Rude Buddha

Rude Buddha


"Rude Buddha invented a cocktail to describe what it’s about. The name of the drink you ask? The “Auditory Beat Down!!”


Rude Buddha invented a cocktail to describe what it's about. The name of the drink you ask?
"The Auditory Beat Down!" With an energetic mix of rock, punk and alternative, Rude Buddha
brings a refreshingly honest, raw and aggressive yet melodic sound that Americans are taking
notice of.
Sugarcoating nothing, Rude Buddha comes correct with the truths of love and hate. The
band has rocked over 700 shows nationwide
in the past 6 years while selling out countless venues, including Washington D.C.'s 9:30 Club and two of DC powerhouse radio station DC101's Chili Cook Offs. Rude Buddha has dropped 3 albums with combined record sales exceeding 40,000 hard copies and over 15,000 digital downloads. Their latest release, "Fighter"sold 12,000 copies alone and earned the band it's first radio single. "Miss California" spun in regular rotation at DC101 and numerous other Mid-Atlantic radio stations. Rude Buddha just recorded hot new tracks at NRG Studios in Los Angeles with Producer and Sound Engineer Ethan Mates (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Linkin
Park, Korn, Pussycat Dolls) for their upcoming 4th release, "Angels Will Rise". And so will the band.

Rude Buddha. It's the kind of concoction that can breathe life into your day, replace your
personal feelings of fear and nervousness with confidence and swagger, or even give you the
arrogance to kick that bully's ass (that includes your boss)!

In summary, Rude Buddha Rocks ...
Get Some!

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Angels Will Rise - " to be released summer 2009"
Surf Rock Style Sampler (Japan) - "2006"
Fighter Re release/Bonus Tracks (Japan)-2006"
Fighter - Nov. - "2005"
Sterling Park - April "2004"
Underdogs - "2001"

Set List

Sets usually run about 45 minutes long.
We have 4 hours of original music in our catalog.