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Rude Bwoi

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Rude Bwoi - The new sound of Reggae! Fresh lyrics that salivate Jamaican spirit like a healing Spring breeze. Fun Dance Hall style captures the Rastafarian music.


The word on the street is that the music now-a-days has lost its savor, gone amuck - no healing in it's hearing. The word from the old-timers is we need to go back to the way it was when music was good for the soul.

Rude Bwoi is good for the soul. The old-timers liken his lyrics to the first breeze of Spring - fresh, cool and energizing. The street embraces the absence of vulgarity in his songs as his Jamaican tongue salivates sex like fresh honeydew in the morning. He brings the Soca sound back to Reggae and dispels you into his Hip-Hop world with passion. Capturing the spirit of his Rastafarian music style, at times blending Dance Hall style Reggae, creating a powerful explosion of a trilogy of seductive genres.

Rude Bwoi was born in Portmore, St. Catherine Jamaica and raised in the shadows of Bob Marley, Inspired at 8 years old to pen the words of his soul, already performing by age 10, he embraced the rugged, yet romantic style of Jamaican, Sanchez. Stateside for seven years, he makes the South Florida his home.

With several independent releases in his pocket, including Player Fi Life in 2001, Rude Bwoi has traveled to England, Connecticut, New York, Florida and back to Jamaica performing. His resume can boast openings for entertainment notables such as Aaron Carter (Back Street Boys), Sophia Fisher (Rude Bwoi sister, a renowned Jamaican songster) and Capelton. (Jamaican). Opening for Bob Marley Festival ¡V Miami Florida consecutively since 2001, 2004 Fantasy Fest of Key West Florida, Sombrero Beach July 4th Celebration 3 years running, DMX, Sean Paul and countess festivals, showcases and concerts throughout the world.

Rude Bwoi is currently working on his debut album, a collection of sexy, provocative, conscious-style lyric yet spicy cuts he's exclusively written for the ladies.

- When Love Comes Knocking At Your Door, embraces serious lovers exploration and his final call to the single life.

- Wiggle Wiggle, provokes movement from the first beat, using hip-hop sexual phraseology yet omits the ever-present vulgarity in today's music. with a nursery rhyme

- Take It Down South, with a Dance-Hall style hook the ladies speak to the men with suggestive sexed-up innuendoes giving the Dirty South a whole new meaning.

- Where Da Girls At? Speaks for the players and single guys biding for a good time as it dances with strong Caribbean flavor.

With hypnotic moves and a quixotic voice he captivates the female romantic soul and spends no time weaving his alluring web to draw them to what the men want. His pressed and starched Caribbean-always-representing style seductively hooks you, and when he wants you to see his smooth coco brown Rude body it will captivate you.

Rude Bwoi serves up an endless collection of original masterpieces, with words that you've always wanted to say. A businessman with his eyes set on platinum releases, films and the limitless sky, watch for the explosion of your soul with Rude Bwoi.


2001 Player Fi Life (independant single)

Contact - iN Vu Ventures
Susan Polk (404) 579.1641

Set List

Rude Bwoi defines the moves of "Dancehall" when he interacts with his audiences so if you give him space he is bound to please.

As an Opener Set Repertoire - 2 Songs
As a Headliner Set Repertoire - 1/2 - 1 Hour (4-10 Songs). Permorming a full show, accompanied by (up to) 6 dancers.
Performs with a Live Band or Instrumental tracks