ruben samama

ruben samama


just a 20 year old guy who likes to write songs and sing, not trying to impress anyone just enjoying the process. easy songs that are interesting at the same time.


At the age of 12 Ruben Samama (03/01/85, Utrecht) started, after messing around a bit on the piano, playing the mighty double bass. A year later he was admitted at the 'young talent' department in the Royal Conservatory of The Hague where he also studied classical composition.
After experimenting with classical music he focused mainly on Jazz music.
Through the years ruben started to get more and more into pop/rock and electronic music as a singer/songwriter and bassguitar player.
In 2004 Ruben made his debut as a composer when he wrote music (with Bo Koek and Rik Elsgeest)for ZTHollandia's Richard the III.
At the moment Ruben is still studying at the conservatory in The Hague as a student of Frans van der Hoeven and Hein van de Geyn.
Ruben is both writing and performing music in many different settings and styles.



Set List

enough for 1,5 hours of playing
all songs are different from eachother which should give a nice evening.