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Toronto, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2017 | SELF

Toronto, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2017
Solo R&B Soul




"Northern Touch: The Best Canadian Songs Of The Month (September)"

Ruben Young wants to be Canada's next big pop star, and he's off to an amazing start. His past few releases have already reached 1 million streams across all platforms, and he had a huge summer '17 opening up for the likes of The Chainsmokers and Akon. As he prepares to drop his upcoming Bad Habits EP, Ruben has released the title track for the project, which sees the Calgary resident linking up with one of Canadian hip-hop's bonafide living legends: Classified. The multiplatinum-selling Juno winner produced a laid-back soulful joint for Ruben to bless with his raspy vocals. Listen to "Bad Habits" above and stay tuned for that EP drop. - Complex

"Calgary musician teams up with Classified for new song"

Calgary musician Ruben Young is having a great year – he’s opened for Akon, the Chainsmokers and this week his new EP Bad Habits releases, featuring Canadian rapper Classified.
But let’s rewind a bit to the end of 2015, when Young was not have so great of a year.
He was broke, a girl that he was crazy about left him for someone else and he was let go of his job as a beer brand spokesman, because of the demerits on his license.
The company sent him off with a pair of tickets for a big party, as a way of saying sorry for letting him go.
Suited up, he’s at the party when Classified hits the stage. It’s worth mentioning here that, with all that was going on in Young’s life, he was channelling his experiences into writing a boatload of songs.
So when he realized he was in the same venue as Classified, he saw an opportunity.
“As soon as his show was over, I go buy two beers, I snuck into VIP, handed a beer and said, ‘Dude, I’m such a big fan,’” Young recalled. They talked for about 20 minutes, during which time Young brought up a song he was writing, Bad Habits, which he pitched to Classified.
The rapper told Young to send him an email.
“I didn’t think he’d reply to me, but four months later, I’m at his house, eating pizza with his family and in the studio with him.”
The song focuses on the lost relationship we mentioned earlier – with a girl he had been involved with on and off since high school.
“At a certain point I realized this girl is no good for me, man. She’s only doing this for attention. I kind of became her crutch,” Young said. “I became the dude she could go to when she wanted to feel wanted or sexy. But I kept going back. She literally was my bad habit for so long.”
In the lead up to the song's release, Young also was invited to open for Akon, and then won a competition to open for the Chainsmokers at Cowboys.
Bad Habits is the highlight of his monumental summer. It releases on iTunes and Spotify on Aug 4. - Metro News

"Ruben Young releases new single, “Bad Habits”"

Calgary native Ruben Young has just dropped his new single “Bad Habits”. The single was co-written and produced by Canadian rapper Classifed. Young describes the release as a “huge milestone” in his career, stating that working with Classifed, an artist he has looked up to for years, is a dream come true. “Bad Habits” was written about the relapse of a toxic relationship, one that you know is bad for you, but that you can’t seem to walk away from, an experience that Young pulled from his own personal life.

Coming off of a huge summer tour, Ruben was opening for artists like The Chainsmokers, Akon and of course Classifed. His debut and sophomore releases also earned him over 1 million listener streams. More recently Ruben has been nominated for two Calgary YYC Awards for Male artist of the year as well as Pop Recording of the year. Check out his new single Bad Habits below. - Canadian Beats


Ruben Young is a 25 year old independent pop artist from Calgary.

His debut single "Take Her Down" has taken the interwebs by storm, landing a high spot on iTunes Canada's Pop Chart.

His soulful voice gives his sound a contemporary twist merging future bass synths and catchy melodies. Not a lot of indie artists can nail this like Ruben Young has.

I wrote "Take Her Down" 2 years ago with an old band mate, and finished it after 11 months in the studio with producer Steve Rokosh in Calgary.

It is the perfect prelude to the unique sound from his upcoming debut record The Bad Habits EP, which blends soul vocals, pop melodies and future bass synths.

This multi-talented young artist is also the founder of a 50 day-long music festival called 50 Days YYC, which landed him a recognition as a young-innovator in the Canadian Arts by Business for the Arts Young Professionals Summit.

Watch the music video for "Take Her Down" above, and click play on the tune below: - IX Daily

"Calgary musician shops local for music video"

Musician Ruben Young is propping Calgary up to ‘Take Her Down.’
The founder of 50 Days YYC – a 2015 festival that featured a new local musical act every day for 50 days – has released his first pop single, and as expected, it highlights all sorts of Calgary talent.
First off, Young is a young Calgarian, working on releasing his Bad Habits EP early next year.
The song, Take Her Down, is a collaboration with local producer Steve Rokosh and mixed at OCL studios.
The video is shot in the city and stars Calgarian actress and dancer Bree Wasylenko, former finalist on So You Think You Can Dance.
“I envisioned her playing the lead role and I was so excited she could actually do it,” said Young. “She was kind of the first piece, and then came the O2 Dance Company.”
Bree Wasylenko has made waves as a finalist on So You Think You Can Dance, and playing Kate on the TV series The Next Step. Wasylenko returned to her hometown of Calgary for the shoot.
Bree Wasylenko has made waves as a finalist on So You Think You Can Dance, and playing Kate on the TV series The Next Step. Wasylenko returned to her hometown of Calgary for the shoot.

The O2 dancers created the choreography, and 12 dancers took part in the video, wearing costumes designed by Louanna Murphy – again, a local designer.
Young said the video itself is a four-minute mind game of love, told in the abstract by Young and the dancers. It begins with Young tied to a chair, being held by Wasylenko.
“She sets me free, I chase her – but then the dancers represent the mind game,” he said. “They stop me as soon as I get close.”
Young believes Calgary is brimming with talent that’s worth showcasing – and it makes for an incredibly fun time collaborating.
The song is out now on iTunes and the video releases Nov. 15. For more information, visit - Metro News Calgary

"Calgary’s Ruben Young Drops Debut “Take Her Down”"

Out of Calgary, Ruben Young is a new soul-pop singer/songwriter with his debut single, Take Her Down.

Using his soulful rasp, the Steve Rokosh song features a brooding cinematic ambiance as Young recants a toxic relationship. Left used and emotionally and mentally abused by an ex flame, the powerful grasp she once had on him and his heart is evident from his gut wrenching hurl. Specks of his pain slices the air, pleading someone to return his foolish bleeding heart from the lecherous red lipstick wearing hellion that struts the night with a path of seared destruction.

On November 15, Young will release a video for Take Her Down, followed by more singles leading up to his debut project, The Bad Habits EP. - OhEsTee

"Ruben Young - Purple Melon"

Hey, tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Ruben Young; I’m a 24 year old Canadian singer/songwriter from Calgary, Canada.

In a nutshell, I was raised by my single mom and big brother. I worked/paid my own way to a university business degree, but I have been absolutely crazy about music since day one (from elementary talent shows, to high school bands, to making it to Canadian Idol’s top 50 as a kid, etc). I love it so damn much that after graduating in 2014, I left my corporate finance job to pursue music, beginning with 2 summer-long experiments. The first: 50 consecutive days of performing/gigging around town and online. It was the perfect way to kick off my solo career.

It earned me some national buzz, radio attention, free beer for the summer (seriously) and a ton of new local fans. The following summer, my 50 day idea grew to become something way bigger. It become a 50 day music festival; showcasing a new artist and venue every day for 50 straight days. By the end, I was exhausted, broke, and realized that I spent a year creating opportunities for other artists’ careers instead of my own. Timed in unison with the biggest heartbreak of my life (details below), I hit an all time low.

So I wrote. And wrote. And wrote.

+45 songs, countless sleepless nights, a ton of collaboration and a trip across the country later, I finally felt ready to share my story.

Where did the new single come from?

“Take Her Down” is the first single from my upcoming debut record, “The Bad Habits EP”. It’s about my addiction to a girl I’ve chased for my entire life - or at least the idea of her. It’s about love, or something like it. It’s about temptation; its about weakness. It’s about the lust I grew up with; my Bad Habit.

I wrote “Take Her Down” 2 years ago, and have been in the studio for literally 11 months figuring it out with producer, Steve Rokosh. His background is in scoring for TV/Film (ABC & NBC placements), so it’s no surprise that the song became so cinematic. I love it because it’s remained true to the ballad that it was always meant to be, while evolving to include so many sounds. It’s a concoction of soul, ‘James Bond’ cinematics, and modern R&B/future-bass. I’m an Adele fan, I’m an RL Grime fan; and I think that shows in the song.

What other content is in the pipeline?

Over the next few months, I will release 4 singles from The Bad Habits EP. The entire project tells the same story, yet each track is was created in a different city, with a different producer and with a different approach - so there is always a new flavor for the palate. The collaboration includes production and co-writing from Canadian hip-hop legend, Classified.

Even though it’s just an EP, I want to take listeners for a journey. Expect a story. Expect some bad ass visuals. Expect a ton of content - remixes, alternate versions and more.

We also shot a video for “Take Her Down” which features Canadian actress/dancer, Bree Wasylenko. It’s my first visual, so I’m super excited to share it, and to continue experimenting with video in the future.

What’s on the horizon for you?

2017 is going to be life changing. It’s my first EP, so the focus moving forward is all about growth. I want to create, write and perform with the artists who have inspired me. That’s the dream. So I’ll be working my ass off until I get there.

This year, I became passionate about bringing the sounds in my head to life. Although I am a complete rookie; I co-produced the entire Bad Habits EP, so over the next year, I’ll be on Abelton earning my stripes. - Purple Melon


Dreamstate EP - JUNE 2019
Running for You (Lord Quest Bounce) - April 2019
Golden Hell - January 2019
Rachel Green - August 2018
My House - June 2018
Bad Habits - August 2017
Take Her Down - November 2016



Breathing influence from Marvin Gaye to Mura Masa, Ruben Young is an emerging modern soul crooner and budding songwriter. With a classic charm, distinct raspy timbre and a Soulection-esq bounce, Ruben has become best known for his single "Rachel Green", an ode to 90's dreamgirl played by Jennifer Aniston on 'FRIENDS', which featured American rapper Hodgy Beats from Odd Future.

Since his debut in 2017, Ruben has released 5 singles independently through his own label, Young and Lucky. His efforts have earned him over five million streams, and a place on stage as direct support for international artists such as The Chainsmokers, Jarreau Vandal, Nelly, Akon, Classified, Langston Francis and Jocelyn Alice. 

His most recent single, "Golden Hell" was released in a sold out one of a kind release party in collaboration with the iconic cognac brand, Remy Martin. The single has since been in steady rotation on Stingray Music's R&B/Soul Channel, and was featured by Jamz Supernova on BBC Radio1 Extra. 

In 2018, Ruben was nominated for Urban Artist of The Year at the Western Canadian Music Awards for his single, “Bad Habits” (produced by JUNO winner Classifed), which was also named one of the “Best Canadian Songs” by Complex’s Northern Touch List.

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