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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Fans Count..."

Hot Tunes and Hot Asses
Reviewer: Suzi Q
This band is soooo great. I love this CD, and I listen to it all the time. Why hasn't MTV and Rolling Stone knocked down their door yet? I saw these guys live once and they are HOT. I'd like to get stuck in a closet with this band any day!

dude, this group brings back memories of the ocean
Reviewer: cisco

this Cd is so sick, its all making me feeling like i just came back from the ocean or some good feeling

yes yes YES
Reviewer: alison wonderband
this is my new bedtime CD, and i ain't talking bout sleep. if its too fast for you, your too old. i love the lyrics too, when i'm listening to them!

RRF totally rock live and on CD!
Reviewer: Kristin
I just saw them play too, and they really are incredible, my friends thought I was on drugs since I danced the whole night. Maybe I was, but their definitely my favorite band, I haven't ever heard anything like this CD, I listen to it nonstop!

4 stars well deserved
Reviewer: lofilutin
this aint a 5 star epic rating like some Outkast joint, but its pretty frickin good. "hard to reach you when you're so far gone" was stuck in my head for most of last week. i might have to make tha haul to va if their shows are as wild as i've heard.

this is the fresh tapped keg at the party called reality
Reviewer: beat detective
this cd is a superfly hybrid of electronic,dub and punk styles, with some incredible songs and lyrics that cut right to the chase. don't just put it on at the party, this is the keeper kind.

Reviewer: jizzstain
the cd is awesome but they are absolutely awesome in general i heard em at a show a week or so ago doing some rolling stones and clash covers they rock

My new favorite album! Hope RRF makes another soon!
Reviewer: 1Heavy1
STAND UP AND DANCE! Having a party? Like good new music? Want to be able to say you were a fan of the Rude Rock Family before they were BIG, then grab it now. You can even burn a copy of this CD... LEGALLY! The music is great, the lyrics are quite intelligent, and broadly appealing (not tiresome to me), especially compared with the drivel on FM radio these days. I've checked out RRF a bit also, and I hear their live shows are even BETTER than the CD!

very professional sound; wide variety of styles
Reviewer: MattJ

Interesting ska/punk/electronic blend of styles. Some really great, catchy tunes, if tiresome lyrics. Intro is funny once, will be annoying every time I listen to the album from now on. - R@F

"It is one of the most original records I have heard in a long time."

It is a great blend of punk Electro funk dancehall and tripped out organic folk grooves. It is one of the most original records I have heard in a long time.
Craig Honeycutt- Everything/Sensei Sounds - CHO/Everything


Rude Rock Family: For The Masses Who Shake Their Asses


Feeling a bit camera shy


Hear it Here for FREE !:

- The Rude Rock Family, a band of futuristic super heroes, has time traveled back to the present to save the planet from imminent musical doom. Their debut release (in this millennium anyway) For the Masses? seeks to break the current corporate stranglehold over mass media outlets through the sheer power of fresh, electrifying music. They have released ?Let the Party Rock? as a free download on their website,, along with the first chapter of the cartoon novel that begins to tell The Rude Rock Family history.
Although the technology that brought these self described ?gentle warriors? to us is not clear, they couldn?t have come at a better time. As the music business begins to crumble under the weight of too many board meetings, The Rude Rock Family has the music and message of the future.
?It?s a brave new world for music,? says Spraya Benz (aka Noah Waggener), main vocalist for the group. ?The days of paying a major label thousands of dollars to promote music are disappearing. The punk D.I.Y. ethic has blown up now that word can spread across the web in seconds.?

And Noah should know -he has fronted the D.C. based punk band Daycare Swindlers for years, as well as heading up local favorite Stick Em Up, who were described as, ? the best thing to come out of Charlottesville in a long time,? by the C?ville Weekly.

The rest of the band has paid their dues as well. Steve Van Dam (aka Dr. Kleen), who helped form the band Everything (London/Sire), well known for 1998?s smash hit ?Hooch,? and Chris Moyles (aka Pac Choi) from Stick Em Up.

?This band is about taking the groove of the club and combining it with the organic
flow you get from real musicians,? Pac adds. ?We held a contest on our website to describe our sound, and one of our fans came up with this: The Beats of a Tribe, The Rhymes of a Madman-- and I think that sums it up. We go from dancehall to danceclub, punk rock to electro-funk, and we do it live. Did I mention the horn section??

If the band sounds wired, it?s because they are. Chris continues, ?This thing has blown up. We started out recording demos a year and a half ago and then Steve stepped in to help produce. The cartoon novel started when a buddy of ours started creating comic characters. We mapped out a basic storyline and another friend stepped in to polish off the script. This has definitely been a group effort, that?s what the Family part of Rude Rock is all about.?

And what about the ?brave new world for music? that Noah mentioned? The Internet has changed the way musicians communicate with their audience and the Family has taken full advantage. ?We are no longer limited by geography. We?ve got a mailing list set up on the website and we get messages from all over the world. It?s pretty cool to talk with someone from the Netherlands who likes your music.?
?It?s also very cool to have college radio DJ?s request our CD because someone sent them the ?Let the Party Rock? mp3,? Noah interjects. ?Now that commercial radio is consolidating more and more everyday, stations like WNRN and WTJU, (both in Charlottesville) that will play indie releases are getting pretty rare, we are really lucky to have two stations around that do. In fact, we?ve got a couple songs on the CD that address the media consolidation issue.?

Speaking of media, going to a Rude Rock show is definitely an experience. Entering a Venue, be it a warehouse in Charlottesville or a loft with 12? windows in Brooklyn, is an immediate audio-visual feast. LCD projectors change walls, ceilings, and the dancefloor into three-dimensional canvases. Laptops synced to the sound engineer?s mixing gear create real-time light shows and videos that move to the beats of the band. Outlandish outfits are seen both on stage and in the audience.

?We are dedicated to the idea that a show should be more than bored-looking musicians
in a smoky club. We, as performers, feed off the energy of our audience, and if they are hyped up, so are we? Chris remarks, ?A show should be a place where you can step outside of the ordinary, everyday world and find something-extra-ordinary, maybe a little crazy. D.J.?s and danceclubs work on that premise, but we want to go farther, with live musicians creating a danceclub dancehall sound that combines the improvisation of bebop with the textures and grooves of dub, ska, hiphop,latin, electronica, and funk.?

Influences: Clash, Massive Attack, Wilco/Uncle Tupelo/Sun Volt, Flaming Lips,
Wyclef, Wu Tang Clan, Micahel Franti, Sigur Ros, Radiohead, Elvis Costello