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A rich, heavy groove composed of drums, conga drums and lovely, rich bass lopes along like a big black panther. Rubyana plays flute at times like a silk sheet falling in slow motion, at times like a swirling whirlpool threatening to pull you under. There is something exotic, threatening, moody about the atmosphere here. Al MacDowell's bass is particularly hypnotic, his style immediately recognizable to the listener from his work with Ornette Coleman. The effect is kaleidoscopic. This music is drenched in the blues. Rubyana's flute is louder and more expressive, flaring up like a firestorm. If you are a fan of haunting solo flute you may wish to listen to the eponymous 'Rubyana' or 'Epistrophy' or the spooked grandeur of 'Amazing Grace'. - - All About Jazz

"Rubyana 2"

Epistrophy III' there is a wealth of solo flute and there's no doubting this lady is a fine exponent of the flute sound. What she's doing is freestyle jazz, or modern classical, tuneless mood of jazz composition that stretches the boundaries of the mind The 'true' mark of great jazz. - - Music Dash

"Rubyana 3"

Rubyana starts off this tune very aggressive, with a strong groove that pulls you right in. The flute is a wonderful component of 'Amazing Grace', the playing is terrific. - - Taxi Critique

"Rubyana 4"

Rubyana's valuable flute book places the material in front of the student for memorization and mastery. - - Flute Network

"Rubyana 5"

The Red Book by Rubyana is one of the most definitive scale and exercise books for flutists available. - - Little Piper

"Rubyana 6"

Rubyana's Joan of Arc I would give 4 stars as a new age piano piece that is able to lull the senses into security, free from the rises and falls of traffic, construction and noise of the world. But just who is this rubyana? I'll leave you with her bio and list of authored books. Impressive life. - - Music Dish

"Rubyana 7"

International Women in Jazz is proud of Rubyana: she is a noteworthy musician and a consummate professional. - - Sonya Martin IWJ President

"Rubyana 8"

Rubyana is an accomplished flutist/arranger/composer and is most proficient in both jazz and the classical field of music. She is wholly dedicated to her art. - - Dale Lind, Pastor to the Jazz Community, Saint Peter's Church

"Rubyana on"

Rubyana is a professionally trained jazz flautist, composer and arranger. Tunisia is one of nine eclectic CD's currently available from this multi-talented artist. Rubyana's music is colorful and imaginative exploring an expansive array of genres. Her compositions surpass boundaries of standard jazz forms taking the tradition of improvisation to even higher levels. Tunisia features a mix of originals and re-interpretations of classics from jazz greats Dizzy Gillespie and Duke Ellington. This CD is simple in its format with Rubyana playing flute and piccolo supported by a rhythm trio. Yet, the songs are complex ranging from world jazz to Indian raga new age. Many visual images come to mind listening to Rubyana's captivating compositions. The CD opens with the primal 'Amazing Grace' and just keeps expanding from there. 'Little Impro' is a spirited solo piece with the flute fluttering the scale like an animated fairy. 'Willow' is wide in its scope, with moods ranging from lively to serious. Rubyana is a gem of a musician who brings elegance, passion and poise to her art! - Laura Turner Lynch for


Amazing Grace
Midnight Jam
Joan D' Arc Opera



Rubyana, jazz fusion flutist, composer on the ballot of the 2009 Grammys for best Jazz Album and Classical Album. Rubyana performed with major artists and jammed with Jimi Hendrix. Rubyana is recognized in western art music and jazz communities as an innovative composer, jazz fusion flute performer and theoretician. Her jazz CD recordings demonstrate her ability to transcend the boundaries of conventional form.
Rubyana resides in New York City.