Rubies & Rumours

Rubies & Rumours


Tell your mum we sound like Blondie, tell your mates we sound like Anberlin, and tell your annoying little sister we sound like Avril?!


Picture a jazz trained, recorder playing girl ripped from her musical roots and thrust into the world of rock by four guys who spent their youth listening to punk and running amok through the back streets. Welcome to Rubies & Rumours – the latest new wave rock outfit to burst onto the Melbourne music scene. They are not Killing Heidi, they are not Evanescence, they are not the Veronicas. But with catchy melodies, driving guitars, sexy bass lines and thunderous beats, they are certainly a band to get tattooed on your bicep (and regret it in 10 years).

In their previous incarnation as 24 Feet, the band built a solid foundation based on high energy live shows, and numerous tours which saw the band share the stage with such acts as After The Fall, Antiskeptic, Day of Fire, Sounds Like Chicken, Thinktank and The Getaway Plan. After playing countless shows across Western Australia, winning several competitions, and recording an EP, the members ditched the tumbleweed infested backstreets of Perth and set their eyes on the big smoke of John So's backyard.

With a fresh direction, Rubies & Rumours have set their minds on making a name for themselves with plans of touring, recording and making it onto the playlist of every iPod in the universe. So become a fan now and say that you were into them before they were famous.


Currently have 3 tracks demo'd on myspace.

Set List

Currently we have an hours worth of music. Mostly upbeat rock, recently adding several softer songs to the mix to break from the intensity.