued, and is
still active in at this time. “I was
holding the door open for a guy
with a Bad Boy/Def Jam T-shirt
on, and I asked him who was here
from Bad Boy/Def Jam, and he
said he does sponsorships for
them,” Ruben begins. “I said I’m
here for modeling but overall I’m a
recording artist first,” he adds.
They exchanged information, and
his recording career began in
earnest. “This was on a Thursday
or Friday, and by the time I got
home on Sunday I had three
phones calls from this guy which
was really overwhelming but it
made me feel good,” he continues.
“I said I think I found my purpose
for going, and it wasn’t for that
model search,” concludes Ruben.
“This brother Tony
Arrington… Wow, I don’t think I
could have met a better person,”
states Ruben on his relationship
with the Big House Records’ president.
“I would have had to meet
Russell Simmons himself in order
to meet a better person. There’s
nobody out there better than him,”
he adds. He will begin shooting
his video in the next week for his
single “Here W - Call & Post Newspaper


Still working on that hot first release.



Ruben has been entertaining audiences large and small since the age of six when he showed an interest in playing the drums and the bass guitar and numerous other musical instruments. As his talent and mastering of these instruments grew so did his curiosity of the other aspects of the entertainment industry. At the age of ten his acting career began. At twelve he preformed a solo rap performance in support of the United Way which was followed by another solo performance of “My Philosophy" by KRS-ONE. At the age of 15 he began dancing while completing the lyrics to this first song titled “Drugs Death and Poverty”. He also performed with other local artist from Cleveland at the Bi-Centennial. Other performance venues consist of Washington D.C. and Toronto, Canada.