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Tempe, Arizona, United States

Tempe, Arizona, United States
Blues Reggae


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"Ruca: Album Review"

Valley singer-songwriter Ruca is already blazing her own trail, and she is ready to guide us down her emblazoned path this Friday for the release of her album, Flow, a spectacle co-written and produced by Jack Howell of the Willo Disc label. Ruca uses a clever mix of blues, reggae, pop, and folk – fortified by her passionately soothing voice – to generate a collection of accessible, feel-good tunes that make up Flow. In this album, the straightforward structure of Liz Phair meets the husky power of Adele. Throw in the soulful stylings of Joss Stone and you have Ruca’s first track, “Shotgun.”

The journey begins, literally, as Ruca packs up and heads out of Cave Creek. “Shotgun” invites you to join Ruca on an exodus to a place more placid – and the ambience of the laid-back reggae-esque sound is in full support of Ruca’s lyrical motive. The soulful backup vocals are a force to be reckoned with, as well. Pack up your inhibitions and come along for the ride – You won’t regret it.

Title track “Flow” is the culmination of what this album is about. Ruca wants any opportunity to chase her curiosity and go with the flow. This track also gives us a taste of the musical support that is recurrent throughout the album – from the perfectly balanced guitar to the playful keyboard to the punctual horns. Together, the ensemble creates an upbeat atmosphere that is perfect for the opportunistic dreamer.

The dark and sometimes twisted aspect of nature appreciates “Hands Off,” a sonically planted representation of passion worth fighting for that takes root on Ruca’s self-designed album cover and blossoms as the album progresses. This power symbol shows a lot about what Flow means to Ruca – Despite inevitable physical ties, the spirit is free to roam. Ruca says it best in “Wired”: “If I’m here or if I’m gone, I’m right where I belong.”

Lyrically, Ruca creates an atmosphere of swirling and bubbling chaos rooted by the slow smooth swagger of her voice. Elements like fire and electricity evoke a certain magic, a magic that cannot be contained easily. Yet the restraint in Ruca’s voice continuously stands in juxtaposition to the wildly unstable world painted by her lyrics. Gradually we grow to understand this world. She gravitates towards the chaos of nature with a tempered and grounded vocal intonation. Despite Ruca’s physical ties to reality, in instances such as relationships and geographical location, it’s clear that her meandering nature is the elemental spark that propels her to create this rich, sonic landscape.

+++ Don’t miss Ruca’s CD release party, TODAY, Friday, May 11, 2012, at The Rogue Bar. Her not-to-be-missed performance will be supported by a 5-piece band plus horns! You can find Flow on iTunes, Amazon and all major etailers.

Sample Track
- Echo Cloud Productions - Lisa Luttenger

"Ruca at Martini Ranch - A Soulful Good Time"

Last night was the first time I got to see a great local lady, Ruca, play with her band at Martini Ranch in Scottsdale. I really love the great presence of talented female musicians we have here in the Valley, and Ruca, whose real name is Haley Grigaitis, is no exception.

I’d compare her vocals to a stronger and better Colbie Caillat, and her music is more groove-infused and just makes you want to dance. Her band consists of a slew of talented musicians involved in their own solo endeavors (including Anamieke Quinn of Treasurefruit; Jack Howell, owner of WilloDisc Production House; and Josh Montag of Scattered Melodies), and the group was a blast to watch on stage because they all had really great energy. I would highly recommend seeing them live to put you in a good mood. Check out another performance by them below, and learn more about the band here. - Nicki a la Noche

"Sah Weet!"

Smooth vocals, various styles of music , tight band, fun production ---- hot chick singer!
Definitely gonna live on the rotation for a while. - CD Baby - Brodacious P

"Mellow Bliss"

After seeing Haley's covers on Youtube, I had to track down her CD and I'm glad I did! This album flows (no lame pun intended) really well through the tracks and Haley makes singing sound easy, with a really unforced natural voice. Her music is not crowded or pretentious, its exactly what you'd hope for from a kiwi chick that loves her music. "IDK" sounds like what Jimi Hendrix's daughter might have come up with, should she have existed! Perfect for reflective ciders on the porch, or getting some artwork done - cheers Haley! - CD Baby - Chelle Fitzgerald

"Yes Please."

I can honestly say that this is one of my new favorite CD's.
Ruca has a voice that just makes my heart smile. When I listen to it from track to track, no matter how many times through, I feel refreshed every single time. It's about time someone like this came along. The whole rock, folky, pop vibe I get from it is amazing. "Idk" blows my mind for some odd reason. Not sure why, but I believe the guitar accompaniment in the background helps. It's almost a theraputic album. Just listening to the lyrics is enough, but the music only makes it better. Ruca has a really fresh sound to me and I'm too excited for this to finally be out! - CD Baby - Cody

"Haley Grigaitis of Ruca Explains "Hands Off""

There's nothing more annoying than when your boyfriend's ex-girlfriend just can't move on -- especially when it involves her posting adorable animal pictures on his Facebook page. It's that kind of ex-girlfriend misbehavior that inspired local musician Haley Grigaitis, aka Ruca, to write the bluesy song, "Hands Off."

"'Hands Off' is about a ex-girlfriend that could not let go of my man," Grigaitis says. "After he broke off their very brief relationship, she continued to text, call, and post fun things on his Facebook wall, like her cat wearing a princess sweater. It drove me absolutely insane. After a few weeks of this, I let it all come out in my notebook and had most of the song written in one take -- very therapeutic."

Not only does the track serve as a warning to that lady in particular, Grigaitis hopes the song's message is one anyone can learn from.

"This is a story I think a lot of people can relate to and might help someone realize that they need to let go of a relationship," Grigaitis says. "My view is, why waste your time pining over someone that doesn't want to be with you? Live your own life, be happy, find someone that wants you as much as you want them! However, if that someone happens to be my man, keep your hands off!"

See Grigaitis play the tune live this Friday, November 2, at Martini Ranch. Check out the song, along with lyrics, after the jump, and for tickets to the show, go here.

Hands Off

Your games are getting old, nobody wants to play
Especially when you change the rules every other day
You broadcast all your thoughts for the whole wide world to see
You may think it's the right thing, but it don't work for me

Keep your hands by your side - Keep my man off your dirty, dirty mind
(Hands off, hands off)

I've already told you - I'm out of things to say
It never seems to get to you, when will you go away
You don't get to call him baby, don't call him late at night
Hell, just don't call him anymore, it only serves you right

Keep your hands by your side - Keep my man off your dirty, dirty mind
(Hands off, hands off)

All this time he was mine, even when you came along
You're nothing but a distraction, fatal attraction gone wrong

I'll tell you one last time before I lose my self control
It's a countdown to a smackdown, if you don't hit the road

Keep your hands by your side - Keep my man off your dirty, dirty mind
(Hands off, hands off)
Keep your hands by your side - Keep my man off your dirty, dirty mind
(Hands off, hands off)

- Phoenix New Times: Up On the Sun Music Blog - Nicki Escudero

"Ruca – Enchanting Daughter of Mother Earth with a Guitar and her Stories"

Bradley Nowell of Sublime may have been waiting for his ‘Ruca’, but the search for Phoenix’s very own ‘Ruca’ is over. It was the day when I was at the Rogue bar in Scottsdale Arizona at a benefit show. After my set, I hung around to check out and enjoy the rest of my evening listening to some good live music. I am glad I did that because later that evening, a very young, beautiful and enchanting daughter of mother Earth, a girl in her flowing fairy-like dress and her bare feet, entertained us with her wonderful story telling songs. She introduced herself as ‘Ruca’. Her presence, radiance, charisma; her raw-silken singing with a sad undertone, makes Ruca a very mesmerizing and enchanting Singer/Songwriter/Guitar player.

Raised by a couple of hard-core deadheads, Ruca was encouraged by her mother to pick up an instrument early on in her life. She joined the elementary school band and played the flute for 2 years. While in school she pursued showing horses competitively and has had quite a few successful accomplishments to her name. All along, quietly back in the corner, she was playing her father’s Fender Stratocaster guitar without hooking it up to an amp. The course of her life changed after her father bought her a beginner’s guitar from a local music store. All though horribly nervous; coaxed by her friends and supported by her parents, she started attending local open mic nights. ‘What I Got’ by Sublime was her first song as a public performance. It was a huge moment for her and she recalls it by saying, “I barely took a breath the whole song, but the applause afterwards was what kept me going”. She was only 15. Next seven years or so, she was visiting two or three different local venues a week playing her favorite cover songs. “I loved to sing and I loved to be on stage”, said Ruca when I asked her about what inspired her to perform. She loves singing so much that, even at work, she communicates with hers peers in melody. Ruca’s organic music emanates love, groove and flow; at times with a reggae feel.
Telling me the story behind her name Ruca, she said, “After I started a youTube channel with the intent of getting honest feedback on my sound, I wanted to use a secret identity – Ruca was the first thing that came to me.” The name Ruca is from sublime’s song ‘Waiting for my Ruca’, which she especially loves. “‘Ruca’ is your one true love, that some of us wait for what seems like a lifetime”, added Ruca. Since then she has been out and around the valley of the Sun performing under the name, Ruca.

Speaking of her favorite band Sublime, Ruca said, “I bought every album they ever released, dug up bootleg recordings of live shows, relentlessly read lyrics and learned guitar riffs. They were the soundtrack of my life when I was just starting out in music and definitely have an influence on my flavor – and my name.” Lyrically, Ruca hopes to write songs like Amy Winehouse. Fat Freddy’s Drop – an amazing jam band from New Zealand, Incubus, The Grateful Dead, Slightly Stoopid, Nirvana, Jason Mraz, Norah Jones, Tristan Prettyman, Steel Pulse, are a few to name from a list of acts that have influenced her music.

The chain of events that happened next in her life enhanced her talent even more. “In December of 2010, I was approached after my set at The Rogue Bar’s open mic, by a girl who said she loved my sound. I gave her my information, and she sent my youTube link to a local producer, Jack Howell of WilloDisc”, said Ruca talking about it. Having never even attempted to write a song, upon Jack’s invitation, Ruca went to his studio to see if they could co-write anything. “Two hours later, we had written my first original song ever!”, said Ruca summarizing her visit to WilloDisc. A year since that incident Ruca and Jack Howell have written, recorded and released a 13 song album called ‘Flow’ which was released in May 2012. Talking about this quantum leap in her life Ruca said, “When I started writing and playing originals, everything changed. I felt such a deeper connection to the music I was playing because it was mine, my stories, my pain, my happiness”. Claiming to be still brand new to this whole songwriting, performing business, she said. “…there are so many more stories I have yet to tell, let alone to live!”

In closing, Ruca said, “Arizonahas such a blossoming explosion of local talent and there is so much love among everyone. Between the bands, artists, venue owners and fans, it really is one giant family.” Ruca lives by the philosophy of ‘love and live without fear’. “We aren’t guaranteed tomorrow!”, she says. Ruca is happy where she is at. I for one, love her songs and her talent. ‘Hands Off’ is my favorite single. I am very happy and thankful to having made her acquaintance.

Ruca can be seen singing and performing solo with her acoustic guitar at various venues around the valley. There are also times when you can catch her performing with a band comprising of her friends Anamieke Quinn on b - - Anthoniji


Still working on that hot first release.



Raised by die hard deadheads with pure flower power in Cave Creek, AZ, Ruca’s music emanates from a love of organic sounds, grooves that move, and lyrics that flow. If she's not performing at a show, she's probably on the road to go see one. Addicted to music and the beauty it brings; her smoky, soulful voice tells her story with a resounding, infectious energy. Since the release of her debut album Flow (produced by Nashville veteran Jack Howell of WilloDisc), she’s been honing her live chops at Arizona nightclubs and festivals both with a full band and as a solo acoustic artist. No matter what the ensemble, Ruca never fails to mesmerize audiences with her raw-silk voice and irrefutable charisma every time she gets behind the mic. Hoping to headline the festival circuit one day, Ruca is aiming high and wants to bring everyone along for the ride.