Rube Waddell

Rube Waddell

 San Francisco, California, USA

A new breed of bombastic "apocalyptic" Americana rock music. Blues, Appalachian and Celtic Folk, Vaudeville, Asian, Rock and Country influences are mixed together in a junkyard stew stirred with odd-ball instruments and served up on a Punk Rock platter spiced with a sense of irreverent urban humor.


The great George Edward "Rube" Waddell (1876-1914) was a fire engine chasing, hard drinking, alligator wrestling, baton twirling, eccentric "nut job" pitcher who played his most prolific seasons for the Philadelphia Athletics from 1901 to 1910.
RUBE WADDELL the band is a quartet from the Mission District of San Francisco, CA that has taken him as their patron saint and calls upon his zany inspiration to bring audiences to fervors of dance, laughs, and good times.
1996 marked the moment when they first brought their Hobo-Junk rock too Bay Area ears by way of late night impromtu guerilla street performances. Since then they have continued to win over crowds all over America and Europe with their raucous live shows and their catalog of recordings.
Over the years the Rubes continue to fashion their own breed of Americana music and excite audiences who are looking for something extremely different but yet familiar. They mix Blues, Gospel, American and Irish Folk, Country, Rock, Punk, comic Vaudeville, German theater, Mexican Banda, Mid-Eastern and Asian ditties into a raw junkyard stew stirred by their varied array of traditional and homemade instruments. Reviewers have likened them at times to Tom Waits, Captain Beefheart, Doo Rag, Ween, and Jon Spencer.


GREATEST HITS (2006, Hotel Episode Records- Self Released)
BOUND FOR THE GATES OF HELL (2001, Vaccination Records)
STINKBAIT (1998, Vaccination Records)
HOBO TRAIN (1996, Vaccination Records)

Set List

Rube Waddell has over four full length album's worth of material to call upon for either headlining sets in excess of 2 hours or has been equally effective in a hard-hitting 45 minute supporting slot seamlessly mixing older and new material and a variety of covers culled from the early Americana Music.