Ruby's Jazz Garage

Ruby's Jazz Garage


Ruby wants you to free your naked ears! We take the improvisational spirit of jazz and fuse it with the reckless abandon of rock. Solos = anything goes. This Garage is gettin' cleaned out by some tripped out melodies, finger-lickin' funky bass lines and that beat jugglin' poet from behind the kit.


It all began in the heart of the live music capital of the world.
At an art show presented by the swanky Creekside Lounge Bar in downtown Austin, Ruby's Jazz Garage had its first performance without even knowing it. The band was assembled solely out of the knowledge that all were jazz musicians and loved to play live. No name was chosen for the show. No one knew what they were getting into.
The gig was an explosive success, and it was evident there was a chemistry flowing among the trio. Hence, a band was born, and within it was forged a new genre out of the jazz and garage clay. Jazz = intricate structures, crazy improv, beautiful songs. Garage = madness, fearless noise, in your face rockin' rhythm. Ruby= color, a gemstone. Together you get Ruby's Jazz Garage.
These three musicians are truly a live band, or rather, a band alive. Each member thrives on delivering exhilerating performances. Ruby's show aims to defy expectation and conjure up the weird. Mike, Will and Jesse's hope is to send all to a new aesthetic space way out in the back of every listeners' mind that houses what one might call the Jazz Garage.


-First EP, "The Jazz EPicenter" released November 2006. Received radio play on KVRX 91.7. Files are streaming at

-First LP released November 2007, Chase Circle Records. This auto-titled debut features a live performance in the studio of the Jazz Garage's eight most well loved originals and standards. All the tracks on this site are originals from this record. The disc has been in rotation on Austin's KOOP radio since its release.

Set List

Jazz, Rock, Fusion, Funk, Blues, Soul, Free. We have over 30 songs we are prepared to play. Half are originals, which comprise the bulk of every set list. Occasionally we'll rock out a standard or two if the crowd is summoning the jazz. We can play anywhere from 45 min. to 2 1/2 hours.
Some Originals: Tri-Fi
Lite Brite
Little Somethin'

Some Covers: Red Clay
Surf Rider
Well You Needn't