Ruben Hein

Ruben Hein

 Amsterdam, North Holland, NLD

Ruben Hein is a new talented guy signed to Blue Note Records. When asked to whom his music compares, he responds by saying that it's a mix between Bill Withers, Miles Davis and Radiohead. And that's what it is!
His upcoming album is titled Loose Fit and the first single of the album is the track Elephants. Elephants is a very strong poppy jazz tune and it was directly added to the play lists on national Radio 1, 2 & 6 in the week of release. 3FM, the Dutch radio pop channel, announced that Rube


Ruben Hein
People may have heard about him, he’s playing as a pianist with various Dutch artists such as Ernst Glerum, Pete Philly & Perquisite, Hans Teeuwen, Renske Taminiau en Benjamin Herman. Although Rubens musical roots are in jazzmusic, he possesses the talent for blending all styles with seemingly effortless ease.

Singer and pianist Ruben Hein (1982) was raised in a musical family in the south of the Netherlands.At a young age he was already interested in artists such as Ray Charles, Randy Newman, Miles Davis, the Beach Boys and the Beatles and he took pianolessons on the local musicschool. It was only a logical choice he decided in 2001 to study jazz-piano on the conservatorium of music in Amsterdam, where he graduated as a master summa cum laude in june 2008.

During his study Ruben coincidently discovered his vocal skills. Encouraged by a close friend he joined the Dutch Jazz Vocalist Competition and became 2nd. After this he also started to perform as a singer and even was invited to sing a song of Mischa Mengelberg on the Hypochristmasstreefuzz album of Benjamin Herman.

Last year Ruben took part on the project Take Six, When Pop meets Jazz. This project supports new talent by giving them the opportunity to record 2 songs with a producer. These recordings draw the attention of several professionals and record companies.Ruben’s voice was compared with Harry Connick Jr en Chet Baker, not the least to be compared with!
The Take Six project also offered him a performance on the North Sea Jazz festival 2009. All these events inspired him to seriously work on his debut album.
In close collaboration with producers Stefan Kruger (Zuco103) and Fons Merkies (well known Dutch composer of film music) he recorded this debut in Malmö i(Sweden). Summer 2010 Ruben Hein was signed by Blue Note the Netherlands. His debut album Loose Fit is due to be released November 2010.
Ruben Hein, you'll just have to keep on watching this name and find out!


1st single Elephants - released end of August 2010 by Blue Note Holland- Available on I-Tunes

Debut album Loose Fit -
to be released November 2010 by Blue Note Holland