Ruby on the Vine

Ruby on the Vine


These are songs that talk to the spirit of change and reflect life in the modern world that is confusing and exhilarating all at the same time. Reflections on love, life and the places we've been. Travel the world of Ruby on the Vine through songs and sounds that span the globe.


Twenty years ago, Myrna Marcarian was parked behind a Farfisa organ, providing feminist counterpoint to Bob Pfeifer's dark and smokey urgency in the Cleveland-turned-Hoboken garage band Human Switchboard. They were one of the many great bands from America's post-punk New Wave beloved by the press but virtually unknown to the public, save for a small, rabid fan base. Human Switchboard's sole full-length release, Whos Landing In My Hangar, has been out of print for 20 years, but the band's name still rolls off the tongue of long-lived rock critics who can't forget the band's zesty intelligence, volatile sexual chemistry, and great songs.

Now she's back, fronting the New York City-based folk/pop combo Ruby On The Vine. Partnered with guitarist/co-songwriter Geoff Feinberg, "This World Of Days" is a remarkable comeback, a fresh and vibrant collection of songs that sounds as if Marcarian hasn't missed a beat despite a 14 year layoff. Marcarian's the older but wiser woman, still sultry and sexual. . . Purring and wailing like the mature Patti Smith, Marcarian's voice sounds terrific, from slinky sex-kitten torch songs to passionate ballads to driving, garagey (and yes, Switchboard-like) tracks like "Little Demon" and "Why You Wanna Make Me Mad."
The band"s been keeping a low-profile thus far but here's hoping 2004 sees Ruby On The Vine bring some of that old Human Switchboard magic back to a NYC club scene that's starved for a band with this much substance and passion.

Jim Testa - Jerseybeat Magazine


"This World of Days," LP Gracious Records 2003
Pick cuts - "Gather Round Your Wishing Wall"
"You Belong to Me," "Why You Wanna Make Me Mad," "Little Demon."

Set List

"Wake Up," "Bittersweet," "You Belong To Me," "Standing Outside of Your Door," "Gather Round Your Wishing Wall," "Little Demon," "It's My Life," "Today is Just My Kind of Day," "Get Back in Time," " Let Me Go," " Why You Wanna Make Me Mad," "Get Back Baby, When you Wanna Be My Man," " Love and Devotion," " When Your Train Starts Slowing Down," " A Waisailin."