Ruben Magnetic

Ruben Magnetic


Straight Up Honest No-Pose Rock, Searing yet soulful Vocals, Landscaped by heavy riffed guitar grooves textured with spastic drums locked into place with aggressive and large bass lines. Make Ruben Magnetic a band to come see and feel live.


Ruben Magnetic started as a group of experienced musicians, getting together to have some fun and drink some beer,with no real intentions of anything more other than for the true love of simply playing music.
But soon there was an arsenal of tunes and after a handful of gigs under their belts,things just started rolling along.

Producer, Jeremy Wheaten provided studio time after seeing Ruben live, and took the boys under his wing.Jeremy recorded nine songs in the fall of 2006(seven survive).


Demo- "Ruben Magnetic" 2007

Set List

Rise/LED/Coco/HD/Massive/Down/Franz/October/A Minor/"Army of Me" Cover *Bjork

Set usally 45 minuets as required.
8-11 songs as time allows.
"Army of Me" Cover *Bjork