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Ruby Bloom

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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Have you ever?"

Have you ever stumbled across a musician that stopped you in your tracks.
Not often, but the other day, I walked into an no name bar in Tulsa, OK and
was transfixed. Sitting in the corner was a young girl singing the most
curious and brilliant songs I have heard in a long time. Dark, quirky yet
captivating, taking the listener on a lyrical and musical ride that I have
never experienced before. It was as though she thrown out every rule about
songwriting and structure and reinvented for herself because she is just
different.. Her name is Ruby Bloom, and she will transfix you with her
musical charm and spell. Check her out on
Britman - Tulsa Musicians Network


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Denver native, Ruby Bloom's experimental blend of unique storytelling, and one-of-a-kind vocals are 'genre liquefying'. Currently working on a developmental deal with independent label, Aristar Records, Ruby throws herself wholly into her mission: to shatter the barriers of conventional songwriting, and through music and metaphor, communicate her unique view of the world.

Born and raised in Colorado, but regularly spending several months a year in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Ruby grew up in two very different households, with two very different parents, a circus of siblings, and one uniting love of music. With a piano always on hand, Ruby, outwardly shy and guarded with her music, grew into the unconventional songwriter she is today.

At 19, in search of adventure, she packed her bags and headed west on a two-month haul that ended in the beautiful city of San Francisco, California. After arriving, it didn't take long for Ruby to realize the reality of her situation. With no money, family or friends present, she felt her world slowly sink into despair and isolation with too much free time on her hands. However, that same despair evolved quickly into inspiration and the birth of a new kind of music.
After settling in a bit and spending several months writing in solitude, something changed and suddenly Ruby began to meet other people. Not just regular people, but musicians and musicians that inspired her. She moved in with two artists, who had devoted their lives to their music and she saw in them something she hungered for herself. Soon thereafter, she discovered something about herself that she didn't realize had been hiding all along - a passion for songwriting. It was everything she ever wanted.
They began to 'host' shows in their home - "The Pink House" on the outskirts of the city. A couple of times a week people invaded their living space. Everything from electronic music to hip-hop, homemade drum sets and indie pop bands jumping around in paisley. This pure love of music and the overwhelming power of her dream is the groundwork for her sound, which simply put is 'unlike any other'.

Inspired and enthusiastic, this classic American folk storytelling is met with an eerie ungrounded twist, a project referred to as 'Ruby Bloom's Grave'.