Dark, sweet melodies.... a lonely robot stuck in a low orbit around Earth .......'Rubicks fantastic ability to synthesize the pop pout of Blondie, the chilled machine thrum of Goldfrapp and the rock sensibilities of the Pixies into one late night, last-dance swirl of cheap lipstick and perfume' NME


Rubicks are set to release the anticipated 2nd LP on their Sharp Attack Records label in Summer 2010. Produced by Robert Harder (Brian Eno, Acoustic Ladyland and Whitey ) , friend and also collaborator on their critically acclaimed debut LP ‘In Miniature’.
Moving more electronic, Rubick’s new LP offers hope in a bleak twisted landscape akin to The Knife , Siouxsie and the Banshees and T-Rex.
One of the tracks “Giddy Up” soon to heard on legendary Italian fashion house Valentinos’ latest campaign featuring Ernest Hemingways’ grand-daughter.
Following their 2006 album ‘In Miniature’ which marked them out as 9/10 NME ( 'too good for the album pages') they have toured throughout America, Canada and Europe . Playing festivals at SXSW, Canadian music week, Wales and a Lithuanian forest and support tours with Gary Numan, White Rose Movement, John Foxx.
Rubicks are currently residing at the studio/ art gallery ’the Maurice Einhardt Neu Gallery’ Shoreditch. Rubicks' are Vanessa Anne Redd, Marc Makarov , Anthony Johns and Leila Zeria.


'Idiot Time' EP (Sharp Attack records) 2009
1. Red Rock
2. June Waits
3. Stranger
4. Future
5. Idiot Time

'In Miniature' Debut LP (Sharp Attack Records) 2006
1. I See You
2. Midas
3. Just For You
4. Wish You Were Here
5. Actress/Model
6. Popmobility
7. Move Away
8. All You Ever
9. Stop
10. Disconnected
11. Alive
12. Bicycle Boy

'Midas' (Sharp Attack Records) 2006

'I See You' Leave Them All Behind - Modular Compilation (V2 Records) 2005

'I See You' / 'Stay' limited 7" (Sharp Attack Records) 2004

'Midas' Rough Trade - Best of 2002 - "Counter Culture" (Mute records) 2003

'Midas '/ 'Move Away' limited 7" (Balloon Records) 2002

'Bicycle Boy' limited 12" (U-Freqs Records) 2001

Set List

Typical Headlining set 1 hour 15mins , Support set 30mins and Club set 45 mins.

Latest Set List:

Red Rock
June Waits
Dont Follow
Not A Stranger
Actress Model
Keep Ourselves Together
Black Out
Way Out
I See You