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7.7% ALC./VOL. (Demo)



It is written... wherever really important things are written... on stone or something... that one day a band would rise from the bottom of the deepest whiskey bottle and bring forth a sound that would unite all societies, cure all disease and replace all religion.

After breaking out of Alcatraz in late 1940, Jim Lucas quickly fled to a somewhat safe place outside the then war torn city of Normandy, France. He spent the next few years as the "silent assassin" and has been rumored to have taken the lives of as many as 3000 Nazis during this time.

After assassinating Hitler, Jim traveled to Ireland to get in touch with his heritage. At this time he became a professional drinker. Putting bread on the table by drinking others under it, Jim finally met his match in early 1968 when he was tied in the Ireland national drinking competition. Kerry Smith, a young street performer, with the ability to metabolize alcohol just as well as he could blow a harmonica, became instant friends with Jim.

Jim on guitar, Kerry on harmonica, they began playing music in small pubs to get by. Knowing that there was no real good music scene in Ireland, Kerry convinced Jim to travel back to the USA to meet with an old friend of his from college named Josh Allen. They arrived in New York in December 1971 with as little as $30 between them both of them. Street performing was a lucrative business in a city like New York so they began making money and a name from themselves almost right away.

Josh Allen was a small time drug dealer with big time ideas. He had made a name for himself in the music scene by inventing punk rock. After months of missed meetings, Jim and Kerry finally met up with Josh in February 1972. He was locked up in an institution outside of Rhode Island. They agreed to break him out, but only on the condition that he would be their indefinite bassist. It was an offer he could not refuse.

The trio began traveling the states in search of the perfect drummer. Trial and error lead the three to believe that this person did not exist. They bought a house in St. Louis in 1978 and went into hiding. All three guys had extensive backgrounds in biomedical engineering so they decided it would be easier to create a drummer rather than find him. The next 30 years was spent in production. Their masterpiece was finished in 2008. John 'the human metronome' Seidl was born.

With all four members finally together, they are ready to accept their fate and destiny as the band that will create a utopian universe.

How did they get the name? Well, I have to leave something to the imagination.