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Rudely Interrupted

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia | INDIE

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia | INDIE
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OK, BUT ARE THE SONGS REALLY THAT GOOD? With a recoded output of only four songs, Rudely Interrupted manage to out-anthem The Killers, while injecting disaffected confidence into their tunes. Leadoff single “Don’t Break My Heart” is all hook, while “In Our Dreams” captures the casual power of the Foo Fighters and “My Only Wish” marries a chugging groove with ’80s dream-pop production. But it’s “Green Lights” where the sightless Burnside expresses an extraordinary fascination with colours, in lyrics set to a soaring, REM-style melody that’s full of hope.

Eye Weekly Canada

- Eye weekly

"Vice loves RI"

Here's a little mental exercise for the late afternoon: Close your eyes and picture your ultimate, fantasy-league rock band. Got it? OK, now disregard what you just brained up and listen to our perfect band. It is: Udo from Accept playing bass, Mama Kass on tams, the drummer from the Happy Mondays, Ricky Gervais doing some keyboard stuff, and Hamish Kilgour from the Clean singing and playing guitar. Pretty good start, right? Now just to push things into fantasy overload, let's give Udo and Kass Down Syndrome, Ricky and Hamish both Aspergers, and the drummer another form of autism.

OK, while we're tinkering, how about making the singer blind from birth but giving him perfect pitch, a deep-seated fascination with traffic lights, and the swagger of a younger, far better looking Noel Gallagher? Oh! And let's make the whole group Australian. There. Done. Absolutely perfect.

Now that you have tasted from the honeypot of our dreams, you will be pleased to learn that our fantasy band actually exists in the form of Melbourne's Rudely Interrupted. Trace Crutchfield of How's Your News hipped us to them on the eve of their first ever world tour, and they've been on permanent rotation in our playlists and brains ever since. And before anybody hauls out the old "outsider music" tag, you should realize there's a difference between Jandek banging around half a piano in the woods and extremely well-crafted music by a bunch of guys who happen to be saddled with slightly wonky sets of genes. We're not trying to cast aspersions on the luminaries of the "outsider" scene, just saying if you locked the entire lineup of Songs in the Key of Z in a room together, I doubt they would ever come up with a song about neck pimples that sounds like the Meat Puppets, or anything as mercilessly infectious as RI's "Don't Break My Heart." - Vice TV

"Marie Claire Rudely Expose"

But in other ways, they're typical indie-pop kids, with their scruffy hair and penchant for striped T-shirts and leather jackets. And their music is creating a buzz. Put bluntly, it's not the kind of sound you'd expect from a group with such severe disabilities. Time Out declared it "some of the most energetic and genuine to emerge from the Australian rock'n'roll underground", while their first single, "Don't Break My Heart", has received national airplay. So far, they've performed 15 gigs at venues all over the country. - ACP Magazines

"Rudely Interrupted"

We gather a lot of media interest with everything we do because of the inspirational story, but most of all because of the music we make! - CNN


2007 Single "Don't break my heart" (College Radio)
2007 E.P "Don't break my heart" (Heaps of airplay)
2009 DVD Documentary Rudely Interrupted
2010 Album "Tragedy of the commons" (Charted College Radio)
2010 Single "Close My Eyes" (Heaps of airplay, College Radio)
2010 Single 'Get me outta here" (Heaps of airplay)
2010 Film Clip "Close My Eyes" (140,000+ youtube, Rage clip of the week national Aus/NZ) Cannes Grand Prix for Good worldwide
2012 EP 'Mystery Girl'
2012 APP 'Rudely Interrupted'
2013 Cantonese English 'But yiu sueng ngo sum' 'Don't Break My Heart



'We're in this for many different reasons, but mostly we're in this to keep doing it" Rohan Brooks & Rory Burnside.

We re-recorded our hit 'Don't Break My Heart' in Cantonese. True! It's called 'But yiu sueng ngo sum'

We're playing in China - Hong Kong Jokey Club 19/10/2013

The writing combination of Brooks & Burnside seems to effortlessly breeze through the catchiest of melodies and take you to a very honest and open place. There's no denying the talent and strength in these songs, sure Rory was born without eyes, so he looks different, but his songs shine way beyond the shallow world of glamor and glitz!

What started out by chance in 2006 as a sixteen piece, turned into a four piece (musically) 5 people indie mean machine by 2012. The Rudies have toured and performed all over the world many times, including Germany, New Zealand, Singapore, USA, Canada, UK, China and Australia.

Happy Mondays have Bez and Rudely Interrupted have Sam, now let's move on!

"Rudely Interrupted is neither a novelty act nor a cover band but rather a talented group of musicians that pump out uplifting pitch perfect indie-pop" described by The Village Voice, “… as the real deal a Melbourne group with a taut impassioned sound somewhere between the Killers and Wire.”

After almost 8 years of relentless touring Rudely Interrupted have developed into a dynamic rock act as strong as their peers, but with a social edge money can't buy! It only works because they're an amazing band to watch & listen too! "We stuck it out and we still like each other and that's truly half the battle!"

Formed in 2006 by chance Rudely Interrupted first began to perform live in inner city Melbourne in 2007 and have moved on to perform and tour with mainstream music and international arts festivals worldwide including “Laneway Festival” Aus IDPWD 2008 United Nations NYC, NXNE Music Festival (Canada) “Woodford Folk Festival”. Rock an der Wabe (Germany)

In 2008 the bands invitation to perform at the UN in New York was captured on film by Ben and Susie Jones and Quail TV and in Dec 2009 the documentary "Rudely Interrupted" had it's world premier on ABC1 TV Australia/NZ and the reviews were glowing.

In 2009 the rock documentary was nominated for the prestigious AFI awards and has been screened all over the world at many festivals and network tv.

In June 2010 Rudely Interrupted self released their debut album 'Tragedy of the Commons' performed at the very prestigious Kennedy Centre in Washington DC as part of the International VSA Arts festival. The band also followed on to tour up the East Coast of Nth America New York, Brooklyn, Northampton, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal including a live performance on Canada AM.

2011 Rudely Interrupted's music travels far and wide and the bands increasing army of passionate supporters continues to grow globally. Performing in Singapore for the Spike Asia Awards after the bands film clip for 'Close My Eyes' won at Cannes Lions 2011and reaching top 20 in Luxemburg.

2012 and New Zealand is calling, this time we employ an amazing illustrator Mirranda Burton to come on the road. We developed the experience into an App, it's new, it's cutting edge and it's a ride like no other.

2012, Germany, UK, and Australian tours! We've only just began to make our mark and we feel we're slowly breaking down the wall. We don't need help to be normal, we need your help to be us. Add something amazing to your festival and if we make it, we'll add something special to your days you wont forget!

2013, touring to China and recording new works for release early 2014.

“Their music is some of the most energetic and genuine to emerge from the Australian rock ‘n’ roll underground in recent times.” – Time Out Magazine

“This Melbourne group – with a taut, impassioned sound somewhere between the Killers and Wire – happens to be the real deal.” – The Village Voice

“Rudely Interrupted manage to out-anthem The Killers.” – Toronto’s Eye Weekly

“If you’ve never heard them before expect some extremely well-crafted music by a bunch of guys who happen to have been saddled with a slightly wonky set of genes.” – VICE Magazine

“There is nothing disabled about this band. These guys rock!” – Fox News Red Eye

“Rudely Interrupted would be nothing without the music.”– The London Times

I love this band, you will too - Vice TV