Ruby Dee And The Snakehandlers

Ruby Dee And The Snakehandlers

 Austin, Texas, USA

Ruby Dee And The Snakehandlers are a high octane Americana rockin' rootsabilly 4 piece with a penchant for playing twang the way it as meant to be heard- with attitude!


The fourteen-year-old four-piece combo — led by
vocalist/songwriter Ruby Dee and guitarist Jorge Harada, and supported
by Dylan Cavaliere on doghouse bass and Scott L. French on drums, with
frequent guest artists onstage and in the studio — plays an Americana
that encompasses Northwest alt-country, Texas honky-tonk, Bakersfield
twang, Memphis rockabilly, Western swing and good old-fashioned rock ’n’

After nearly constant touring for the past fourteen years, including
1200-plus dates across America, Europe and Australia, songs from the
band’s fourth album, MILES FROM HOME (Dionysus Records, June 2008;
produced by Conrad Uno), still earn steady airplay, including “Cold
Pines and Red Dirt,” which earned band front woman- lead vocalist and
songwriter Ruby Dee- runner-up honors in Songwriter magazine’s 2007
competition. The album charted in at #86 on the AMA Top 100 for more
than four weeks and #26 on the Texas Third Coast Music FAR Top 40. The
“Round and Round” video, released in May 2009, earned great acclaim with
its cameos of Seattle rockabilly musicians and famous musical

“Blending snarling rockabilly with honky-tonk heartache, Ruby Dee and
The Snakehandlers have crafted their best recorded set thus far,” said
Blue Suede News of the album. “The heart of the 13-song set emanates
from Dee’s original material which combines poetic expressionism and
hillbilly sass. Aided by Jorge Harada’s top-flight guitar work — which
alternates ballroom tenderness with rowdy roadhouse rock — she sounds
like a Texas dance hall chanteuse visiting us from another era.”

With a reputation for high-energy shows that precedes them, Ruby Dee
and The Snakehandlers deliver to capacity crowds in clubs, festivals and
events, starting in the Pacific Northwest, where right off the bat,
they were voted Best Band in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer People’s
Picks 2005 & Best Signed Band in the People’s Picks 2006. The band’s
first full-length CD, Uno-produced NORTH OF BAKERSFIELD, earned huge
airplay in the United States, Europe and Australia, and charted
repeatedly on the European Americana list.

The music has gotten a hold on audiences near and far: a combination
of Ruby’s singing and songwriting, wrought from her childhood spent
between the no-longer-wild foothills of Northern California and the long
straight roads around Big Spring, Texas; her time escaping to South
America, driving a truck, working Alaskan fishing boats and more …

And Gretch-endorsed guitarist Jorge Harada has poured heart and sweat
all over his Tennessee Rose guitar in such bands as The Spitfires and
rockabilly giants DRAGSTRIP 77.

Providing the rock-solid honky-tonk groove backing Ruby and Jorge are
Dylan Cavaliere on doghouse bass and AJ Mancabelli on cathouse drums.
Together, they have played six successful European tours and a rockin'
Australian tour, as well as a variety of dates across the United States.

The band’s release LIVE FROM AUSTIN TEXAS came out in 2011 on both CD
and vinyl, showcasing a few new songs and fans old favorites cranked up
with that live jumpin’ sound for which the Snakehandlers are so well
known. Songs from the CD charted for over 10 weeks on both the AMA and
Third Coast Music charts and earned the band a Grammy consideration for
Best Americana Album.

Ruby Dee and the Snakehandlers released their fifth full-length
project: ROCKABILLY PLAYGROUND, a children’s rockabilly and roots
record. With songs about bullies, homework, nap-time, super best friends
and more, the band is having a great time writing and playing, and
looks forward to sharing the CD with you. The CD charted at #15 on the
FAR charts and #103 on the AMA charts, and was on the 56th Grammy Awards
ballot for Best Children’s Album! As always, stay tuned!

“Risky — and perhaps just a bit risqué — Ruby Dee and The
Snakehandlers conjure forth all sorts of visions of another time,” said
Metro Santa Cruz after a California show. “Rooted firmly in the classic
country and rockabilly tradition, the band is an authentic backdrop for
lead singer Ruby Dee’s blend of Wanda Jackson sass and Patsy Cline
pathos. The band holds it down with the insistence of a chugging train
while Dee, a pinup heartbreaker of yesteryear with thoroughly modern
attitude, commands the stage.”


Now I Want You (Out of My Head)

Written By: Ruby Dee Philippa

I was needy so I was blind
And you were who you are
So you were unkind
Somehow I sussed that I’d been bled
So I came around
At least that’s what I said

But now I only want you
Out of my head

Now you’re gone & I don’t know where
I’ll be heading next
But you won’t be there
The spell’s been broken
I’m not your whore
I thought I would die for you
Now I don’t know what the hell for

I opened my wounds to you
I shared my bed
You nearly pulled the trigger
That’s what you said
But now I only want you
Out of my head

I adore you’s the lie you shared
Now the truth comes out
And no-one is spared
I put you behind you’re smoking gun
Now I’m doing fine
Darlin’ you’re not the only one
And darlin’ now you’re only out of your head



Out of my head... Out of my head... Out of my head!

Who Is She?

Written By: Ruby Dee & the Snake Handlers

Lipstick on your neck
Someone’s kisses on your breath
All I want to know is
Who is she?

Comin’ home late at night
I see your fire’s buring bright
All I want to know
Is who is she?

I don’t want to fight for you
I only want to know who’s got the touch on you
I’m not the kind to follow you
I just want to know who’s got the drop on me


Is she blond & is she pretty?
Tell me was my lovin’ just not enough for you
I won’t fuss & I won’t holler
I’ve got a mind to see what’s doin’ for me



You got another good thing goin’
She’s got a good old fashioned hold on you
I’m not after what she’s after
You’re not worth half that much to me

I’m not after what she’s after
All I want to know is who is she?

Cold Pines And Red Dirt

Written By: Ruby Dee and the Snakehandlers

Cold Pines & Red Dirt (Ode to Willie Hatcher the Third)

I just got back from a long, long trip
So many tales I heard
But the tale that stuck deepest within
Was of the cross of Willie Hatcher the third

Now there’s poetry in this country
In its rambling roads and words
In the voices of the simple people
In the white cross of Willie Hatcher the third

CHORUS: Now Willie drove down 40 about Memphis, Tennessee
But Willie drove a mite too fast with a mite too much to drink
I passed his cross about 9pm in the cold pines and red dirt
There’s a man who’ll drive no more, Ol’ Willie Hatcher the third

It snowed as I passed through Nashville
Quilts of clouds hanging overhead
Faded barns & new construction
And Eternity and Hell

But no matter how far I traveled
No matter the miles I burned
The image that stayed so fresh within
Was of the cross of Willie Hatcher the Third


I nearly tagged a fellow traveler
On black ice in Tennessee
I nearly joined Willie Hatcher \
So someone else could write a song about me / X2

CHORUS &: Cold Pines & red dirt mark the miles I drive
18 wheels and a broken heart yet I’m so alive
Crossing this here traded land of patchwork farms and seed
Reminds me I’m a lucky woman, take his story with me- X2

Round And Round

Written By: Ruby Dee and the Snakehandlers

I was thinking just the other day about you and me
How we traveled as a team
from town to town
On the roads and on the highways settling where we pleased
Till I foolishly let go and let you down

I assumed that there was something bigger than our good times
Something sweeter than
the simple life we shared
So many years I’ve moved along searching for that something
Now I see just what
a fool I was to scare

And the world is like a carnival
It sometimes don’t seem fair
But still I suit up like a queen
and take my chances there
And I go round and round
and round and round
And round and round again
But I’ll never find
another man like you

Now I think upon your funny face
and your smile revealing
How you gave me everything
without a fight
And I hear that you are
damaged goods
In that place I left you
So I hate myself for
wronging what was right

You know I’ve had myself
so many men
I’ve loved ‘em and I’d leave ‘em
Though I’ve tried no one
can quite compare to you
And I’ve had my share of heartache
For sometimes they’d
leave me grieving
On those days I turn
my thoughts to what I knew




Since You Went Away

Written By: Ruby Dee and the Snakehandlers

Well it’s been a long time
since you came around
And it’s been quite a while
since you phoned
Things have moved right along
since you went away
Things have moved right along
since you’ve been home

All our friends they don’t call me,
they don’t call me any more
All our friends ain’t my friends
for many miles
And I don’t go to church,
I don’t go any more
I can’t stand to hear the gossip through their smiles

Since you went away
Well life it don’t stand still
I keep waking up
& getting through my day
The babies all need feeding
& the work it never pales
I keep going along
since you went away

So today you walk right up,
right up as though to say
“Here I am babe
and donchya miss my grin?”
I don’t know what to tell you,
what to tell you now you’re here
All those blame words
that I kept bottled in


BRIDGE: Well there’s things
you don’t know about me
Since you’ve been gone
And it seems you don’t
care enough to pry
Well that’ll suit me fine mister,
that’ll suit me fine
I’m not giving you the time
to say goodbye!


Well it’s hard to believe,
to believe it’s been so long
And it’s hard to believe
you’re here again
I don’t think you’ll be staying,
a-staying through the night
I don’t think I’ll even invite you in

Don't Need A Man

Written By: Ruby Dee and the Snakehandlers

I don’t need a man to take care of me
I’m done with you
just as quick as can be
When I call, you better be gone
Cause it ain’t so bad I’m moving on
What you hear is what I’m saying,
I don’t need a man honey,
I ain’t playing

Men like you I’ve plenty of
And when it comes to the
push and shove
You’ll back down
and then you’ll retreat
That’s why I’m walking off
down this street
What I’m saying is what you get
I don’t need a man honey,
that’s a fact

Can’t nobody tell me what to do
And if you try I’ll put the hurt on you
And when I’m done
you’ll wish you had too
Kept your big mouth shut,
don’t need a man like you!

All the little girls primp
and the big girls preen
What they’re after is a to be seen
A looking for that nuptial day
Hell you won’t catch me
that good ol’ way
What you hear is what I’m saying,
I don’t need a man honey,
I ain’t playing

I’ve everything I need to survive
A house and job and lust for my life
What I ain’t got,
I don’t need you to give
Cause it ain’t so bad this a will to live
What I’m saying is what you get
I don’t need a man honey,
that’s a fact



Comes A Time

Written By: Ruby Dee

There’s a time when we all have to face
Our own demons and our own disgrace
There’s a time when I tried to remain
In a marriage that had no real place
And come’s a time in every life when it’s time to walk away

There’s a love that we all hope to claim
In our lifetime and in our sweetest dreams
There’s a love that I tried not to name
For all the wrong reasons and all the right shame
And comes a love in every life when it’s love to walk away

So walk with me my old friend down the line
One more time to the picture show
The price it varies at times
You pay nickel or dime just what you owe
There are clowns and rides and pretty girls sigh
And all you need to do is what you know


There’s a place that we all come to know
Sooner or later we all walk the same road
There’s a place in our hearts that’s our own
In my good fortune, I rest there when I roam
Come’s a place in every life that’s a place to go alone- X2

I Will Always Return

Written By: Ruby Dee

Close my eyes, close my eyes
On a sunny summer day
Feel the heat of your heart
Carry me away
Here it comes, here it comes
Down along the pike
Something bigger than both you and me
Something that I like

As a child, as a child
I was told I’d always be
Forever loved, forever safe
Always happy, always free
Now you’re here, now you’re here
And what they told me was true
In my life there are good things
There is love & there is you

I won’t run, I won’t run
Even if I hide
I will always return
By & by to your side


There’s a way, there’s a way
Upon which we walk
Across this land, in this life
Hand in hand & heart to heart
In your voice, in your voice
Is all the love that I can bear
Deep inside me now is where you live
I’ll always shelter you there