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"Promoting Fighter"

Exciting Moments in the Steadfast Life of Rude Buddha
Interview by Craig Cook
Rude Buddha, the DC based band with an orange county sound, is making waves of their own on the east coast and loving every minute of it... we interviewed Jake Barnhart to find out more about this hard working band with hearts of gold.

Cityzen: I can think of 1000 words to describe Rude Buddha, but in a nutshell, how do you define yourselves as a band and what is the sound you strive for?

Jake: I make attempts to create space for everyone in the band in regard to music or a moment within every song. I believe I can speak for everyone here: "We define our music as a collage of who we are at points in our lives... like, Experience, Attitude, Punk, Love, all relative to the general public... Do you know what I mean?" We strive to bridge the gap between rock, punk, and reggae. In some way, I know we can and we do. We have too many sick ideas that still need to be examined. Every chance we get to make ourselves better musicians and band-mates, or to become bigger, we want to take advantage of that.

Cityzen: Where did “Lesbian Song” come from? Somebody have an experience they want to talk about???
Jake: Aaron can answer that!

Cityzen: You guys hooked up with the Marley Estate to get the rights to “Redemption Song.” How did that go down?

Jake: This went down through Ryko music or some shit. They asked for the song so they could listen, we sent the disc, they loved it and gave the go ahead, we paid our fee for placing the song on the disc and that is it. It was a blessing for us and has done well.

Cityzen: You’re all good looking guys, and every time I have seen you out and about, there is always a gaggle of girl fans vying for your attention. Playing over 200 shows a year, is it hard to develop and keep a relationship?

Jake: Dude - I have very little time to truly focus on a woman and it sort of backfires on you when you invest time only to be taken away... I choose music, and I will stick with it...we all need friends. We love women but, we only need friends. Maybe when we're older and music slows down... probably another 10 - 15 years from now, for me, "Jake."

Cityzen: Why did you name yourselves after an inconsiderate deity?

Jake: Rude Buddha has nothing to do with religion. Lick a ball. Rude Buddha is an oxy-moron, a contradiction. We like to make people think.

Cityzen: You were recently featured on Pepsi's Project X. Could you tell our readers a little bit about that experience?

Jake: That was cool. Executive Director John Baer of Pepsi Project X caught wind of us through WHFS 99.1 in the DC market and approached us to do a segment on his show. It was that simple. We had the interview, played a killer spot in the northern VA area, had a bunch of folks come out to see us play and boom, we were filmed, made to be stars, and placed on TV…….exciting moment in the steadfast life of the Rude Buddha career!

Cityzen: I had the pleasure of presenting Rude Buddha with the best Alternative Band award at the 2004 NYIMF Awards Ceremony. I know that this is just one more accolade to be added to the extensive list in your press package. Have you had any offers from major labels to record you music? How is it that RB is not signed yet?!

Jake: Craig - you fucking rock, it was fucking rad that you presented us to the crowd. No - we have not had any offers from record labels. We are working on getting label reps to come see us play. It is getting easier and easier to get their attention. They listen to us now and slowly but surely, just like everything else, they will be
around. I think Rude Buddha hasn't gotten signed because that is the way it was supposed to be in the past. Our time is now, RIGHT FUCKING NOW!

Cityzen: Josh has the band logo tattooed on his back. Anyone else going in for the ink?

Jake: I'm tatted with the same logo, I just keep it to myself usually. Aaron and Chris are the guys that bullshit about this!

Cityzen: If the band could play any show, with any performer, anywhere in the world, what stage would you play and who would you share the bill with?

Jake: For me, it would be at Madison Square Garden with Green Day and No Doubt... THAT WOULD BE LIFE AND I WOULD GET TO FEEL ALIVE. I NEED MUSIC TO FEEL ALIVE.
- Cityzen.TV

"Rude Buddha Or "My idols threw me off of their Tour bus!""

"Rude Buddha has a gift. The talented group makes infectious rock songs that provoke energy and sing alongs with more ease than most 20-year pros Their blend of reggae-tinged punk rock would be acceptable on any popular alternative-format radio station." - Bill Whiting Mahoney, Techno Punk

"Fighter Review"

Rude Buddha

Reviewed by: Sean-Michael [Wed, January 26, 2005 @ 3:45:25 PM]

Sterling, VA’s Rude Buddha follow up their sophomore release “Sterling Park EP,” with the full-length album “Fighter.” Fighter is 12 tracks of ska- influenced pop-punk that is right on par with the album name. The genre of “ska-core” is predominantly dominated by bands that have been around since the early 90's. Five years ago, in my local scene, there were so many ska-core bands. Rude Buddha shows what those bands would be like if they were still around, if they were Fighters. Their serious approach to a genre that seems absent of fresh blood is endearing to see.

Lyrically the album better than I initially expected; they blend mature lyrics and serious topics with a laid back and lackadaisical over tone with ease. Aaron Crawford and Jake Barnhart’s dual-guitars move their sound from an obvious ska sound, not unlike Goldfinger, to a riff forward rock sound that is on par with early Green Day releases. The guitars are further supported by Chris Brooks’ bass lines that fill all of the guitar transitions. Josh Barnhart’s drumming leaves little room for any instrumental criticism that you could have with the band.

Stand out tracks on the album are Griptape, Miss California, and Fighter (which nicely leads into Baylor Drive). If you’re a fan of Fishbone, Goldfinger, old Green Day and old No Doubt; Rude Buddha is defiantly worth checking out - Mammoth Press

"Rude Buddha to release Fighter in NYC"

NEW YORK - On Thursday, December 16th 2004, Cityzen Entertainment Inc. presents Rude Buddha for their NYC record release party and label showcase. This event, to be held at Pianos (158 Ludlow Street @ Stanton- NYC), celebrates the release of "Fighter," the second full length album from the DC band. Combining the sounds of punk, reggae, and 80's dance, Rude Buddha delivers a powerful album that connects with audience and industry alike. Radio friendly highlights Miss California, Payback, Fighter and Baylor Drive have already been added to national radio playlists and are receiving tremendous indie and college attention in addition to taking the internet by storm. Join us for a night of music, dancing and debauchery.

Rude Buddha: A History
In the summer of 1999, 4 talented musicians (Chris Brooks, Josh and Jake Barnhart, and Aaron Crawford) banded together to write music, a different kind of music, featuring songs that would move the masses to dance, drink and debauchery. Confused about an ever changing world riddled with war and hate, the guys started writing "Underdogs" an album that quickly evolved into an underground cult success.
This first album by Rude Buddha was fun, energetic and real. It was a breath of fresh air; an open minded attack on relationships, politics and society's views on youth, as well as Washington DC's bland music scene. Included on the album was a version of Redemption Song, released by the Bob Marley Estate directly to RB, which earned massive college radio play.

From 2001-2003 Rude Buddha spent all its time on the road. Touring with bands like The Pietasters and Fishbone, Rude Buddha developed a strong stage presence and connected with fans through their rambunctious music, personalities and style. Soon, Rude Buddha began booking their own dates and playing sold out shows to an invigorated audience. Showcased on Vh1's "Rock Across America" tour (which consisted of 10 dates from New York to Atlanta) and Pepsi's Project X television special, the band has tasted syndication and is hungry for more national spots. Rude Buddha has also been the featured "band to see" on many local and regional television programs as well as college and mainstream radio.

2003 also saw Rude Buddha back in the studio to record a self-titled EP. The boys stayed true to form and pleased their fans with tracks like Lesbian Song, Underdogs, and Runaway and allowed a peek at their sensitive underbelly in songs like Cry and Games. Adding the new cuts to their live performance, Rude Buddha got back on the road in 2004. Their live sound took on new urgency; a lyrical and physical assault blending punk ideals and attitude with reggae grooves and melody.

Now, after two records, two compilations, and over 800 live shows under their belt, Rude Buddha looks to major and independent labels to assist them in the quest to gain international recognition. Be there on 12.16.04 to see what all the fuss is about when Rude Buddha releases their new album "Fighter" to the NYC crowd and showcases for throngs of label representatives eager to take part in the Rude Buddha experience.

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"Rude Buddha wins! Opens Chili Cookoff for DC 101 in front of 20,000"

DC 101 Local Lix April Edition
A breakdown of what you can hear this month on DC 101's local radio show, "Local Lix!"
Photo by: AMC
written by
Amber-Therese Foster
April showers bring May...chili? If you are in the DC metro area that is! This May marks the 27th anniversary of the DC101 Chili Cook Off, which benefits the National Kidney Foundation in the National Capital Area. A few blocks are shutdown in downtown DC to make room for one of the biggest Chili competitions around. Of course it would not be a DC101 event without live music. Previous cook-offs have featured such bands as Cake, Chevelle, Papa Roach, Soul Asylum, Vertical Horizon and more.

For the last ten years a local unsigned band has been invited to open the main stage and get the opportunity to perform in front of 15,000 people. At first, the staff of DC101 chose that band internally, but a more democratic process was implemented two years ago with the addition of the Last Band Standing competition. Any unsigned band can send in a demo/press kit within the one-week submission time, and 12 finalists are chosen from a team of Local Lix producers. They compete in a weekly Battle of the Bands the month prior to Cook-Off, and the last band standing wins that coveted opening spot. The Chili Cookoff has proven to be a great launching pad for many local bands such as EBO, Welbilt, Agents of the Sun, and The Speaks. Other Cook-Off openers include Jimmie’s Chicken Shack, and most recently, Rude Buddha, who’s single enjoyed a six-week rotation on DC101 as a result of their performance.

If you are in a local band or know a local band that should be playing the Cook-Off, please keep an ear out for details on Last Band Standing. It will be announced around the first week of April on Elliott in the Morning, as well as on Local Lix which airs at 9pm on Sunday nights. You can find more information about both Last Band Standing and the 27th annual Chili Cook-Off by visiting - On Tap Magazine


Angels Will Rise - " to be released summer 2009"
Surf Rock Style Sampler (Japan) - "2006"
Fighter Re release/Bonus Tracks (Japan)-2006"
Fighter - Nov. - "2005"
Sterling Park - April "2004"
Underdogs - "2001"



Rude Buddha invented a cocktail to describe what it's about. The name of the drink you ask?
"The Auditory Beat Down!" With an energetic mix of rock, punk and alternative, Rude Buddha
brings a refreshingly honest, raw and aggressive yet melodic sound that Americans are taking
notice of.
Sugarcoating nothing, Rude Buddha comes correct with the truths of love and hate. The
band has rocked over 700 shows nationwide
in the past 6 years while selling out countless venues, including Washington D.C.'s 9:30 Club and two of DC powerhouse radio station DC101's Chili Cook Offs. Rude Buddha has dropped 3 albums with combined record sales exceeding 40,000 hard copies and over 15,000 digital downloads. Their latest release, "Fighter"sold 12,000 copies alone and earned the band it's first radio single. "Miss California" spun in regular rotation at DC101 and numerous other Mid-Atlantic radio stations. Rude Buddha just recorded hot new tracks at NRG Studios in Los Angeles with Producer and Sound Engineer Ethan Mates (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Linkin
Park, Korn, Pussycat Dolls) for their upcoming 4th release, "Angels Will Rise". And so will the band.

Rude Buddha. It's the kind of concoction that can breathe life into your day, replace your
personal feelings of fear and nervousness with confidence and swagger, or even give you the
arrogance to kick that bully's ass (that includes your boss)!

In summary, Rude Buddha Rocks ...
Get Some!

For more info, and accomplishments contact Opus Entertainment, Steven Roeser Esq. at